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  1. Big buy from Matt, made my thread a lot of fun. Sent quick check, and forgot to post this kudos and say 'thank you' again.
  2. You're not alone, I've also bought mini "runs" of 10 or 15 consecutive books in a title to complete my runs. So there is a market for short runs (well, at least two of us, anyway). Currently I need FF 219-231 to complete my FF run 1-end of Byrne issues. Been searching FFs on 'bay and find lots of mini-stretches with a few here and a few there (no luck yet but that's irrelevant). A long while ago seller "Showcase New England" used to be very successful on ebay breaking out runs into bite sizes (e.g. AA 1-10, 11-17, 18-39) back before the fee structure changed economics of that a
  3. Great stuff, Andy. Good luck, and glad to see you back in action past couple of weeks. : )
  4. Fifteen years ago while even more clueless than today I bought a pgx ASM #3 in 3.0 condition. Cracked it out a couple of weeks ago and it looks probably 2.5. YMMV. Don't know anyone less reliable on high grades. My single other pgx purchase on hatebay was a restored comic (Ast. Tales 27) that didn't disclose edge(s) trimmed and overgraded a 6.0-6.5 as a 7.5. Want scans?
  5. My first post when I joined here was to join the Hulk 1 "club" in the SA sub-forum. Here's the book, what do you all think, 1.8 or 2 ? (other WAGs welcome too, of course!).
  6. X-Men 1 (slab), 2, 4 & 5 raw, very presentable low grade lot ONLY available as a lot Payment only by CHECK in amount of $11,800 including priority mail & tracked, w signature confirmation. CLOSED - moved elsewhere where I feel less guilt for selling at top market prices (but they're my only copies, so not willing to part with them applying my typical hefty discounting). #1 is CGC 1.5, case in great shape, book, not so much #2 2.0 (ctrfld detached at bottom staple) a bit nicer than typical GD 2.0. Just moderate to heavy normal wear and tear. #4 3.0
  7. I ask . . . and f_f answers. Thanks, bud, I thought that might still be the case. If it's the same rule I was thinking about, the max loss amount that can be used to offset ord. inc. is $3k.
  8. Kudos to Jeff - this time as buyer, not seller. Got the books, Jeff, thanks. Great books, matched the description (a bit nicer in a few cases), shipped securely and promptly. Thanks again bud.