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  1. It was a good show with some good books in the room. Attendance was down a lot this year - perhaps the lowest I have ever seen it. Sold a lot of filler with the biggest books I sold being a Iron Fist #14 and a high grade JIM Annual #1. I did pick up a water skiing and the Forward with Eisenhower - Nixon promo comics and a couple high grade issues for my Moon Knight Vol 1 run I know @D Stuart had a lot of interested in one of his EC books.
  2. Yeah with it that close not going to be able to make it down to Dallas next year. Oh well . . .
  3. @Kevin Boyd Great show and nice guest list. Ws able to get a couple decent books and some stuff signed by Bryne and Jim Lee. Kevin, it was also nice talking to you a little before the Bryne signing.
  4. That looks about right - I know I saw this posted on one of the FB groups. I will add that I know McGuinness was free at C2E2 at the Marvel booth, which is typical. Back at booth he did sign for me again for free with no personalization. I guess we will see how they feel.
  5. I completely agree. I am at the point were I would rather go here to shop then go to SDCC!!!
  6. Already send @mysterio my list and looking forward to hanging out with him this weekend. Definitely looking forward to digging through some boxes. Just bought an Avengers #4 7.0 with OW-W pages, so funds are tighter than I was planning.
  7. That is a solid list. I will actually be in Southern California during the time the show is happening, but cannot make it. Interested in hearing how it goes down in Hollywood.
  8. Bought Avengers #4 from him - quick and great trade!!!! THANKS!!!
  9. Talking to folks and looking at dealers that are coming and there will be a lot of books in the room. Going to be a great small regional show.
  10. For what seems like a small con they have an amazing guest list. If I lived closer I would totally go to this show!!!