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  1. Vote's in. Didn't pick one of Frazetta's Molly Hatchet covers, though I admire those a lot. Here's a favorite of mine that didn't make your cut, it stood out ever since I saw it on cover of Nat'l Lampoon, the Ghoul Queen.
  2. grebal

    i give up

    Coins are ok, just don't go furbie on us.
  3. I remember now, you're right. There wasn't even any FF on earth as I recall now.
  4. Probably not responsive, but there was this return to the character by Kirby and Lee. The 'Fireside' book from late 70s.
  5. Is there any formal or technical distinction between discolored staples and rust? Because I've seen the discolored kind that decades later are still discolored but never spread beyond the original noticed discoloration.
  6. take these two please, Mark. If I come across a #44 I'll have a complete run 15 thru 50.
  7. @lizards2 and I forgot who else was gunning ? Not a Binky.
  8. Zoom in, it says: : _ : - : I have no idea what it means though. That Exciting looks like a great book! Nice pickup.
  9. ^ That's not nice! ASM 151 was my first comic, bought it at the local stationery story. Plus, you know, the house.
  10. Insane, I know. c4less got $25 for a #1 (fantasy masterpieces 1 reprint of SS 1), but then c4less gets way more than most sellers on jerkbay. Fant. Master. 1 reprint of SS 1 brings $25 I increase my prediction of return on the $200 copy of Fantasy Masterpieces #4 up to 80% likely.
  11. Nearly $200 for reprint of Silver Surfer #4. Probably not the right thread for this, but it's not worth it's own thread - and it's as amusing as many other "good golly look what I saw on ebay" threads. And practically nothing misleading in the item title or description - except no mention of "reprint" can be found anywhere, and it's a bronze book listed in silver age section (but 75% of feebay does that). What do you figure, about 50/50 chance the buyer returns it?
  12. Might easily work on me - I'm less aggressive about getting 'top dollar' especially if I got the book much cheaper, and like the idea of two 'winners' (me for selling, the buyer because he got a discount, a good feeling that might even carry into the next day or two). Selling at a discount from the max amount I could easily get, just to provide a profit to the other, psychologically makes me feel a sucker (I'm not pretending it's a rational reaction), not a person who just did a favor and made some money at the same time. It's why I sell on feebay despite the monetary costs compared to here, stay clear all the underlying personalities and possible drama, just mercenary dealing, makes no friends but OTOH no enemies either (well, plus I've a lot of junk).