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  1. Completely agree. The rarity is purely manufactured, since an Xth print will always have a lower print run. Having variant covers for those just adds to the gimmicky-ness of this.
  2. There is no option on the online form. CGC will add the charge to the invoice they send you.
  3. So you want to leave negative feedback because your book arrived safely but you thought the packing was insufficient. Sounds like you are complaining about nothing.
  4. Only discounts are from membership levels like previously stated. Either 5, 10 or 15% and the 150$ credit. FYI discounts only apply to universal (blue label) grading. Credits are only applied to grading fees ( can be either universal fees or SS fees) https://www.cgccomics.com/grading/faq/
  5. I was being facetious. "Buy the book not the label" is spot on though!
  6. You mean you dont see the "bad trim" that CGC also didnt see but was caught by the eagle eyed OP?
  7. Lucky guy! I would drop them in a heart beat at these prices.
  8. I think he is asking about the CGC review for items on ebay. https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/7542/ Ive never tried this, so not really sure what the error might be.
  9. So it seems like the rules are Send in a RAW book with a window bag. OR pay $5 for CGC to use one. Send in a slabbed book and pay $5 for CGC to crack and bag it. Ive seen these guys sign at events and the bag/boards are more for comic protection than to tell them where to sign.
  10. Good point! I assumed the OP was referring to the window bags for the RAW books only. In the instructions CGC says they will crack and bag already graded books for $5 each. Did you send in raw books? or were they already slabbed?
  11. Those folks are signing thousands of comics for an event like this. Speed over care is a huge factor. Not really surprised there would be issues; sorry it happened though.
  12. This is not true for the CGC signature events Put ALL ungraded books in window bags or they will not be accepted. https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/8236/clayton-crain-signature-event/ You should contact CGC directly to figure out what to do, since they list in the instructions that all raw books should be in window bags. Here is a link to make the window bags. Good luck!
  13. Are DC comics no longer showing up on previewsworld's new release list? Are they listed somewhere else now? Guessing this has something to do with DC no longer using diamond.