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  1. Thanks Joe! Appreciate the purchase and the post here. Glad you are happy with the book.
  2. He'll be in Megacon with us! Come on down and we can still watch sports in the booth!
  3. Yes, unfortunately we won't be able to make it this year. We originally had it on the schedule not knowing that Megacon was the same weekend. Hopefully next year the shows won't overlap so we can make it back to Novi.
  4. @alexgreece and I will also be there representing Reece's Rare Comics. Sounds like it's going to be a really great show!
  5. We're going to be at Wondercon again and bringing out some freshly graded goodies from C2E2. If you plan on attending the show please feel free to stop by and say hi to Alex and I!
  6. ECCC is put on by the same promoter so it really doesn't make much sense to me. April was always a great time for this show, so I'm bummed that they are continuing to move into the colder months.
  7. If I could "love" a post I would. Good on everybody for coordinating to get this guy!
  8. I know I'm late but wanted to say thanks for stopping by the booth! We had a great time last weekend.
  9. We just want people to be happy with their purchases from us so I'm glad you spotted it. We try very hard to have tight grading (and I think 99.9% of our books are), but we do miss things from time to time.
  10. Hey all, Appreciate the shoutouts here, I don't post as often as I should but I am generally checking in on the boards every day. Just to clarify, this book was listed in 2014 when it was just Greg and Alex around so our notes weren't as specific as they are now. This book was manufactured with no bottom staple. We have been denoting whether bottom staples are missing from the manufacturer or if they are just missing for a few years now, but obviously not when this book was graded. As for the concern with pressing, we don't press any of our raw books. As for the grade, I agree it was off and have since taken it down to have it regraded. If anyone else has any questions feel free to @ me. Thanks! -Austin
  11. Reece's Rare Comics will once again be in attendance in booth #913. Have two months worth of new stock to show! Hope to see some of you there.
  12. For those of you who aren't on our newsletter you can see all the details for our 3rd Black Friday sale here: Happy Holidays everyone!
  13. My main point was that younger people are less likely to use an online chat forum vs. Instagram. Both places are cool for their own reasons and letting people connect and talk about comics. The boards are like an encyclopedia where you can search for any topic and find deep threads going back years where Instagram is a much more surface level knowledge.
  14. I would say Instagram is great for connecting with the community, but not so much for buying/selling. Of course, if you treat it like a business and hustle, you will have sales and CAN do well. But generally I think it's a cool place to showcase books and see what other people are picking up. The inherent benefit to Instagram is that once you're following the right people, you can pick up your phone and scroll through your feed very quickly to see what's going on. I have made a few deals off of Instagram, but had far more people come up to me at a show because of it, and that is the fun part. I've even made a few friends from people that I met just because we followed each other on IG first. The other cool thing I see is that a lot of younger collectors tend to gravitate towards IG, and it's a good place to pick up some knowledge before heading out into the wild. Based off of our account's follower demographics, 70% of our followers are between the ages of 25-44, and another 12% are 18-24. If anyone wants to follow along with our own posts, our handle is: @reecesrarecomics -Austin
  15. Hey Andy! Hope to see you again this year!