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  1. Is there any authorized CGC Facilators who is going to 2019 Terrific Con who is offering George Perez signatures and submit to CGC for SS submission? Terrific Con has a ticketing system and I think they are limiting 5 books per ticket. I have 10 books Thanks
  2. Here is what they screwed up. The labels are wrong. I can understand mistakes can happen but why not respond to my 5 previous emails. This is the new CBCS/Beckett service. I see their loyal fans posting "Keep up the good work". You got to be kidding, WTF!
  3. Before the Beckett acquisition of CBCS, I never had an issue with their customer service. I posted this issue on the CBCS forum and members where chiming in and the post got locked. As advised, I will keep sending my email to CBCS customer service and hope they respond. Here is the letter for the Beckett guy. There is no way I will spend more money on them just to fix their mistake. Thank you for your email. We agree it is an error from our part. For an issue like this, we would ask that you send the book back to us with your next submission of 5-10 books along with a copy of the invoice you received with this book, along with a print out of this email, or a brief hand written description of the issue that has occurred. We'll fix this book up for you and move it out with the rest of the order at around fast pass speed. We apologize for the error with your book, but we will correct it. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thanks, Gomcy Gomcy Jack (Beckett Collectibles) |Senior Business Development Executive | |Toll Free: 855-777-2325 | |Email:| ||
  4. Update to CBCS label error issues. I got a response from CBCS/Beckett. So far, all Indians representatives. They requested that I send in another order of 5 -10 books with the error books to fix this issue. My thought is WTF. I will never submit another order to CBCS/Beckett.
  5. In the past I had submitted books to both CGC and CBCS. Now, I am will only send to CGC. I finally got my 3 submissions from CBCS which took 6 months. The last batch, the labels were incorrect on 4 books. Yes, I can verify the claims are true about CBCS - long turnaround time, 6 months - no response to emails regarding my submission issues. - I called and a Beckett customer service guy answered the phone. I send the scanned image of the books with label errors to a not - CBCS made strict rules about the AW program. Can only witness your books for the not so popular artist. Basically, you still need a witness for artist like Campbell, Romita, etc - The guys at the booth (East Coast) are the worst. Last time, I sat at their table for 30 minutes while the guy with long hair from Delaware was processing other customers coming up to their booth. - Less resell value if you planning on selling on eBay
  6. I was at the 2018 Baltimore Comic Con. It is clear proof that most collectors prefer CGC over CBCS. CGC had a constant crowd with about 10 employees assisting everyone. There was barely a line at CBCS. I dropped off a few books because CGC was slammed. Totally regretted it. CBCS had the worst customer services with two guys manning their booth. I heard chats about CGC versus CBCS. Can't go wrong with CGG. CBCS had a large following in the beginning but not anymore. If you ever want proof, just check their booth and lack on serious comic fan interest. Definitely not using CBCS ever again.
  7. Hi, I submitted my books to Excelsior Collectibles at the DC Awesome Con. The receipt copy does not have any invoice number and the section 5 has a blank ETA date. Its been a month. Has anyone here submitted their books to Excelsior Collectibles at a conventions? What is your experience and turnaround time with Excelsior Collectibles? I figure I ask here before I call them. Thanks
  8. HI, I am planning to go to Fandom Fest in July 30th for Stan Lee. I did not see any grading company planning to attend. Is CBCS or CGC going to attend. Would love to attend and get witness Signature Series. If they are not getting to attend, what do you guys think of Verified signature service? I heard a 3rd party CGC service, NYComics will be there. Anyone tried them? I am hesitate to hand over my books to a 3rd party. Thanks, comicrage