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  1. ok thanks for the replies so far. I'm getting the same mixed results from people I'm friends with too. I'm sure a press from CGC would rectify this issue if anything. I know I sent one book with similar issues but not as many and it came back 9.8. Going to send a few in and see what happens I guess. I mean alot of them are like this so I think it would have been like this from the print. ughhh. frustrating.
  2. Hi guys, I have several issues of Darkhawk #1 that I would like to get graded by CGC and a few i'll prolly sell on ebay. My question to you guys is this, do you think the grade would be lowered because of the impressions on the back of the book? See pics. They don't break color at all, but they are impressions from the inside back page. What do you guys think?
  3. hahah thanks guys, even had a grammar lesson
  4. I think what I am gonna do is send this back to CGC, and have them put it into the newer cases anyway. If the grade is incorrect I am sure they will let me know by degrading the book. If this happens I will let you guys know what the results are, and what they say.
  5. Can't you send it back to be re-holdered? Get a new sticker
  6. I was looking at the top, if you look at the top edge it seems like a piece of the book has a slight tear. This alone I would think CGC would degrade it because there pretty freakin rough when it comes to giving out grades. They degraded a book because they found a small fingerprint on the back cover. So this I would think is cause for a slap... so to speak.
  7. but I got to admit totally digging that Harley Quinn statue
  8. This is the label I was talking about in my previous post
  9. To me it looks odd or cracked, just took another pic from a different angle. To me it looks cracked now at this angle, but I NEVER thought it was even possible. I thought if you tried opening these things the crack would be more noticeable. Also take a look at the thin sticker on the very top. Notice the corner of the label has a crease that breaks color. I can only see that possibly happening if the sticker was peeled off from that side. And its looks like as if it was cracked on the upper part where the label is? hmmm I mean shoot, I could be wrong. But that's why I came to you guys.
  10. Looks like there may be slight cracks.
  11. I'm curious I was watching a Youtube video and I remember when I got my CGC 9.8 Batman #404 I remember saying wow CGC actually gave this a 9.8. But was like ok whatever, must be. But a buddy of mine on twitter and I were discussing comics and he mentioned to me about CGC scams. So I checked out the videos and looked at my comic again. And now I think this book is BS. I don't think this is a real 9.8. Going to try and attach some pics. You guys tell me what you think? Anyone else every run into this issue?
  12. Would you guys sell this book for 55. I have it but I see others having it on ebay for like over 100. But that is a 9.6. I'm just torn on this o r looking for some advice. I should add that I have it on ebay for about 60, but started thinking that's low. Thanks in advance again.
  13. Ok sounds like if I were to ship to them with the polybag and card I wouldn't get the cards back. After reading this thread I found one copy with the famous indent but the other looks perfect. No creasing or weird indents. Crossing fingers I have one copy that has a few cards in there too. A cable and a Gideon. Might have been an error or something. And Thanks Sensi Ryan
  14. So I have been reading this thread but didn't see the answer to my question. If i want to submit my copies to CGC, should I send them with the Polybag or should I remove the Polybag and card and then submit it? Thanks in advance.
  15. Yes I did forget to mention that, haha sorry. I guess I will also add that I paid $53 plus $7 for shipping, so in all $60. I didn't think of the press idea. But then again I am not sure what the procedure is for pressing. I do know they dampen it a little, maybe in this case a little too much. uughh.