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  1. I like this! The current era of comics (something that follows the Modern age) should be known as The Variant Age!
  2. Avi

    Pre-Screen Set

    This has also been my experience with prescreen, all or nothing.
  3. Real question is will you jack up the price because the 5 are RARE Misprints or lower the price since they look like mess.
  4. Which meme did you get this from? Also... In before the lock
  5. I doubt the first run was ever fully printed without payment. So I guess the samples are the original printing? and the LCSD will be a second run? Just speculating, we might never know for sure...please dont call the print run police on me, we have enough of that already.
  6. Ah yeah, there it is, comments werent showing up when I looked on the page either. Just remember this happening when they canceled my order.
  7. I believe there was a issue prior to printing the full run, but the comp issues for the creative team were given out. Its most likely that someone on the team sold there copy.
  8. Considering they will ding you for finger bends, any indents will affect the grade.
  9. There is no way to really answer your question since grading is subjective to begin with. If you use CGC as the scale then you can consider them always right and your scale can measure accordingly. Ive gotten books back 9.6 without notes and no issues...so why not 9.8 who knows!
  10. Send it back to CGC, fill out the form for grading and pressing. They will use their in house pressing service (CCS) and then grade it as normal. This way it will still be a yellow label ss
  11. Are we talking about THAT book? or that OTHER book?
  12. Following items are for sale. Open to reasonable offers. Prices include shipping. Paypal only. Champions pages Humberto Ramos - $200 each Koi Pham sketchs Sketch cover - $200 | Cyclops - $150