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  1. Thoughts on the grade of this book? Love these old Dell westerns! Thank you!
  2. Thoughts on the grade of this book? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I saw this book not too long ago. The staples look a little off, it’s a silver age book. How would this affect the grade?
  4. Thanks! I thought I had uploaded the back cover, but it didn't attach for some reason. I've edited it and added it.
  5. Hi Guys, What are your thoughts on the grade of this book? Thanks!
  6. Yeah, I emailed Mike at HR and he said that tape removal is not considered restoration by CGC...he seems to be very well respected in the field. I'd be thrilled if I can get at least a 5.0 out of it!
  7. Thanks! I think I’m going to send it to Hero Restoration to have the tape removed and for a press.
  8. Hey everyone, What are your thoughts on this Hawkman #4? It is a pretty clean copy, but it has a piece of scotch tape on the top front cover. What grade do you think it would get as is? Can a professional remove the tape without it damaging it too much or it being considered restoration?
  9. It was a private signing with Twin Cities Comics. I agree, not bad for a fellow that’s 95! This is my first Stan Lee sig
  10. Haha yeah I know! Love me some Millie! I asked for opinions on the grade because I had the book signed by Stan Lee, pressed, and slabbed. It came back a 7.0 which I’m pleased with! The signature isn’t among the best, but I’m happy with it! Pretty good placement and I love the blue!
  11. Hey Everyone, What are your thoughts on the grade of this Millie the Model book? Thanks!
  12. I didn't think about that, but I will! Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. Yeah it does, I got the book significantly less than guide, so I'm happy with it. I will probably get it graded to protect it.
  14. What are your thoughts on the grade of this Golden Age book?