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  1. I’m hoping the series Professor Coffin could be added to the Registry or at least added to the end of the Midnight Tales Registry listing as it uses the numbering from that series and are just reprints from Midnight Tales with just the title change. Thanks and Best2u, Added "Professor Coffin #19-21" to Midnight Tales Set.
  2. I used to ask for new series to be put in the Registry but have not done so in years. Now I can’t find the area needed to make that request. Can someone help me out.
  3. Best2u


    Just a small entry to thank CGC for my recent Best Of Bronze Age award.
  4. It was time to change the comics being shown in the cave. The first 2 are in honor of Halloween. The next 3 are up because I was in a wedding. The flower for my lapel is made of a comic book page.
  5. I've always wanted my own room to display my comics in and now I have one. True, I do have to share it with other family members, but when I'm in there by myself it's my own little comic cave. The view's great whether sitting or standing or just digging some meds out of the pantry. Thanks to the family for letting me put up any comics I want. I've been changing comics every 2 or 3 weeks. The comics now on display are Summer Love #46 and 47 with Beatles covers due to the fact it is summer still and Flying Saucers #1 and 2 because I'm reading a book by Corso and Birnes titled 'The Day after Roswell'. Hey everyone, enjoy what's left of summer and I'll post my next selection when they get changed.
  6. Best2u

    Nice find in LCS

    Oh man, you're right. The writing was bad and the inside art work seems to be so plan but I just love the covers. I've started collecting Charlton comics just for the covers, Gorgo and Konga to mention a couple, and always looking for more titles to add.
  7. Best2u

    Nice find in LCS

    It was Comic Depot in Saratoga Springs NY.
  8. Best2u

    Nice find in LCS

    Just got back from a hiking trip in upstate NY. I found a little comic store and picked these up for $3 to $5 each. Can't wait to read them.
  9. Time to upgrade? Recently made a purchase of a comic from Heritage Auctions. Never worried about it getting to me in one piece until the last 2 or 3 times. They used to send everyone of my wins in a double boxed package with a ton of bubble wrap that hardly fit in the box. The last few times its been one box and at the most two or maybe three layers of wrap. Hey, when I spend $400 on a comic that's a big deal, that's the most I've ever spent on a single comic, I think they should pack a little bit better. When I picked this box up from my PO Box my heart sank. The comic had 3 layers of bubble wrap and was sliding back and forth in the box. I was sure the case would be cracked. I don't know how but when I opened it, it was perfect. Guess I lucked out.
  10. Best2u

    Is it time for...

    LEADING COMIC AUCTION HOUSES NEED TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE! First posted on 4/2013 by me.-I think it's time for the leading comic auctions, Heritage, ComicLink, and others, to start posting both the front and back covers on their auction pages. There is no reason that this can't be done for every comic auctioned. I've noticed that they do it for their top of the line rare books with high value. Every book I bid on from them is just as important to me, even if it's value may only be a couple of hundred bucks, as those thousand dollar comics are to the super rich and the dealers. I know from buying many comics that if the comic I'm bidding on has a front picture that looks like a 9.4 grade but is only graded 8.0 that most likely there's something on the back cover that brought the grade down. Sure it could be something on the inside that lowered the grade but by seeing both covers I'd know that. I don't know what would happen if I called and asked for a scan of the back. I know that if we all started calling for a back cover scan the auctions houses would start putting them on their auction pages so they wouldn't have to deal with all the phone calls. I'm not the type of person to start a movemnet to get the ball rolling on forcing the companies to do so. Hopefully a bunch of collectors reading this can jump in and put a little pressure on the big auctions to do so. I think it's time for full disclosure. Thanks. Well, now that it's 2017 I think the above is even more important then before seeing that both of the major grading services put notes on the reverse of the slabs. I'm sure they would say it's takes to much time or computer space, but come on, it's 2017. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  11. Best2u

    Where and When?

    Is eBay what it used to be? I've been selling some of my doubles and "what was I thinking" comics on ebay for a few weeks now. The doubles are from upgrades and the "what was I thinking" are from series I was going to collect and decided not to or maybe just liked the cover but most likely a impulse buy. Been putting up 6 or 7 issues a week and selling only 2 or 3 of them. They're all mid to high grade comics and listed at, what I feel are great starting prices. I list then ending on Sunday night at about 7:30 to around 8 PST so it's not to late for the east coasters. I feel that not a lot of people are checking them out and bidding. Most lots get about 7 views and if a lot does sell it's rare to have more than one bid. What I'd like to know is if eBay is still the place to sell and if it is, what are the right days and times to list them? Have the auction houses become the place to sell rather than the self listing online auctions? Well that's my rant of the week. Not really a rant but more just trying to get a clue of where to sell things and when. PS - eBay seller: best2u To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  12. All rants will be comic related. Okay, I've noticed that the journals are mostly dead so I'm here to get things started up. Every week this year I will be posting a new journal dealing with something comic related that drives me bonkers. My first rant is what you're reading, when you should be writing a journal for all of us to read. It drives my crazy when I check the journals and the ones listed are over a week old. I remember the good old days when there were 3 or 4 new ones every day. Where did all those people go. You know who I'm talking about. Let's all post something even if it's just some new comic you have. Please, post something so I don't waste my time checking every day. Thanks and Best2u PS- This cover proves that Santa is not real. Ba Humbug To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  13. Should I really be selling these on eBay? Okay, the wife is sick. The yard work is all done so I had this past weekend free to do what ever I wanted. I decided to go book by book thru all my graded comics. I started with my Gold Key Star Trek issues and one of the first copies I came to was a book I had replaced with a higher grade. I set it to the side and kept going, by the time all 61 issues had been looked at I had about 10 slabs I no longer needed. I guess I forgot how many upgrades I had done. I kept this up for all 400 or more slabs. I now have a stack of about 40 books to get rid of. Talked to the honey about it and decided to try to sell then on eBay. I'll be selling 6 a week on Sunday nights starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That should give me something to do for the winter other than contend with the snow here in Michigan. Going to start with a few Star Trek and Space War issues following up with some Ghosts and Black Magic copies. I'll post a journal now and then to let you know how its going or you can just follow on eBay under my eBay name - Best2u. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  14. Hey 109, nice couple of books. My only beef with the new cases is that the print they uses is to small. Very hard to read, and if you think CGC's is small you should see the font that CBCS is using on their new insert. I had to haul out my mag. glass to read what was there. Good luck on your submitting.
  15. Best2u

    New from ComicLink

    What the heck is a sock story Got this little honey off from ComicLink but haven't gotten it yet due to the need for a new slab. Anyway, I was giving it a look over online and saw the it says there are 4 Sock Stories inside. Do you think, like me, that that is a mistake and should have been Shock Stories. And, if not, what is a Sock Story? To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.