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  1. Mystery in Space #8 One of my favorite sci fi covers! VG, I would say white pages, OW/W to be safe. $175
  2. Nightmare #2 Tough issues, VG, OW/W pages, sea monster/ GGA cover. $190
  3. Beware #12 Rare issue, lobster/fish man cover. VG- OW/W, ex CGC comes with original label $500
  4. Horrific #8 4.5 Cracked out of hard case, still in inner. OW/W pages. Amazing werewolf Don Heck cover. $575
  5. Still looking, $1,000 is for a low or mid grade with no tanning/nice pages. I will pay more for higher grade!
  6. Darn I am sorry to hear that. I am hoping to get lucky and finally find a good copy. I once upon a time had a very very poor copy basically ripped and folded to shreds.