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  1. My hair is literally on fire about this. Well, not literally, but these days common usage apparently has changed the meaning of "literal" to mean "figurative." Which kinda defeats the whole point of having the word in the first place.
  2. grebal

    ASM 121 - Who should have been the one to die?

    Exactly. The 'snap' was included specifically to be clear that Pete inadvertently killed her.
  3. grebal

    You're old if you purchased these

    Some, like PF's Animals, had bonus track on the 8-track because of the timing on the 'tracks.'
  4. grebal

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    Got a picture? j/k Pretty sure that's a production defect, and won't affect grade much if at all.
  5. Except all very high grades, and in some predictable order not seemingly random.
  6. grebal

    Comic Photography

    What lizards2 said. But as I recall from the last thread about this topic (and from my personal experience) keep trying indirect lighting from different directions and just keep changing your view of the book to different angles.
  7. grebal

    depression and comics

    I'm hooked too, good 'happy' signals going on in the brain with comics and mags. Healthier than smoking, but also potentially a lot more expensive. Better on liver than booze. Won't comment on weed. Think it's 'endorphins' or some other brain chemical, but me likee. : D
  8. No problem. Just dont' have two ACTIVE ones running in the same sub-forum. Although it's apparently common for one seller, I wouldn't risk it.
  9. grebal

    Comic artists dying early

    Drummers like for the band Spinal Tap used to die from spontaneous combustion. Maybe this is something like that?
  10. grebal


    ^Great wrap on a tough issue.
  11. For drooling only, NFS.
  12. grebal

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    Ah, Gerber and Colan. And Brunner was no slouch. Oh, and nice amp!
  13. grebal

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    Good tell. Also re: the Marvel Omnis, I think many of the 1st prints have round prices [$125] while the 2nd prints priced at e.g. 124.99. But your way to spot them sounds easier, thanks.
  14. grebal

    What was your first purchase on these boards?

    Mystafo / ASM 7 (silver)