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  1. Does anyone know where this Jae Lee art is? Albert Moy sold it when it came out?
  2. The float frame is great! Where did you get that from?
  3. I have a friend who sells parts of his large collection on ebay in singles and small groups at a time. He finds it relaxing. I would find selling things off stressful because of the time expenditure. For me, my time is still more valuable than my money, and time is money is really true for me. I battle with this idea of losing what I could have made, but I also struggle with the fallacy of sunk costs. I have been looking for a new house because we have outgrown my current one. But if I just sell half of my boxes of common books I would solve a lot of problems.
  4. Thanks. I have a friend who has a large comic store. I was thinking of pulling out the ones I want to keep and selling the rest to him. I'm sure I would take a loss the the potential value, but it might save me time.
  5. Sony and Amazon's Silk TV show has landed a showrunner, and producers Lord and Miller are eyeing a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actor for the lead. If Marvel owns the property, they will be leveraging it through merchandise and toys and films and shows until their copyright and trademark protections expire. They will be generating entertainment for kids for decades based on these, as long as they continue to sell. I would expect Marvel's next series of X-Men films and upcoming Fantastic Four films w
  6. How are you selling the vast majority of your comics? I am weighing this issue as well.
  7. Has anyone used this restoration service before? I have two pieces that I need to have some old tape removed. Has anyone found one they liked? What are needed restorations? Is de-acidfiying art a requirement if it starts yellowing?
  8. I collected comics for decades before moving on to comic art, like many others. The first appearance of a character was always a hot book and most desired. Overstreet and CGC labels list this information because it is significant. It is easy to see this idea and valuation translate to comic art. Regarding Miles Morales, his first appearance in a throwaway Marvel Previews magazine is now considered by some as his first appearance, and a slabbed copy just sold for $10,000. They are going for a lot of money nowadays. I agree with Shin-Kaiser. I buy art that I like but I notice
  9. There is the stink of a bad transaction experience spoiling this art I just bought.
  10. I think using a CC with some protection against lost or stolen packages, especially with our current mail system problems, is preferable to me, even if I have to pay the CC fees or increased paypal fees. For the price I am spending, it is negligible to me in comparison to the total cost of the art and peace of mind. There is also the advantage of expenditure tracking through credit card and paypal vs Transferwise and other accounting advantages. Our hobby is blessed with so many great dealers that make buying art so easy.
  11. Thanks that is good to hear. It was really strange and I don't like the idea that my personal and banking info is out there. I would rather just stay with credit cards and paypal.
  12. Hi All, I'm having a really difficult time trying to pay for a piece of art from a dealer in the UK. I paid for part of my art using a credit card through their website (and I paid the additional fees) but they want me to use something called Transferwise which is like a debit from my bank account. Of course I like the additional security a credit card transaction brings and as well as I don't like people having access to my account. I asked for the credit card portal again and she said that my card was flagged last time, but I believe the money went through. She claimed that the prob
  13. When you sell privately, do you message individual collectors based on what they collect or do you put it in your CAF or how do you arrange your private sales? Thanks.
  14. Hi all, I thought the last Heritage auction had some good stuff as usual. I thought this coming auction seemed sparse, and the catalogs were very thin. I got a letter from Heritage saying they would pay me more than my share for pieces above a certain price, which would include their share of the buyer's premium. It looked like they really wanted more pieces put up for auction. With this in mind, are people not selling as much art right now? Things seem to be much slower from my perspective and people not selling much I am interested in. I remember in the 2008 downturn
  15. Hi all, does anyone know where this cover is by Alan Davis? I found this picture of the art floating around on pinterest so I figure it is in the wild somewhere.