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  1. I'm so glad it made it safely to you!! Great book, happy a great boardie has one of his grails!!!
  2. Thanks for all you purchases, guys. Thread is closed. Hopefully more books next week.
  3. Some price reductions to wrap up this thread Nightmare 13, take this Baker horror book for a reduced --- $425 Super Duck 22 reduced to $40. First Love reduced to $25. Crime Must Pay the Penalty 33 reduced to $20 OR Take these last three golden age books as a lot $75.00
  4. That should wrap up this thread. Please fell free to make any offers, I'll close up tomorrow night. Thanks.
  5. Crime Must Pay the Penalty 33. 1948 A hugely violent comic book, the kind the makes people say SOTI was right! On the splash page a girl is hit with a monkey wrench. Three men are shot in the face in one story. Girls in a cage. VIOLENT. Some chipping on top cover and a tiny bit of paper loss on a few back pages. $25
  6. First Love #12 1951. Nice book very solid. Small impact mark on lower right 1/4 inch spine split on bottom. Name written on title. Man, she is one bad girl! $35
  7. A lot of Two GGA books Hedy of Hollywood 37 and Suzy 62 The Hedy has a spine roll and a crease on the cover bottom right hard to seefor a 1950 book (70 years!) it has white pages. Solid book, great art. Suzie has a piece of tape on the front cover some spine stress and a couple of 1 inch tears on the back cover. This one also has remarkably bright pages. You can see its an Archie magazine, the stories are similar $60 SOLD $65.
  8. A reader lot of two Fiction House books. Wings Comics #73 and Jungle Comics #140. The Wings has staple rust with some migration and is pulled away from the staples in front yet still attached. The book looks slightly miscut in the back half. But what a glorious cover, the pink dress really pops against the blue on the cover. Just beautiful art, my photos don't capture the beauty of the colors.. The Jungle has a 1.5 inch split at the bottom of the cover and a few small pieces of paper missing along the bottom of the back cover. $55.00
  9. Super Duck. 22. Oddly this is an Seduction of the Innocent (SOTI) book. I quote from lost soti website: Super Duck 22 Mentioned in text, pp. 35, 307, 308. This is a perfect example of Wertham's hypocrisy. On page 28, Super Duck is called without sarcasm one of the "harmlesss ones". Then on pages 35 and 307-308, he cites its harmful content. Little paper loss upper right Here it is through the whole book) and left just the cover, lower side a side a few creases on corner. Solid Book. Two on ebay in similar shape, on for $89, the other for $110 . $50.00 $50.
  10. Nugget 1955. Betty Brosmer on the cover, later became wife of Muscle magazine publisher Joe Weider. But what's really important is theat this magazine contains to only known nude work of Matt Baker. Couple of naked girlies inside. Some spine splitting on this hardback mag top and bottom,a little bump on the right side cover and a little light bend near bottom right corner. Cool datestamp on back, near a small stain. SOLD $115