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  1. Anyone else notice double covers on the Catwoman issue this week?
  2. Oh come on! Its clearly a first cover appearance
  3. First appearance of Fred the Henchman...definitely NOT talon.
  4. Skip the whole restore/grading thing unless you are willing to put in time to learn the ins and outs and figure out the costs vs gains. There are plenty of people that would be willing to buy those books as is here on the forms over in the Market area.
  5. I was thinking about creating a new topic in Ask CGC and tag all the support people. People can weigh in there and maybe get something changed. Not sure who best to word my concerns and displeasure yet.
  6. Yes, but past invoice as in 2-3 months ago
  7. Yeah...dont know if that applies to me since the charges are for recent invoices. Might try calling customer service again...
  8. My experience has been you dont get charged until after the books are graded and shipped back to you. So creating an invoice online doesnt really do anything until you mail the books and CGC receives them.
  9. Right!? Dont they get charged when they print the label? What if UPS just said oh its going to be $100 and they ship it, now im on the hook for some ridiculous shipping charge? Adding it on to a different invoice really makes me mad, I cant even fight it with the CC company. Is this not happening to other people? I dont know how to get someone from CGC to look into this.
  10. Ive emailed them twice asking for an explanation on the charges, but havent got any response. According to the accounting person, the shipping charges were more than originally estimated so the charges are passed on to me. I wonder if UPS can look up the tracking number and let me know what the charge was.
  11. One SS book came out to $30 (grading) + $5 (handling) + $28.40 (shipping!!!!) So additional shipping was 14.40 basically double the normal shipping charge. A lot of what I have sent in are sketch covers directly from the artist so I have to keep doing one book invoices since CGC cant hold hold books for long and combine invoices.
  12. Im in California. I just cant wrap my head around the additional cost all of a sudden. Ive sent and received books numerous times before and never had an extra charge. This is like "taxes" on my cable bill. They keep going up and no one can tell me what they are for, they just exist and I HAVE to pay them. Pretty crappy.
  13. Thanks...should have searched before posting. So this is the new normal? Random shipping costs based on what CGC gets charged after the fact. I also dont like how they attach the new charge to an different payment.
  14. Some of my invoices recently have been charged extra shipping charges which according to the accounting department is due to UPS charges. Has anyone else had this happen? Im just confused why this happens sometimes and not all the time?