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  1. Brianlingo21

    The Official Saga #1 RRP Appreciation Thread

    Im going to say it was sold at where is was supposed to for the double signature.... and the one 4 days ago without Staples sniped that deal. 🤑
  2. Brianlingo21

    The Official Saga #1 RRP Appreciation Thread

    That was only BKV signature this was Fiona Staples too
  3. Brianlingo21

    The Official Saga #1 RRP Appreciation Thread

    9.8 Saga rrp double Sig just sold for $3,400
  4. Brianlingo21

    Iron Fist Del Otto Comic Book Mint

    Got mine today #72
  5. after changing from 15% to 10% discount and the whole print run change and no print run info for this. I'm going to sit out for awhile...go for some older ones...and catch these cheaper on ebay slabbed
  6. yeah I'm going to buy just cover A,B...and wait to see what the Con exclusive looks the gold set passed on blue
  7. Looking to purchase Saga #1 9.8 2nd print, 3rd print, 4th Print, 5th Print , Image First. Not looking to purchase all at once so I will purchase when I can...I'm paycheck to paycheck...I will purchase with invoice being sent to me through burnt once.
  8. came out to $36 with shipping for me
  9. he did some more remarks for shipments going out...Goodluck everyone
  10. not sure I just know they are $9.99 retail I believe
  11. caught this today browsing his site this morning...haven't seen an email sent out for this for this weekend yet.
  12. Brianlingo21

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    so they said this was a draft of the idea of what they wanted and what they submitted.....who does this final work of adding the additional detail?