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  1. For those that do not know when a listing on eBay is accepted via best offer it does not show the actual sold price on eBay sold listings page. There is a website called This website allows you to copy the item number or the eBay link and see the actual price that was accepted for the item. Been using watch count to track sold eBay listings with best offers for years now. I have recently noticed that I can no longer see the sold price. Not on the watch count page nor the link that takes you to the eBay page that says sold for. Does anyone know of another way to find the actual sold price for best offer items on eBay now that watch count does not work?
  2. True but in 15 years on eBay I have never seen such a wide spread scam that continues to happen multiple times a day.
  3. The books being listed in this 70-80 dollar Chinese scam are getting crazy. I can't wait to start seeing tech 27s or action ones for 86 dollars being listed. After paying more attention to this due to how frequently it's been happening lately I have noticed a pattern. All the seller names seem to be a bunch of numbers followed by a hyphen and a single letter or number, most if not all of the accounts where created sometime in 2017. I wonder if all these scams are being listed by the same person or groupe. It seems likely based on the patterns. Could also be that Chinese people have discovered a very easy and fast way to make between 70-80 dollars from insufficiently_thoughtful_persons.
  4. Its getting even worse now. Seeing back to back listings from china with similar user names and similar prices on CGC key books. went from a few a day to now 6-10+ what is going on? There seems to be a pattern to this. As usual people are smacking that BIN button on a Hulk 181 CGC 6.5 for $86
  5. What kind of maniac needs every single issue of the same series signed by the creators?
  6. I have been on eBay for over 14 years, I have seen a lot of different scams. Some are elaborate while others are blatantly obvious. Recently I have noticed that a common scam seems to keep happening daily now. The scam is a new seller with 0 feedback makes a BIN auction for an item, most of the time its a CGC book but sometimes raw ones come up too. The book is always a key worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars and the seller lists the book for 70 something dollars. I have seen sellers from Russia, Spain, Peru and lately it seems to be china. The sales go threw as well which is weird. Who actually believes they will get a hulk 181 CGC 5.0 for $74? Also do these books get added to the GPA average? Why do they always get listed for 70 something dollars? I have so many questions.
  7. Last attempt, after this week I will end the search.
  8. The best feeling in the world is when you forget then later when you finally remember to check it sold way more then you were gonna bid anyways. Honestly feels better then winning sometimes
  9. If that was the case then hulk 181 would probably be hundreds of thousands of dollars even in low grade
  10. Maybe I should of been more descriptive. I have 2 personal eBay accounts because I live in 2 different countries Canada/USA and my brother owns the third account, which I asked him if I could use it to conduct this test. All you need to shill is 2 accounts so not sure why its such a shock to have access to 3 or more accounts. If you think big eBay sellers have 1 or even just 2 eBay accounts that's a lot scarier then this thread.
  11. looked for an example from recent ended auctions here is an example of what I was talking about.
  12. I understand that but after that second bid how can the next bid also be the same amount from a different bidder? That's 3 identical bids in a row at different times? Maybe im just losing my mind here
  13. That was with a 2 way tie right? not 3
  14. I have 3 eBay accounts and just tested it on a random item. It does not work with 3 identical bids, the 2 guys that tied yes it would work but the winning bidder would have to at least bid 1 cent more or it would of not allowed the exact amount to go threw.
  15. I still don't understand how this is possible. How did the winner place a bid 40 seconds after a current bid of 265.00 and beat someone at the same exact bid amount? Basically what your saying is if someone bids 265 dollars then someone else can come along later and also bid the exact same amount and win. In what auction format does this make sense? Bidding at the exact same second ok I can understand but 40 seconds apart really? I need to test this out.
  16. Yes but how is it possible that the 3rd and final winning bit was also tied at 265.00 after being placed 40 seconds after the 2 tied bids?
  17. Even if it was a tie how could the winning bidder, the guy on top win with the exact same amount of $265.00 I have out bid people and lost by pennies before but never won/lost anything and saw a lower bid matching my bid. Its crazy.
  18. All 3 of the bids were placed at different times though.
  19. Interesting I thought it would just say you need to bid more. I have never seen this happen before out of the thousands of listings I have followed. I always look at bid history and this is a first.
  20. Was watching an auction and when it ended I say this in the bid history. Three different bidders with the exact amount after the auction ended? Has this ever happened to anyone? Who gets the item? Is this just a rare glitch? I have so many questions, I have never seen this in my 15 years on eBay. What is going on here?