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  1. He is slowly coming around. He did lower his cgc tax I believe. Hoping for better pricing too.
  2. Wow looks like inventory is STILL available. People burned out or loosing interest?
  3. Any tips on getting a Jim Lee sketch?
  4. It matters to me you know who I am? lol...you seem to have a hard time understanding your own words and posts.
  5. Yet another ridiculous thread...please stop.
  6. Only way I know of is to catch him at a convention.
  7. Think it's back to me... I'll take #29 please. 🥰
  8. I keep seeing a fist or another hand in the area below....
  9. How did you sell it? eBay? the boards? garage sale? Anything other than the last one you can probably still get the person contact info right?
  10. Check out https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/forum/69-sigseries-event-central/ normally people post there if they are taking submissions for signatures and such. I believe Desert Wind is planning on being there and can get signatures for you.
  11. Ive seen that before, the actual grade is just not available yet. Check back in a day.