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  1. Grade is in: 7.5 White Pages Notes below. Big shout out to @joeypost! Couldn't be happier, absolutely pleased with results!
  2. Take a look. What do yall think?
  3. You could try googling modern keys and probably find a list. I consider the following modern keys, but most fall outside the years you listed. Batman Advenres 12 Walking Dead 1 Spawn 1 Saga 1 Nyx 3 New Mutants 98 Also, this would probably get more replies if posted in the Modern forum.
  4. Bump! Increasing range up to 6.0. No copy is too low of grade for me! Shoot a PM if you have one for sale. Thx!
  5. Looking for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 First Print, FN or lower. Slabbed or Raw is okay. Offering $700 per point. Thanks!
  6. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Is anything wrong with the current cases? Cracks or major scuffs? If no then personally I wouldn't worry about reholdering.
  7. I really enjoy the 29 cover, especially the zebras. It reminds me of the movie Swiss Family Robinson for some reason. Great pick ups!
  8. I agree it will hit $400k or over. A 9.0 hit $415K around this time last year on CLink. With regard to taxes, yes it's enforced, below is a link. However if someone is spending ~$400k on a book, I don't think a 10% sales tax will deter them. https://www.comicconnect.com/load_page.php?page=SalesTax
  9. Recent purchase from @Columbia Comics. Thanks for working out a deal Brock!
  10. This was an excellent pickup. From the colors popping and down to the details in the pachyderms. Grats!