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  1. i have a signed one that is raw. I got the signature myself at con a very long time ago. If you are interested let me know.
  2. In honor of Wonder Woman i just bought this piece done by super realistic artist J. Ferguson! His stuff sketch+airbrush i love it! Its hard to get your hands on his super hero stuff.
  3. what are you paying for spawn 1's? I think i have 5.
  4. I just love when i come across something so unexpected congrats!
  5. NM I have Dawn and Crypt of Dawn...thought they were Cry for Dawn...Have not seen them in a 20 years . Sorry for the confusion.
  6. I would say if i had to choose any of the other it would be the Polaris pin up. I really like that page as well!
  7. I like the Assassins piece best! That vamp and the Cloak piece are pretty great too!
  8. I have some raw copies not sure what they would grade have not looked at them in a long time.
  9. Does it say what the exact weight of the package is when it was sent? you could see if the weight was the same with that stuff in the box or less with a slabbed book if there is a way to see the weight at shipping.