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  1. Not a new pickup but still cant help staring at it.
  2. For those who enjoy a sweet 90s Superman cover, check out my new addition. Thanks.
  3. Congrats on the sale Jeff and to the new owner. That's a beatify for sure.
  4. I added a sweet Spidey Bagley 90s splash. Feel free to check it out.
  5. Was able to pick up a nice Stegman Spidey cover. Fans can check it out below.
  6. I usually camscan the piece, take a screenshot of it from the phone and crop out the top/bottom borders
  7. Pretty much 90% of my stuff on CAF was taken with Camscanner. Decent app if you can get the right lighting in.
  8. That was a beauty. Congrats on the sale. Im sure the new owner will enjoy it.
  9. Hey guys. Just a heads up. An item popped up on Ebay titled "Amazing Spiderman 797 Mayhew Variant Original Cover Art Red Goblin Only One!". I cant post the eBay link currently cuz Im at a work comp. Its listed for 1800 or best offer. It was confusing because the title mentions "original cover art" but the description includes "original cover/production art and hand sketch". I contacted Mike Mayhew via email regarding it because he just recently sold his original cover art for that issue. This was his reply: "I appreciate it. I contacted the buyer. It is very strange over all.
  10. What a beauty. Makes me wanna go and get one too.
  11. Iconic stuff Paul. Def a win for an Iron Man fan/collector.
  12. Was able to add a pretty sweet McGuinness Spidey cover.