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  1. Sweet book Pablo, near perfect wrap. Can we see the back?
  2. Howdy, Rules: PayPal within 24hrs of a deal, free US shipping (CAN/UK at cost) though usps priority insured, first to claim in thread wins, no returns, no probies/HOSers. Pressing history is unknown, apologies for the slight glare in the pics. Shoot me a note with any questions or for additional pics. Asking $899 shipped. Priced under gpa (90 day at $926 with 16 sales), last sale was at 1k. Open to offers, looking to move this quickly. Great colors, good PQ.
  3. Raw: Star Wars 42

    All the crows are your bud!
  4. Raw: Star Wars 42

    also, take the lot for $200 shipped US
  5. Raw: Star Wars 42

    Star Wars 42, 8.0-8.5, first print, $60
  6. Raw: Star Wars 42

    Crow 4, 9.2-9.4, first print, $60
  7. Raw: Star Wars 42

    Crow 2, 9.0-9.2, first print, sold
  8. Raw: Star Wars 42

    Crow 1, 8.0-8.5, second print, sold
  9. Raw: Star Wars 42

    Howdy, paypal, returns are ok within 5 days of reciept, no probies/HOSers, all offers welcome, first form of “take it” in thread wins. $5 US shipping, intl at cost. All grades are best guesses!
  10. Howdy, Paypal for payment in 24hrs, free US ship, no probies/HOSers, first to claim in thread wins, returnable within 3 days of reciept and buyer pays return shipping. Book is a strong 9.8 candidate. No ticks or color breaks I can see. The back scan makes it look like there’s some damage to the spine so I included another pic to show that as a shadow. Asking $425, open to offers but relatively firm since this book is obviously smoking hot as Cable fever hits with Deadpool 2 around the corner
  11. Price Drops + Buy 2, Get 1 Free

    Killer thread!
  12. Closed!

    Nailed it, some tough customers around here.
  13. [CLOSED] SOLD! Avengers 1 CGC 4.5

    Awesome book
  14. Closed!

    Thanks team, I’ll post how she does...mailed in today. 🤞💪