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  1. I dunno if you guys watch Honest Trailers but "This is Katana, she's got my back. I would advise not getting killed by her; Her sword traps the souls of its victims."
  2. I couldn't estimate what price an original Ditko Spidey cover would fetch, especially one from the first 10 issues, but it would have to be astronomical. I'm not an OA guy, but has one ever sold before from that time period? The number 11, 15, 28, 30 are the ones I know of that sold but that was long ago when prices were cheaper The 8 was for sale for 250k in 2004 250k and that was 12 years ago Well, in fairness it never sold That was just the sellers asking price But I reckon its a $750k cover today maybe - if it wasnt destroyed in a fire - which it was in 2010 Wow. I didn't know that. Is there an article online discussing what happened?
  3. Always nice when your comic comes with a personal story
  4. Looks like that issue has a rich history. Is that your personal copy you got slabbed?
  5. Dare I say that Im hoping to add an AF 15 finally. Hope its a good year.
  6. Is it me or do they just not draw covers like they use to. Awesome additions
  7. Specifically looking for these pages:
  8. Thought Id add what Ive picked up so far. Fortunate to have found a local good seller (and hopefully new friend). Still trying to master how to post pix so please excuse the blurriness
  9. I started off like you, trying to get a near complete collection with all the editions and variants, then when I saw how many variants there was for the reboot of ASM, I decided to just get the regular covers of every issue. Then, I decided to just stop at 700 because of all the reboots Marvel had started. Then the recent clone conspiracy storyline reminded me of the dumb sins past storyline and decided to stop at 500 instead, to avoid that. And now, I just stopped trying to complete a run to 500 because I wanted to downsize from having so many boxes. So if you head down this route that I took, it actually feels like a big relief trying not to get everything ASM. I don't know if this is Marvel's intention, but it helped me save more money I made it from ASM 201 to 700 with quite a few variants that I thought mattered. Then when ASM volume 3 started I tried to collect all of those variants but then I noticed that they just keep rebooting ASM back to "number one". To be honest that's when I said screw it and decided to focus on finishing up my early ASM issues with high grades.
  10. Thanks Jeff. I may have a potential lead on one of the covers but that came from a friend on CAF. I emailed someone regarding your Spectacular Spidey 21 stuff and am waiting for a reply. Lets see how it goes.
  11. Wow. Awesome find. Great feeling when gaps are filled in the collection
  12. Awesome additions. Sadly I had to sell my old comics that I bought as a kid for a grail issue. I miss the reader copies though.
  13. Thought I'd revive the thread. Looking for any 700 covers, title page and final pages from Amazing Spiderman 700.
  14. And because I don't love the lighting or focus issues on the group shot... I may be late to the game but
  15. It's an awesome feeling to have it in hand.