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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks to @Randall Ries for the post and to everyone else who chimed in. We definitely appreciate all of the customers on the boards who keep up with us in person at shows and online! Since it was brought up, here is a quote from my dad about his appearance on Pawn Stars that he posted last time this was brought up: "Hi everyone, I had an absolute blast filming the Pawn Stars episode. Yes, the show is scripted but quite candidly, not nearly as much as you might think. Basically, they give you 3-4 highlights they want you to cover and the rest is
  2. Thanks guys! @letsgrumble @BigLeagueCHEW Hoping we can start to hit the road again sometime in 2021. In the meantime, the website is the main priority and we are busy getting as much new material listed as possible.
  3. To anyone who was planning on seeing Reece's Rare Comics in Seattle, please read:
  4. Hard to believe this one is only 3 weeks out. @alexgreece and I will be there with a ton of new material from the past few months including a refreshed raw selection of more than 1000 new books from collections we purchased in the last year. As always, hope to see some of you there.
  5. Only speaking for our situation here, but that particular book spiked last summer around June based on some rumors Kang was going to be in the MCU. You can see several sales in that grade around that time in the $650-$750 range. Coincidentally this happened to be when we got a few of those copies back, so at the time our price seemed fair for a hot book that was selling for higher prices than GPA in all grades. As the market is ultimately efficient, books people think are undervalued get bought up, and books that people perceive as priced too high get left behind. Now, 7 months later that pric
  6. Didn't see a thread for this one yet and it is only 6 days away! Alex and I will once again be making the trip down with a truckload of new material. Hoping to see some familiar faces! To anyone planning on attending, we will be in booth #1013
  7. Thanks for your purchases. We think that overall the show was a major improvement over year 1 and with it being a different weekend than WW Chicago next year I expect it to improve again. Thanks to everyone that came and saw us. -Austin
  8. Thanks for mentioning us, appreciate it! OP- if you have any questions, my email is -Austin
  9. See you guys there! We will be in booth #407 right across from CGC (usual spot). Tons of new stuff being brought since San Diego, if I had to guess, anywhere from 100-150 new slabs. Safe travels to all. -Austin
  10. I know I'm very late (finally getting caught up from San Diego), but it was nice talking with you at the show! You really captured my Sunday morning look!
  11. Thanks for the recommendation Telerites! @Bmoney83 if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM.