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  1. Thanks brother! I have to imagine the Rocky Mountain has to be one of the if not the nicest copy around.
  2. Well first, I'm a damn American so we're talking bourbon . After that I'm open minded for secondary values in this range. If, for example, you have an extra Elijah Craig 18...then I'd do fair secondary value on that plus cash.
  3. Hulk 250 9.8 Rocky Mountain & 9.6 Winnipeg pedigrees. Awesome Hulk vs Surfer battle cover. $425 shipped US for both, PP or Venmo. First form of “take” wins and trumps other negotiations. No baddies. Returns ok, shipping is on the buyer though.
  4. 🕷👱🏻‍♀️FOR SALE👱🏻‍♀️🕷 Two beautiful 9.8 sketch cover slabs. One by the modern good girl king Adam Hughes and the other by Spider-Gwen creator Robbi Rodriguez. Asking $335 shipped US for the pair. PP or Venmo. Only trades considered are for good whiskey. First form of “take” in the thread gets them and trumps other negotiations. No naughty list people and no returns. Shoot me a note with any questions.
  5. Moving these slabs elsewhere, shoot me a note if interested
  6. Morning bump, don’t be shy!
  7. Moved to Instagram @komickevin
  8. $99 for the pair of these beauties
  9. SOLD. Prefer not to break them up but will.
  10. $99 each (2 copies available) I know the Hyuk Lee version gets all the attention but this deserves some more love.