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  1. I'll take one! Sending the money tonight
  2. Hi there I was hoping for any opinions on this Cap 115. I am having a hard time finding anything that might degrade it so far. I do see a few stress lines that run 1/4 in out from the staples but they don't seem to break the color. There is also a small non color breaking indent on the from cover near the middle on Red Skulls chest. Thanks for looking! I was trying to upload a back cover but the max file size is .44mb with the new set up I guess.
  3. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the the grades/advice. Not going to grade or press this one. Just happy to have a Kirby sig :-)
  4. Do you guys think a press/clean would help at all?
  5. Hi guys and gals Was hoping to get an idea of what you think this FF9 might get for a grade. Info I have is Centerfold firmly attached, Top cover staple detached bottom cover still attached. Thanks for taking a look!
  6. Hey Guys, Anyone know of a way to take a book with 2x CBCS authorized sigs and convert it over to a CGC Sig Series? I have an opportunity to see both artists coming up but I can't afford a new book(golden age). If I cracked the book and had them resign either the cover or interior, or even had them date it again would that get me a yellow label or would it then be qualified? I also wouldn't mind if I needed to stick with CBCS but I don't know how to get it converted to a yellow label. Any advice would be wonderful!!
  7. Hey guys, Quick question. If you have a Golden Age book that is graded 5.5 but has centerfold detached wouldn't that make it a qualified grade? It still has the blue label and is listed as a universal grade with the note "Centerfold Detached" below the title. In the Overstreet guide it seems to show that this shouldn't be graded above a 2.5? I know CGC has their own standards but would collectors consider this a qualified grade? Thanks a lot! -Brad
  8. Hey guys, Just a quick question for the experts here. It seems Stan Lee wasn't editing Cap for a portion of the war but I am finding conflicting information about when he came back to edit Cap or even resumed Editor in Chief. It looks like Vincent Fago took over for a bit. My question is was Stan involved with those books in the 1942-1943 range or was he completely absent during that time and if so when did he come back and in what capacity was he involved with Captain America? Thanks for any information! -Brad