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  1. This full context helps. Sometimes you can buy cbcs cheaper because they are not deemed as reputable as cgc (subjective). So for a personal collection you could probably buy a cbcs book cheaper than a CGC book in the same grade. where as for selling, CGC might sell faster and for a better price due to reputation.
  2. Delete Facebook. It’s not good for anyone.
  3. This board can be so salty and lack class sometimes. Give constructive feedback instead of snarky remarks. You all are a turn off. A buyer can ask whatever they want, and if you don't like it or approve then move on.
  4. Great trailer! I love the dark gritty vibes and brutality of Batman. Glad to see Jeffrey Wright, he is an amazing actor in my option. My only gripe so far is the bat suit. Not really in love with it, but maybe that will change when the movie is seen in its entirety
  5. ANY book is readily available with the exception of various golden age books. And many books can be manipulated. One would think the smaller the availability, the easier it would be to corner the market.
  6. Robert has fantastic sales threads and is easy to deal with! Spot on grading and excellent shipper. I’ve purchased from him multiple times and always keep an eye out for his sales.
  7. More along the lines of $470k. But that’s neither here nor there. https://www.saving.org/inflation/inflation.php?amount=70,000&year=1970
  8. I never read Action Comics 1. I never read Tec 27. I never read AF 15. I never read X-Men 1. I never read ToS 39. I never read JiM 83. Never read any of those books yet here we are thanks to media and pop culture. I don't see TMNT being any different than the aforementioned.
  9. Particular sites or FB groups play on people’s emotions knowing some have little discipline when it comes to FOMO.
  10. I have seen blue labels with restoration such as "Tape on cover, interior", "Small amount of color touch", or "Pieces added". Usually it's more common with lower grade GA books, but occasionally I see it in other ages. This X-Men 1 5.0 popped up this morning. It's in a custom label, which I believe there have been issues with citing restoratin but being in a blue label. Can someone confirm whether this should be in a blue or purple label? Thank you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/X-men-1-FIRST-X-MEN-5-0-CGC-NO-RESERVE/193620608401?hash=item2d14b00591:g:140AAOSw1TFfKWZ-
  11. Purchased some moderns from Ben. Packed very securely. Excellent communication and seller!
  12. This is a very good point. While I still think 9.8's will eventually hit $100k, I would not be surprised if there is a pull back or price correction due to the reasons listed above.
  13. I agree it is not a variant cover, but I do think it is an error in printing. Similar to Saga 41 in which there is a cover with too much black and it is noted in the label. The difference is that Saga 41 was recalled. I think if the "darker" (and by darker I mean black, not dark maroon) EoSV 2 was recalled it would have the same notation on the label.
  14. I disagree. In this hobby there is a niche market for everything: variants, newsstands, PCH, GGA, error covers, etc.
  15. Do you think ComicLink darkened that particular scan? EDIT: I only ask because I distinctly see one “darker” cover compared to the other maroon covers.