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  1. I’m hoping the series Professor Coffin could be added to the Registry or at least added to the end of the Midnight Tales Registry listing as it uses the numbering from that series and are just reprints from Midnight Tales with just the title change. Thanks and Best2u, Added "Professor Coffin #19-21" to Midnight Tales Set.
  2. I used to ask for new series to be put in the Registry but have not done so in years. Now I can’t find the area needed to make that request. Can someone help me out.
  3. Best2u


    Just a small entry to thank CGC for my recent Best Of Bronze Age award.
  4. It was time to change the comics being shown in the cave. The first 2 are in honor of Halloween. The next 3 are up because I was in a wedding. The flower for my lapel is made of a comic book page.
  5. I've always wanted my own room to display my comics in and now I have one. True, I do have to share it with other family members, but when I'm in there by myself it's my own little comic cave. The view's great whether sitting or standing or just digging some meds out of the pantry. Thanks to the family for letting me put up any comics I want. I've been changing comics every 2 or 3 weeks. The comics now on display are Summer Love #46 and 47 with Beatles covers due to the fact it is summer still and Flying Saucers #1 and 2 because I'm reading a book by Corso and Birnes titled 'The Day after Rosw
  6. Best2u

    Nice find in LCS

    Oh man, you're right. The writing was bad and the inside art work seems to be so plan but I just love the covers. I've started collecting Charlton comics just for the covers, Gorgo and Konga to mention a couple, and always looking for more titles to add.
  7. Best2u

    Nice find in LCS

    It was Comic Depot in Saratoga Springs NY.
  8. Best2u

    Nice find in LCS

    Just got back from a hiking trip in upstate NY. I found a little comic store and picked these up for $3 to $5 each. Can't wait to read them.