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  1. True. Personally I would also consider any small finished looking art on a cover, sketch cover included, a remark.
  2. To me the grade matters more depending on what type of "sketch" it is. Grade consideration importance from least to most for me is - Sketch vs Remarque vs Doodle
  3. I was going for Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield... But now I have to add two more!
  4. So youre telling me my AF15 signed by tobey maguire is not worth much =(
  5. I try not to get art from the same artist, but Jonathan Glapion doesnt do many sketch covers so had to jump on this one.
  6. I remember reading somewhere that the white scuff are intentionally done by CGC in a attempt to prevent newton rings.
  7. Looking to fund a bigger piece and need to move a couple of things. Khoi Pham - Azreal sketch cover - $150 (includes shipping) Tony Daniel - Superman/wonder woman page diana not in costume - $100 Tony Daneil - Deathstroke - 100 Doug Mankhe - JLR green arrow and deathstroke - $300 Jonathan Galpion - Electro head shot - $250 (includes shipping) Mike Mignola - Limited edition hell boy print + coa - $150 Shipping only in CONUS $25 for all pages. Will combine shipping. Paypal G&S. Open to reasonable offers. Will conside
  8. Wow! Thats funny...but that sucks! I never understood signing for something if they dont check who really signed.
  9. No CGC wont accept COAs...wait what was the question?
  10. Which book are you...trying to forge...err I mean buy recently that smells?
  11. Yep, you should check with them how to denote that you want a universal label before sending it in though.
  12. Third party verification would be ignored at CGC. Green label, would avoid the lower grade. Universal is possible but you'd get dinged for the sig and probably the sticker. https://www.cgccomics.com/grading/labels/
  13. Who is your friend and can he ask Spencer for pages for me? Ive been trying to get pages from that guy for over a year now.