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  1. There is the stink of a bad transaction experience spoiling this art I just bought.
  2. I think using a CC with some protection against lost or stolen packages, especially with our current mail system problems, is preferable to me, even if I have to pay the CC fees or increased paypal fees. For the price I am spending, it is negligible to me in comparison to the total cost of the art and peace of mind. There is also the advantage of expenditure tracking through credit card and paypal vs Transferwise and other accounting advantages. Our hobby is blessed with so many great dealers that make buying art so easy.
  3. Thanks that is good to hear. It was really strange and I don't like the idea that my personal and banking info is out there. I would rather just stay with credit cards and paypal.
  4. Hi All, I'm having a really difficult time trying to pay for a piece of art from a dealer in the UK. I paid for part of my art using a credit card through their website (and I paid the additional fees) but they want me to use something called Transferwise which is like a debit from my bank account. Of course I like the additional security a credit card transaction brings and as well as I don't like people having access to my account. I asked for the credit card portal again and she said that my card was flagged last time, but I believe the money went through. She claimed that the prob
  5. When you sell privately, do you message individual collectors based on what they collect or do you put it in your CAF or how do you arrange your private sales? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I thought the last Heritage auction had some good stuff as usual. I thought this coming auction seemed sparse, and the catalogs were very thin. I got a letter from Heritage saying they would pay me more than my share for pieces above a certain price, which would include their share of the buyer's premium. It looked like they really wanted more pieces put up for auction. With this in mind, are people not selling as much art right now? Things seem to be much slower from my perspective and people not selling much I am interested in. I remember in the 2008 downturn
  7. Hi all, does anyone know where this cover is by Alan Davis? I found this picture of the art floating around on pinterest so I figure it is in the wild somewhere.
  8. It seems like the original intent was related to the artist not seeing the profits of the rapid increase in prices, from going from $80,000 to $800,000 in a year. I don't see how this would affect some sort of justice for the office. It would actually hurt the artist. The artist benefits from when the art increases rapidly and changes hands because the value of their future work could also increase and the prices they sell for. By preventing the art from increasing in prize for five years, and essentially freezing the price until the hype blows over, it is devaluing the value of the artist
  9. I was trying to track down some of his other comic work. Does he not sell his original art?
  10. I think that in the near future, something like the Huntington Beach Art Show is the future. Open air tent/booths with art displayed. The bros were there and they had a really nice tent/booth. I only caught the end of the last one to try to meet Brubaker and Phillips. There were only a few original comic art booths but it was a nice atmosphere and I would feel very comfortable and safe with that kind of thing.
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone. I did see that ebay item. I actually would love the one that Alex posted above. If anyone has any leads please let me know.
  12. Was this the art that he was selling for $10,000? If anyone knows where this ended up please let me know. I would buy this.
  13. I didn't like Miller/Jansen when I saw Daredevil. A schoolmate said he liked it because of the art and Miller was a genius so I didn't give up on it. Of course now I think the work was genius. I think I didn't take to it originally because it wasn't the house style. Now I think that is why it is so good.
  14. I had originally thought that Artgerm does his comic covers digitally, but it looks like he does it traditionally and then enhances it. I don't see any of his originals that were printed as covers on CAF, and only one on ebay. I tried contacting him through his website and instagram and have received no response. I did come across a message that some of his original art was available only to fans who lived in close proximity to him. Does anyone know?
  15. 1. Personalizations to someone else is a deal breaker 2. Hand colored pieces done after the fact 3. Mold or fungus because I would be concerned it could spread to other art I own. 4. Alterations after the fact like the fake paste ups.