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  1. Hi I was browing through Ebay and this guys finished auctions of high grades keys ending with super low prices was a red flag. He's in Vegas. Check out the complete sales. May be a lead. tarhoughto_0 (51 )
  2. This is the guy that tried to scam me and come to my house and purchase my collection. His name is Robert Jalali. He said he had $25,000 that he could spend per year on comics and write off against his company car America Financial Inc. In California. I believe the address was 2995 Shasta Road. I filed a complaint through IC3 and paypal was able to honor my claim that he switched out my high hrade Conan's amd kept a few of them including a 9.8 Conan 24 which he sold a while back on his eBay account. A few months later he started this bogus foundation on EBay. I assume he is money laundering via Car America Financial Inc which is the company he owns. Avoid this guy
  3. Might be a lot lower. The first issue 2nd printings are rarely offered for sale on ebay
  4. I just came across a copy of this issue. Seems like it has a very low print run. Does anyone know the total amount printed for 1st and 2nd printings?
  5. The guy is a fraud. He wanted to come to my residence to purchase my collection and pay cash, that he had 25,000 to spend yearly as a write off for his used car business. I told him I was uncomfortable with that and would prefer that we make an initial transaction via PayPal through mail order. I sold him Conan issues 1-24 in NM or better condition. 1 month goes by and he files a paypal claim stating the reason being not as described. I accepted the return but he switched out a few of my books with lower grade copies and didn't even send back issue 24. I contacted paypal and filed an IC3 online fraud report as well as a police report. Paypal was able to refund me my loss on my appeal. A few months later he started this bogus organization. Worst experience with a seller in 30 years.
  6. Spideyham


    Thoughts on this? WALKING DEAD #194 (MR) [JUN190106] Series Ended 609141 1 $2.39
  7. What everyone is overlooking is that there are millions of new collectors out there introduced to comics thanks to all the superhero movies. That being said, the amount of Hulk 181s out there isn't enough to satisfy all the new collectors.