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  1. Spook #28 (Tales of Suspense and Mystery)

    I still am after a nice copy of this! Thank you.
  2. Jetta #6

    Still looking, thank you.
  3. This is a favorite of mine, probably the most classic Joker cover ever IMO.
  4. E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    That is so cool, nice score! I have been getting more interested in Westerns. There is a ton of great stuff in that genre that gets overlooked.
  5. Sweet Jungle Girl!

  6. Sweet Jungle Girl!

    Nice grab retro you are the lucky
  7. Sweet Jungle Girl!

    If you love jungle girls then wait for this one... Rules: 1. US only (free shipping) 2. You must actually want this for your own collection. Simple? I think so. FREEBIE TAKEN Jo Jo #11 (1948). VG+ Beautiful colors, complete, flat, no resto. If you want a nice copy of a classic jungle GGA cover then say take it and its yours. This must be your first freebie from me.
  8. WTB Adam Hughes Catwoman art!

    Still looking...

    Cool Planet, nice pickup!
  10. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Some new scores from the last couple weeks. A lot different than the sci fi and horror I usually buy!
  11. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Two tough books I was lucky enough to find. Love me some black covers.
  12. CLOSED Space Girl :)

    Long time no see! You are the guy that first showed me this site (remember the Jetta #7?) and got me addicted to this comic madness.