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  1. Yeah I find them not announcing David Mack a little weird. Daniel Warrne Johnson's current book Murder Falcon is AMAZING!!!
  2. SSkufan

    Planet Comicon — March 29-31, 2019

    I am Middle School Geek - Comic and Pop Culture Crafts @D Stuart is CoMo Comic Books Also, Monster Lair in typically in the same Island of booths as Duncanville Comics.
  3. SSkufan

    Planet Comicon — March 29-31, 2019

    I will be set up and @D Stuart will be as well. I know @mysterio will not be able to make Planet, but his brother should be there. Also in look at the exhibitor list Jim Steranko is listed? I might need to shoot David a message?
  4. SSkufan

    Fan Expo Dallas - May 3-5, 2019

    @Kevin Boyd In doing some research and looking at various forums it looks as though some attendees noted that he will only sign certain items, has a limit, or will not allow signatures to be witness hence grade. There seems to be some variation between some of these accounts. That said is there anyway you could confirm what the "rules" will be for him. I will becoming down for this con from the Kansas City area to attend this con so it would be nice to know beforehand so I can plan accordingly.
  5. SSkufan

    Fan Expo Dallas - May 3-5, 2019

    That kind of sucks . . . . I mean you bring in a great legend
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  8. SSkufan

    Married Pages

    Yeah I think it is just annoying that it a back with a married centerfold, when I was almost positive that it wasn't. Oh well . . .
  9. SSkufan

    Planet Comicon — March 29-31, 2019

    They have added Jim Starlin and Mark Bagley . . . we will see who else they announce.
  10. SSkufan

    Married Pages

    Correct it was just the centerfold and not the cover. I have looked at the notes and that is all it gives me. I am really perplexed on this one and am actually thinking of cracking it to get a better look.
  11. Not sure if this is where this belongs, but here is the story I sent in a very low grade copy of Superman Vol. 1 #7 to be graded with a detached cover, first wrap and centerfold, and the cover split and reattached with tape. It is indeed a low grade copy and came back 1.0 grade, which I am completely fine with and expected. I bought this from the son of an original owner, who lives here in town that I have several mutual friends with whose father read the heck out of these as a kid and even as a teenager. The issue is it came back as having a married centerfold. I am sure there are a variety of scenarios where this could have happened, but I am almost positive that the centerfold was not married and none of the other books had this issue. Has anyone else had a similar issue or maybe was there something I missed in detecting a married centerfold. I am little perplexed by this one.
  12. I saw some great sketches on FB that people got at the con. Hope to make it down next year and a little sad I could not get there. Al Milgrom is on my list so hopefully our paths with cross in the future.
  13. Sorry to hear you have to let this go, but indeed a nice run!!