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  1. More GOLDEN AGE Comics precode Horror + GGA

    I'll go either way, its just I should really be watching my wallet lately.
  2. More GOLDEN AGE Comics precode Horror + GGA

    If Greg still wants Terrors #7 he can take it.
  3. Awesome pulps! Keep on going, not enough people appreciate these books. You will have a very unique collection in no time.
  4. Golden Age group shot

    That could not have been easy and that must be incredibly satisfying laying them all out together finally.
  5. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    I love ACG books. Nice classic horror cover with great 50s title graphics tying it all together.
  6. [CLOSED] Holiday special

    No be like Rick he has a lot more cool comics than me.
  7. [CLOSED] Holiday special

    for last $15 card!
  8. [CLOSED] Holiday special

    for $15 card!
  9. [CLOSED] Holiday special

    for $25 card!
  10. Happy Holidays everyone! Just a small token of giving back I would like to do for 3 winners. Only one per user of course. All taken!! First person to post "take it" gets a $25 Ebay gift card e-mailed to them. Second Person gets a $15 Ebay gift card 3rd person also gets $15 gift card as well
  11. [CLOSED] closed