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  1. Yeah, I think it was inevitable. Also there was a pretty substantial increase in vendor booth cost for next year - about 25% increase, though those that will be transferring their booth space to next year will not have to pay the difference.
  2. I am kind of that same point, especially being a type one diabetic. Though I think I maybe tempted . . . . I do not know . . .
  3. Yeah . . . . was pretty sad.
  4. Congrats on the sell. That is a nice book!!!
  5. I talked to him, though did not want to share too much - but he will be making a decision in late July.
  6. I was able to make it to C2E2 as a non-vendor and I am glad that I did seeing as that was the last major show. I am really hope that Bart does this show, but also respect his decision to cancel . . . to be frank most of the vendors are "well seasoned."
  7. I went last year as I was out there visiting family and I was HIGHLY impressed. I was suppose to be out there again for a wedding at the same time of the July dates, but the wedding was canceled. I doubt the bigger non-West Coast dealers will be there without SD, but if it goes on I hope those that can attend safely are able to do so.
  8. I have not - though I really am hoping that it happens. I will send Bart a message . . .
  9. I been on the search for one for a while . . . . good luck!!!
  10. WOW - that is such a nice copy of that book!!!
  11. It's not the original pixilation so it has to be purple . . .