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  1. Hi All, I would use Camscanner on my iphone to take nice photos of original art to post. However I just upgraded to the new iOS and to the new iPhone 11. I transferred my backup from my old phone to my new phone. Before when I used camscanner, there was no watermark. Now there is a watermark. The only solution from camscanner was to pay a lot of money to get the new app upgrade. If I use my old phone, the watermark is still not there. Has anyone encountered this problem or know how to get around it?
  2. Does anyone know Greg Land's dealer or how to contact him? Thanks.
  3. I agree with this totally and I think well put. I prefer Miller and Byrne and Simonson and Steranko much more personally, but as for most influential this says it all. I like Miller and Bryne and Simonson and Steranko because they are so unique. In some ways, they are not as influential because you can't easily copy their style as Neal Adams or Lee/Williams. Adams and then Lee/Williams also became the predominate house style for the comics that marked their era,.
  4. No current data for the estimation of the panel page? If so I would agree except that I would bid $40k for a good panel page with the character.
  5. $10-20k Miller - DD/Ronin/Wolverine/Sin City I think there is a Miller renaissance going on now. I think Miller's early Sin City and covers would go for that range, but later Sin City would be between $6 -12k. There are some nice splashes for sale online from later Sin City that can't get that price. Regarding that incredibly high price on the Heritage Miller DD page, it could be the new range might be 25-35k. There are so few Ronin good pages I'm not sure this is accurate, and my understanding is that there was question about some of the provenance of some of them. I think if a good one featuring the characters hit the market now it might go for 40k.
  6. $10-20k Ross - Marvels/Kingdom Come [UP from $5-10k] I think that would be for splashes but I'm not sure that is correct for panel pages. Edit: I would add that Alex Ross covers of DC or Marvel are up to $10-20k for average covers, and up to $25 to 35 for higher end regular size covers. The price would be even more for double page spread covers but there are so few and they have not really changed hands in the last 15 years that I don't know that this is accurate on the very highest end of his work.
  7. I thought Simonson kept virtually all of the Thor run original art except for a few pieces. If this is so I'm not sure an accurate market valuation can be made.
  8. I just got back from SDCC and still recovering. I tried to make this post readable but I need more caffeine. I had a great time in San Diego. I went to the IDW dinner. I don't know many collectors in person so it was nice to meet a few. It looks like I am now priced out of the market. I did buy a few small pieces just for fun. But the prices seemed to be extremely high as a few of you like Gene commented. Regarding comic sales, I just saw a post from a big midwest comic store that said comics sales for floppies are the most popular in recent memory, and they posted that other stores are saying the same thing.
  9. I was at Albert's booth when he was explaining to someone how he got them. It was a long answer and I don't remember because I wasn't really listening. I was just looking through a stack of art and didn't want to eavesdrop but I don't think it was a big secret.
  10. Do you know what the deal was for the Bruce Timm headshots? Why were they so popular? Is it just at the pricepoint certain collectors love them?
  11. I'm sure you have all heard he is an original comic art collector. He may be reading these boards right now.
  12. I enjoyed the show. I liked how I could look at the art now and then concentrate on the fun new activations and exclusives at SDCC. I thought this location was much better than LAX but traffic was still difficult. Albert Moy had these Bruce Timm head sketches for $200 that were flying out of portfolios like crazy. It seemed like that was the hot thing. The market on Adam Hughes seems to have really gone up a lot. Anthony Snyder had a nice Marvel ad with all of the major characters on it. It is not my thing but even I was impressed with it. I walked in carrying a big acid free box with a mylar that was empty in case I bought something. As soon as I walked in and many places I went, people would ask if I was selling anything. I didn't really think about that but it seemed like a great opportunity to sell.
  13. I have two young children also. My priority in finances is to put a set amount to go into their 529s and our retirement accounts along with the mortgage. So the money I spend on art is not what we need to cut into those other areas. My wife is great. She never bought me an Alex Ross or other art, but if it makes financial sense she is fine with what I buy. When I started dating my wife, I took her to the San Diego Comic Con so she would hopefully understand what I liked. At her first convention I introduced her to Bill S and had him do a commission of her in a Catwoman outfit as best as possible. He did a great job and she liked it and started to get art. It is framed in our bedroom. I started showing her art and the trends. She is an MBA so it had to make financial sense to her, so I would mention to her what I was buying. At one point she wanted bitcoin, so I told her to buy bitcoin and I would buy art and let's see who did better on a small amount of money. I won that competition even though my win was theoretical since I didn't sell. But she started to see the benefit of what I was doing. I do collect for what I like. But now with kids, I also collect what they may like and what may be of value in the future.
  14. Can you post a photo of the Alex Ross? Would love to see what she bought for you.
  15. Hi Brian Thanks for putting this together. I was just offered a slot at the IDW Simonson dinner which I think is the same time. I hope to meet up with all of you some time in the future!