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  1. I'll take a black hammer and young terrorists
  2. I'll take a hillbilly #1 SDCC raw or cgc (whatever you have left)
  3. Thanks for the advice. So does the page the MVS is on for hulk 181 effect the story if it is missing? Do you know the page number it is on?
  4. Bought 2 slabs from Rube and couldn't be happier! Super fast shipping and very securely packed! Thanks for the amazing comics!!
  5. What page is the MVS on in Hulk 181?
  6. Thanks for the link Looking for some advice as well. I want to get it signed so would it be better/safer to buy a slabbed one and have them crack the case at a convention before signing or buy one raw and have it signed then graded? Would it be that much cheaper to buy the raw one over a slabbed copy?
  7. If that's the case then yes, looking for a raw copy
  8. Looking for Fantastic Four #52 raw or slabbed. Looking for something mid grade or higher. PM any offers you might have Thanks!
  9. Looking for Avengers 112 and willing to buy raw or slabbed. Will pay $110+ depending on grade and more if slabbed. PM any offers. Thanks!
  10. Looking for a high grade copy of Avengers 196. Willing to pay $75 - $125 depending on grade. Send a PM if you have one you're willing to part with