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  1. I lived through that horrible transition as well. Simply a tragic time for all of us. Uggh. If it happened today one could reasonably predict a spike in shrink visits with collector-friendly therapists - but we were made of tougher stuff back then.
  2. Sweet. That's cool getting your kid into it and him taking it up. And he's got a couple of really long runs. Did I read that right that you guys both have X-Men 94-150 or so?
  3. We overlap around 95% ! Not counting some titles I do collect that you don't and some of yours that I don't. I don't have ROM, Sad Sack, Two Gun Kid and the three 60s marvel "Tales of" runs that I once had (superhero only) but had to sell while between jobs along with my DD (and lots of other but I've since replaced). I do have OTOH a bunch of bronze runs like Fear, Amaz Adv vol2, WBN, TOD, Frankenstein, Conan to 100, etc. Congrats on putting together such a great collection. Of course the RULER is Bronze Age fan (I forget his exact name) with a complete list of ALL of them (even the Millies etc.). But like you I have long runs of ASM, FF and JIM/Thor, Hulk, Avengers, X-Men (missing 1,3,32), have the GRR version of JIM 83, am missing Spidey and FF 1 (but I've checked off the Hulk and Avengers 1). It took lots of time and money and fun and I'm right there with you in spirit. Kudos on those three "Tales" runs including all that pre-code horror. That's awesome. That aside, I'd guess there are still a lot of lucky people like us with all/most of same 10 marvel runs through some x or other (my ASM was 441, but I keep upping the top number).
  4. Spiderman (since the 70s, an avid reader and became a collector because of this character) Batman (had to get over the 60s tv show, my appreciation developed later in my collector life with the more grown up stuff, though it's really gotten too dark for my taste in comics; never mind, make this one Fantastic Four instead) Warlock (hooked w Starlin's trippy work; but then, even reading through the 90s and second "Infinity" series that's only like, what, 30 comics?; geez, I've already set a precedent in changing my mind, might as well go with Deadman, interesting stories and some great artwork) Dr Strange (again maybe a statement of my trippy tastes, had no idea wtf the rules were, which made it a bit challenging to grab hold of, but he was a good guy, interesting, and travelled to many exotic places) Peanuts or Uncle Scrooge (since pretty much forever, which for me means since late 60s) Honorable mention: some all-time favorite reads: Wolfman's Dracula (along w awesome Gene Colan, TOD #1-70, though I've never been a fan of vampire genre), Roy Thomas' (at least first 50 issues of) Conan, and Thomas/Buscema continued right on past 100 still pretty darn good S&S, Gerber's Howard the Duck, Simonson's Thor, Miller's DD, Claremont's X-Men, though I lost interest after around DOFP (142).
  5. I've had GPA for a couple of years and I'll be cancelling (new interface is vastly inferior to my desires - "too many clicks" as one guy put it very early on). But I'm waiting on mr. greenham to get some books back - my first submittal since 2001 when I sent my actual first batch, directly - so I can price them out. That subscription method of directly debiting my paypal account is obviously smart - since I rarely get reminded of it to re-think my subscription, but now I'm reminded every time I pop in for a quick price check that I can no longer consider "quick".
  6. Jim Starlin: When I finished with Captain Marvel I had turned him from a warrior into a mystic. Adam Warlock was a mystical messiah. Where to go from there? Decided to reverse course and turn him into a suicidal paranoid/schizophrenic, which was the way I was feeling at the time. I’ve always used my work to examine what is currently going on in my own life. It’s cheaper than going to a shrink.
  7. Yeah, I think it tops out at 8.0 because of top right corner if that dog ear's a color breaking crease. Probably 7.5 imo.
  8. Take Also take: Marvel Spotlight 6 copy a 10 7 copy a 10 2001 #8 copy b $10 and the 2 Invaders tpbs $14
  9. This book is so cool, DR.X, thanks very much - I might never have gotten around to reading these war years Batman stories had I not stumbled into your contest again this year (a lie, Sha generously reminded me in time to add my "no sense" guess). Amazing packaging too you maniac. : ) Merry Christmas and have a Great New Year !
  10. I'm not a good recruiter for new members since almost all of the collectors I know are here already. But there are many good people here that keep me interested even when I'm not heavily buying or selling - just for the information and stories and shared community - although I can't stand people a lot of the time I have much greater tolerance here with our shared passion (and even the jerks aren't that bad, relatively speaking). And the 'pervs' rock. Plus there are great folk like Dan, Sha or Ralph and assorted fine others [Tim / @DR.X ] just sent me an awesome Batman volume (war years!!) because I had a lucky guess at how much loose pocket change he'd accumulated during 2019). How the effing cool is that!? And it wasn't just his generosity, the book was packaged more securely than a faberge egg from tiffany or something. Anyway, thanks for the kind words, Raze, even when I don't post a lot I'm generally lurking about and happy to follow what you guys are up to.