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  1. Thanks for the input. You would think that if the Beast cover is the only one to have the insert that CGC would identify the difference. Oh well no big deal. Out of curiosity, I will prepare a submission and request that they note that they note it on the label. I will report back sometime in October or November.
  2. I have around 100 copies of this Beast variant cover. I just checked ten of them and they all have the Bo inserts. FYI- I have multiples of the other covers as well and the ones that I checked did not have the insert. My question is this: I have submitted multiple copies to CGC and none of them were returned with the Club Bo insert listed on the label. Is this something that you have to request when submitting this book? Its possible that the ones I sent did not have the insert but I doubt it.
  3. Yes the effects of mother nature, fires and even theft always looms in the back of the minds of all collectors. You do realize the fragility of these things. I cant imagine how I would feel to lose my collection. That's coming from a guy who lost 50 percent of his house and possessions. 2 cars a motorcycle etc.. My comics may have put me over the edge
  4. Sadly it did- It wiped out my neighbors Baseball ,Basketball and Football Card Collection. All cards from the 50's,60's,70's and 80's. Cash value probably 60-80k. His emotional loss was almost unbearable. I felt guilty that my comics and cards survived unscathed.
  5. Hey Spider- Awesome and congratulations on locating the house. I live in Rockaway and always feel like I have seen it before. Like deja vu. I did look for it to no avail. Anyway , this town has been seeing so much development over the last 30 years since I moved here from Brooklyn.It does not surprise me that it’s an apartment building now. Many things come and go but comic art is forever!
  6. Paul- Can you give me a status on GCG plans for Marvel Universe trading cards? I have not seen any mention of these. Are these cards under consideration? . I would think that CGC would consider giving comic book trading cards some prioritization. Regards, Martin
  7. Unfortunately I just send them in and wait- i try not to even estimate my wait- they arrive when they arrive. I am usually happy with the grades and Ive learned not to be obsessed with the wait. You could say I have been conditioned
  8. I figured there was no way of ascertaining the specific info but I had to ask. Thanks to all for the input.
  9. Dont know if anyone knows this? Is there any way to determine the ratio of the distribution for the different covers? 1.25 CPV, 1.25 CPV Newstand 1.00 cover and 1.00 Newstands
  10. It was second print and at the time there was no FMV in go collect and there were only 6 9.8 in the census. I think that is what drove the price up. Now there are so many hence the price drop. They were that’s why I’m miffed
  11. Thanks for the info- Normally I use Go-Collect and E-Bay recent sales to determine a price if I am selling a book as a But it Now. That seemed to work well for the most part. The last time something went haywire for me was a year or two ago with a Hulk 377 second print. I was going to list it as a BIN . Couldn't find recent sales in ebay and Go Collect did not have a FMV at the time. I auctioned it and it went off for close to 400. That worked out in my favor. You win some and you lose some. I now know that a little more research sometimes has to be done before hand.
  12. Still-That’s a lot of hype. I can’t believe what I sold mine for just a few weeks ago.
  13. Can somebody tell me why this book is exploding? I sold a couple of these last month and Lord knows I didn't get anywhere near the current prices. UGH!
  14. Back in 2004 My first submission was for GSX # 1 along with Hulk 181 that I bought off the racks from the stationary store near the N-Train Subway in Brooklyn. Both books received 5.0 grades. Well read when I was 10 years old LOL. Still have them today along with the carbon copy return receipt from CGC as there were no internet forms or show dropoffs. Grader notes did not exist then as far as I can remember. I had CGC look them up and they emailed me the notes. Probably could upgrade with a press and clean but I think that they are very content in their original slab. My 11 year old has no in
  15. One of the best. A true American hero and Icon. Always stopped to talk to and get his signature at the shows. A true Gentleman.Thank for your service to America and your great work in comics. Rest in Peace Mr. Sinnott -You will be missed!