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  1. Lol. I was wondering what happened to this thread.
  2. Like always, great stuff GhostTown.
  3. That's an awesome splash Jeff. I could see why you liked these issues.
  4. 9.2 Pedigree. Moving on up on the registry. Awesome Jeff.
  5. Awesome feeling right? Welcome to the club.
  6. Wow, 8th copy. Cant blame you for coming back around. Welcome back.
  7. Yeah, Ive heard that some issues were sold in their entirety but this one was spread out. Just hoping that since its still fairly recent some stuff will pop up.
  8. Pages have been scattered amongst various ppl......
  9. Would love to an anniversary cover (while waiting for 800 to come out). Plus, artwork from an iconic story is always a plus.
  10. Patiently waiting... Waiting patiently....
  11. another winner by Bachalo. I need to get some of his stuff already too.
  12. Lol. Would love to see what else you have if this is under-appreciated.
  13. Finally picked up a Clayton Crain cover
  14. Classic TMNT stuff. Must be great in person.