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  1. Should be coming down on Saturday for it. See you there!!
  2. Happening this weekend. Expecting to have about 15 different comic vendors there!! Hope to see some folks there!!!
  3. About a month away and have a great list of regional comic vendors lined up. Hope to see folks there!!!!
  4. Myself, @D Stuart will be set up and I am pretty sure @mysterio will becoming up with his brother. Look forward to another great show there!!!!!
  5. Had a great first time and will definitely go back next year. I picked up a number of promotional comics, too many to provide pics of, and two copies of Heroic Comics and a Frontline Combat for my runs. Also, some other goodies that I could not leave behind. Great to see some folks from the board there. Saturday night dinner
  6. Everything is packed in the car and there is going to be a trail of smoke as I leave the parking lot of work at 3:00pm today!!!!
  7. After my day at work today, cannot wait for the weekend to get here!!!!
  8. This is a first year con in the Kansas City area, the city of fountains, that I am a co-promoter of and hope to have a exciting first show. In short, we are putting together just an old school comic and toy show. Here is the FB group. Hope those in the region can make it. n
  9. Dates were announced a while back, but thought I would post it here. Facebook Page: CLICK HERE I am hoping to make it this year and see if the rumors are true. @D Stuart assures me they are!!!
  10. Not really thrilled of those dates, but hopefully they have a better guest lineup than this year . . .