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  1. Cool discount, please double my 1-book order. Astonishing Tales #12 FINE 6.0 $14.00 Take at 20%.
  2. I'm kind of partial to including a rule "no flakes." Then you can just be subjective in how you apply the rule, and respond (or not) to complaints that you are arbitrary and capricious. ; ) Or as Basil Fawlty put it, "no riffraff." [edit - The only time I ever got nervous was a 1st-post-ever buyer taking two larger slabbed books including a WBN 32 - the man was echu, turned out over time was a frequent buyer and very welcome addition to the boards over past few years.]
  3. Some well-earned kudos. @thirdgreenham Sent Andy a bunch of raw books, he submitted to CGC for me, smooth transaction, powerful service, super grading that I attribute as much to Andy as to the ceegcers. Nice discount, and great shipping (plus, ya know, a box covered in stamps), and you can see most of the fifteen or so newly slabbed when I get around to a new sales thread.
  4. Love your spidermans, Rick. Nice prices!
  5. Wow, she was strapped to that table for a loong time. Nice books!
  6. As ever, Rob, great grades & descriptions, great thread (and books I really like).
  7. Was about to 'checkout' but wondering, you got any more you'll be posting, pal?
  8. Geez man, @ 15% it's too reasonable to pass up. Take please. Just need 92 and a real 83 to replace my GRR to complete a JIM-Thor run. : ) Thanks Warren!
  9. I lived through that horrible transition as well. Simply a tragic time for all of us. Uggh. If it happened today one could reasonably predict a spike in shrink visits with collector-friendly therapists - but we were made of tougher stuff back then.