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  1. Slabs below are for sale. Open to reasonable offers. Payment through paypal. First "take it" wins over any on going PM. Shipping is $15 for upto 3 slabs in the CONUS. International shipping will be at cost. No returns. Star wars #1 signed by Jason Aaron - $75 Thor #1 signed by Jason Aaron (9.2) - $50 Thor #1 signed by Jason Aaron (9.6) - $100 Avengers #1 signed by Jason Aaron - $100 NM 98 - $400 Batman: Harley Quinn - $150 Vengeance of Bane - $50 Batman White knight - $200 (only 1 of 3 blue label copies on cgc census)
  2. I think JSC is losing his touch...I think this cover is terrible! Peter looks constipated, or maybe MJ needs to lose a few pounds. Peters thighs looks bulgy and does MJ have hooves in those shoes.
  3. Avi

    Signature Series Cost

    Have you tried the online order form...https://www.cgccomics.com/orderform It should be give an idea, there is also the pdf form (like the form they have at the booth) with all the info you can download. https://www.cgccomics.com/account/my-submissions/ Hope that helps.
  4. Looking for a 9.8 blue label black science #1 CoverA Anybody have one? or knows where to find one?
  5. All the books at SDCC were already signed, what really pissed me off was that it was ADDITIONAL $30 to get them CGCed! AN ADDITIONAL $30 PER BOOK! Not an additional $10 like I though it would be. At this point Im done with JSC.
  6. Avi

    Batman 50 variants

    JSC is one of the slower places to ship in my experience.
  7. Avi


    Newest Additions Brian Theis John Timms Mirka Andolfo Geoff Shaw
  8. Full set of Marvel Sdcc Pins. Includes ALL 35 pins including the very rare invisible woman pin. Asking $600 obo. Ships in the CONUS free. Paypal only, no refunds
  9. Avi

    Sdcc exclusives thread

    Adding a couple more ghosts riders soon.
  10. Avi

    Sdcc exclusives thread

    Getting Black hammer and graffiti stuff tomorrow. Jsc variants are all signed. Message for graded options.
  11. Avi

    Sdcc exclusives thread

    2x Redneck 13 - $25
  12. Avi

    Sdcc exclusives thread

    2x Waking dead gate fold $25 each