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  1. I was wondering if anyone will be going to Vancouver as there are 5 cast members from the Flash there. As of now I did not see anyone going on the Appearance list. I know Par2ch is going to Kansas City so I can at least contact him for that.
  2. I was thinking of getting one book signed by Chloe Bennet.
  3. Anyone going to facilitate here this year? Thanks
  4. Is anyone going to both shows? I have seen a couple people going to Fan Expo Canada but nothing regarding Rose City. I have a book I want signed by Tom Cavanagh (Expo) and Carlos Valdes (Rose City).
  5. Even though it is the Star Trek convention, do you know if Patrick Stewart would sign X-Men related items?
  6. Anyone witnessing for Phoenix Comic Con Looking to see if anyone will be at the Phoenix Comic Con on Memorial Day Weekend. Gabriel Luna will be there and I would like to get a Ghost Rider book signed by him. Here is the guest list:
  7. When are the books due to you by? Thanks