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  1. Looks like Tynion is adding to the hype for the next few issues. Hope the story ends better than Tom King's and his Batman 40(?) new villain trash.
  2. There has been only one sold at the error price...wonder how long that lasts.
  3. Good lord! Error variants are popping up for batman 89 at ridiculous prices
  4. I buy the best grade I can afford and then sell it to try and upgrade when I can afford better, by adding to the sold price.
  5. Ikea kallax (sp?) furniture works well to separate the stacks. I made my own shelf unit... Looks like you have enough comics in each box.
  6. The grading cost includes the slab but vary based on tier, which is a combination of age and value. Unfortunately there aren't any bulk discount. Your best bet might be the pre screen service.
  7. You want to grade the free space spinner toy thing? You should call and ask cgc directly or email them.
  8. Sorry, sometimes I just type, read, and submit at the same time. I meant to say "you just WONT find an issue without it" It; being a defect in the corner.
  9. It is possible for comics to shift in the slab. There is a whole thread and discussion about SCS. This doesnt really seem to be a problem. Bottom line, if you dont like it send it back. Just be aware you might get blocked from the seller for complaining about a non-issue.
  10. I stand corrected about the defect happening before getting encased. Like RMA (the seller above) mentioned. You just WONT an issue with it. Some books have damage that is considered acceptable. I think ASM 800 that came out last year had a similar issue where a specific variant had a printing defect where the corner was split. These got 9.8s as it was a printing defect. Not true, a miss aligned cover might be less desirable to a buyer but wouldnt automatically get to downgraded. Having lofty expectations is fine, you just need to be realistic about if you will ever be happy with what you buy in that case.
  11. There is a variety of information on the label. You can see examples if you look up CGC comics on eBay. Be aware though that the information provide by CGC may NOT be the information you want to see. 1st appearances are sometimes debatable and CGC might not consider or have the information you expect to see.
  12. What I was implying is that your expectations sound unrealistic for the grade you are looking for. Clearly you feel like your standards are higher than the rest of us =( A brief CGC grading scale. https://www.cgccomics.com/comic-grading/grading-scale/ More in depth ones can be found online and might give you more insight into the standards and expectations.
  13. Yes, regarding is the only way to be sure it wasn't swapped out with a lesser grade. But it's unlikely the comic was replaced if that's the only broken spot. I would contact the seller and see what they can offer.
  14. The first defect might have happened after grading while the book was being encapsulated. The second is not really a issue. Either way it sounds like you are looking for 10.0s and not 9.8s