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  1. I also recall about 10 years ago at CAF, they didn't have thumbnails, so you had to click on everything to see what the image was. It was a pain but it did make more clicks. I suggested that problem back then but was told they didn't want to see all the images. Fortunately things changed. I think it is still a great site and love it and the work that has gone into it. But I can see why it is losing eyeballs.
  2. I couldn't figure out why people aren't going as much to CAF but then these comments made it clear to me. The page is several generations old and not made for a tablet or phone. As most of the population moved away from desktops except for work and spend more leisure time on tablets or phones, CAF became too difficult to navigate so people just don't go there anymore. I'm on my phone most of the day. I read my news and communicate with friends by phone apps like instagram or facebook or email. The only way I can access CAF is if I happen to be near a desktop. If I tried to look at CAF on my phone it would be really small and hard to read. A lot of CAF is not intuitive as modern sites. I had a friend who worked for apple and was a top engineer. His job was to make sure things flowed well and were intuitive. It is odd, for example, that on CAF you can move around your top gallery mainpage images by drag and dropping, but to move around images in an individual gallery you have to use a drop down menu and reorder as if it were 1998. It becomes so much work and difficult to maintain a CAF gallery that I can see why people give up. If you could just upload an image like on instagram or facebook with not much hassle than it would get more interaction.
  3. I think there are a lot out there that maybe even have just a few pieces. In my CAF gallery, I have a few pieces I posted about 10 years ago that have 10,000 views. I never made the top viewed lists. When I post something today, I get less than 50 for even better pieces. I don't know if there were really 10,000 collectors back then or they would repeatedly look at things, but I think more people are more disconnected. At WonderCon I went to artist alley. I liked a piece of art in a stack. The artist said it was a Vertigo cover that was published about 10 years ago. I have never seen or heard about it and it was just sitting in a stack, that the guy next to me knocked over onto the floor.
  4. I have a question about these art shows. I have been collecting awhile but still relatively inexperienced. I go online and if I see something I like then I'll buy it. I went to the LAX Torpedo show last year but I didn't really get it. I mean there were people eagerly waiting for the dealers to put portfolios out and flip though them quickly. I'm guessing that this means dealers are showing the new things they are bringing that are not yet on the websites and the collectors want to be the first to get a crack at it?
  5. I read that stiring your martini is the way you are really supposed to make it and much better than shaking. That Bond had to ask for it shows how odd it was. But people order it shaken now because they trust Bond and they don't know better.
  6. I found a copy on the IDW website. I saw him do a large Warlock in an artist edition at Wondercon for someone he knew. I don't see the ebay link. I hope it wasn't the same guy that I saw.
  7. Will CGC or any witnesses be at the NCSFest in Huntington Beach?
  8. Depending on how nice and rare a piece, for my best pieces I get a mylar with an acid free backing board. I put microchamber paper between the art and the board. I bought all of this stuff from bagsunlimited. Then I put this in an acid free storage box. I am going away from the itoya portfolios.
  9. Were these directly in the light? Was it in a frame? Do you have more details about how this was stored?
  10. I just bought some microchamber paper from Bags Unlimited. Does the paper go between the art and the backing board?
  11. Are you saying is the original art genuine? Or are you saying is the comic cover a fake, like a scanned image then printed and stapled on the original comic? Or are you saying, is the artist or forger making some other kind of reproduction and passing it off as the original published art?
  12. If you are a fan of original comic art (which some of you might be), I recommend the latest issues of Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Issues #2 and 3 tell the story surrounding a fictional legendary comic artist and an original art theft. In the background notes at the end, Brubaker says it is not fully based on real people even though he mentions some famous real life people and stories. One of the true stories he mentions is of a famous comic artist who would steal original art from the editors desk and sell them to support his gambling habit. He said it is an open secret that everyone knew about. The issues are worth a read. The story takes place about 20 years ago.
  13. Hi all, Can anyone give me a lead on Steranko's contact info? He gave me his email address awhile back but he must have a new one now. Thanks!
  14. I use a mylar sleeve and a backing board. I put the art in acid free boxes. I used to use Itoyas but the pages always bend and don't lie flat, so I thought there was more risk of damage to the art. Also I thought in case of a leaky roof or bathroom plumbing leak, or to better protect against silverfish, the boxes would afford more protection. When the microfiber paper arrives, I will put them between the art and the board. I frame my favorite stuff. I have one box of art about 9 X 11, and other boxes of different sizes.
  15. I missed your offer. What is your offer? I am really blessed to have finally gotten a piece I wanted for over 10 years at the last HA auction and that I was able to outbid the other people who wanted it. But there is less money out there because of the taxes and fees. If I really wanted the other pieces I would find the money to buy them. But I think these lesser buys are going to be overlooked with the taxes.