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  1. Avi

    The ARTGERM Thread

    Catwoman #9. Another amazing cover!
  2. NM 98 - CGC 9.6 - $350 NM 87 - CGC 9.2 - $125 Sleepwalker 1 - CGC 9.6 - $50
  3. Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 SDCC 18 Campbell variant nm - $80 MM Power Rangers #29 SDCC 18 variant nm - $30 MM Power Rangers Green Psycho Legacy Figure & Comic - $120
  4. Maybe buy the grader notes and see what all the defects were, there are what look like finger bends and folds on the back that would be fixed by pressing. Might be enough to bump it up to 9.0
  5. Avi

    Will Detective Comics 1000......

    Might have to get the Natali Sander cover
  6. Avi

    Will Detective Comics 1000......

    Not a fan. This is mostly hype after the ghost spider cover.
  7. I completely agree with your strategy. My (not so obvious) question earlier was more as to why the OP has multiple threads with CGC label update requests for lots of these characters. I can understand stashing multiple books and waiting for the right time to get them graded and resell. It just seems odd to me to get this done now, like right now, for lots of these characters. On another note, does overstreet label these lesser known characters and first appearance issues?
  8. Avi

    Reasons for DC layoffs

    the "door" doesnt have a handle...so maybe its not a door at all! just a bad accent wall? but the shower curtain rod is just hanging out there. Thats the real issue here!
  9. Avi

    Damned or Not?

    Market crash expected in the next year to year and a half...save your money, buy it when ppl are just dumping them in an attempt to get some cash before using it for TP. =)
  10. Noticed some of your other posts about label updates, you seem awfully invested in tagging 1st appearances. Im just curious what the big deal is. To me a first appearance is significant if people like the character and there is a decent story behind it, like the popularity of weapon H (which I dont realy care for btw). Having/holding on to 1st appearance for a revolving door of characters doesnt really makes sense to me. Look at Caliban, Negasonic teenage warhead, both in movies, both just mediocre 1st appearance books. Are you just trying to hedge your bets on all the possible 1st appearance in case someone gets popular. Again, just curious not bashing or anything.
  11. Avi

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    This might just end up like the saga color missing issue. It doesn't look like it's getting recalled or anything.
  12. Thats it for now. May add more if I find more stuff Im not that attached too.