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  1. I amend my previous good experience. I think I will have the worst story that I have experienced in over 15 years of comic art collecting....
  2. Thank you for this great answer. The biggest reason I can find in favor of posting on CAF is to avoid future challenges as to authenticity or lack of provenance long after any bad deal can be unwound. Let's say I bought a piece that I think is real. I post it on CAF. If it is disputed then I can unwind it perhaps closer to the event. However let's say I pass away and my heirs try to sell something. 20 years from now it will be harder to challenge a bad deal or claims of other ownership. If the art community knows that it has been in my CAF for the last 12 years and there have been no challenges, it is probably a safe bet it is ok.
  3. Serious question. I could be interested in a high 5 and 6 figure Ross piece, because it has to be one of only a handful. What pieces do you know that fit this criteria? There are some pieces I have been looking for over the last 15 years and have never seen for sale.
  4. You have presented good data and I agree with you. Although I think it is not just the early prelims that sell quick. I think those that want Ross at a lower pricepoint want a good prelim of famous characters, and even recent ones that fit this criteria have sold. If you look on the Comic Art Tracker, not much good polished Alex Ross Big Two stuff comes up for sale. A lot of what shows up are false hits from Sal's CAF gallery that are still incorrectly listed as FS even though they have already sold or off the beaten track characters. That Catwoman from Comiclink went for an increased price than what I thought it would. I thought it would have gone for about $15-17. It went way past my estimate. I think there clearly is a market at the $25-35 range for good representatives of his art even outside of Kingdom Come and Marvels. At the LA Art Shows last year I went all around looking for Alex Ross art from the dealers and there were no pieces available. Maybe I saw one, which I didn't like. I asked around at many of the big dealers. No one had anything. While it may be true that many good collections on CAF don't have any Alex Ross showing, most of his art in private hands is not being shown and is not on the market, so they must be sitting hidden in collections. For example, there is a guy on CAF who owns a lot of early Alex Ross stuff and I spoke to him and made him big offers and he says he will never sell. If he did sell, I'm sure those would go for a high value. I have heard from a reliable source that many in recent years are going to Asia and hanging on walls there and not coming up for sale. When his good art like the Silver Surfer/FF page from Marvels or the Catwoman cover have come to auction, they went for solid increasing prices, just like the rest of the comic art market. There are some Alex Ross pieces I have been waiting to surface for over 15 years and I haven't seen any of them. There are newer pieces from the last year I liked and tried to acquire and were gone quickly even at a high price. If anyone has nice Alex Ross pieces for sale please let me know. Also if we are to believe that theory that art or cultural touchstones will increase in price 30 years after they are released, we still have yet to see the beginning of "the Alex Ross" career in this window.
  5. I had Bill S do a recreation. He made it much larger and better than the original. I've been since offered a lot of money but I'm not interested in selling.
  6. Part of why I am cautious of what I post here is that everything on this board is open to the public and easily found with google.
  7. Thank you for writing this. I've been on this board for awhile and I had no idea what this conversation meant or if it was in secret code or what. Sometimes sarcasm or intended humor mask what the topic is really about, but I find this sort of thing not really great.
  8. I'm interested if there is a correlation and not as a joke. In MLB, those front offices like Tampa Bay, the Dodgers, and the A's look for market inefficiencies to exploit. I've long suspected that there would be a correlation between women and comics and value but difficult to put a number on it and how much effect it does have.
  9. Almost all of the art in my CAF is listed as NFS because I thought I would never sell anything. But now that I have run out of room, and don't have a wonderful basement like Jeff S's in that Star article, I absolutely would sell a bunch of stuff for the right offer.
  10. The most interesting thing about the article I found was the suggestion that a common page rate for an artist on a big title is between $30-60 a page. Is that correct? What was Kirby making back then? $5 a page?
  11. I do something similar, and then put them in the archival boxes.
  12. I don't know how many comic art collectors there actually are. I just know that there are enough comic art collectors to make buying what I want really expensive.
  13. I forgot to mention that I also post at CAF because I have this fear that in the future, perhaps after I die, then the art I have will be sold. But then if has never been seen before, there could be questions about its authenticity.
  14. I agree with many above that I don't care for the amateurish art on CAF. I had suggested to Bill that he add a feature like facebook, where you can hide posts from certain posters who you do not want to follow. I think with the elimination of just a few of these posters, it would clear up the feed a lot and just see published comic art or comic art just by published artists. About 15 years ago I had suggested to Bill that he make all of the new art visible with thumbnails so you didn't have to click on every title to see posted art. At the time he rejected this idea, but today we have that feature, which saves so much time. I post most of what I have to CAF, especially if it has been seen by the public and been on ebay, CAF or auction. I figure they are already on the internet somewhere searchable by google images, so no need to hide it. It has helped me buy art, as I do have credibility that I think someone who doesn't post won't have. Someone recently made an offer on one of my pieces, and I would be inclined to negotiate, but he had no art in his galleries so I didn't even finish the conversation. I will also say that most of the great art I have bought in the last two years were art listed as NFS. One of the great pieces of art that I wanted to buy was sold out of a CAF gallery that was listed as NFS. I asked the original owner about this and he said someone made an incredible offer so I was sad. So now even when it says NFS I inquire with a solid above market offer. Sometimes people say yes and some say no. There was a terrific piece by a well known artist I wanted but I heard the owner talk about how this was a great piece he remembers from childhood and he keeps it on the wall in his house and he loves looking at it. It was on CAF as NFS. I write to the nice guy and made a good offer as the comps. He said he didn't want to sell it for that price. He doesn't need the money (but he didn't say that). I didn't want to pay more, not that I couldn't but I didn't value it as much. Maybe six months later the piece is on Heritage. I forgot to bid but I don't know if I wanted it for what it went for.
  15. My thought on the original subject is that if it were true and widespread, wouldn't we see more of this art get leaked out somewhere? Even that Frazetta art leaked out or is known about. Most people still need to flip or sell their art sometime. Regarding Mike Choi's original post, people were commenting on it and how bad it was, but he never said if he did it or didn't do it. He previously said that just to feed his family he has to sell painted more expensive commissions which is why he got into acrylic painting. If his options are do the painting and feed your family or don't do the painting, I don't begrudge him from doing the painting. And his versions of X-23 look like adults. I've heard that there is a five page Marshall Rodgers hard core porn story in existence. I'm sure it is more common even though they haven't really popped up in CAF or other common places.