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  1. I talked to Rob today and connected him with Peter. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the show!!!
  2. I just talked to Peter and glad to hear he is helping to organize the show going forward. If you do not know him he is a great person and we have a connection in that we both did our doctorates at the University of Kansas. I am looking forward to the event and plan on attending!!!
  3. Yeah I am in the same boat you are I am assuming with the start of the semester.
  4. Well I was thinking about attending this as the June dates work nice for my schedule, but in looking at their website I noted it states that it is now happening August 27 - 29. Oh well maybe next year . . .
  5. This was an article written about Bart by Jimmie Tramel another collector based outside of Tulsa.
  6. I saw it posted on his FB page this afternoon and it was a sharp punch to the gut as I know he was such an important part of OK comic scene.
  7. Dang these were some great books at some great prices . . . and I missed it
  8. Looking for Conan #1 graded copy of 9.0 or 9.2. Thanks!!