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  1. I want a losh23 as well... sigh but dare i say this is a better compliment to it than the ww38 finch?
  2. Looooove that superior spider-man ... my first graded campbell book Here's a great clip showing that being drawn,
  3. This is a great resource,
  4. very happy to add this htf newsstand version to my jsc collection
  5. back from cgc really happy with these even if they're 9.6 the Freddy Jason Ash were purchased recently and the real surprise
  6. I like your approach. I've been doing the same of getting the book signed and graded as 9.8 to match the cover. so far 4 for 5. 😁
  7. lol. might have been my 9.8. sold it at start of 2018. super hard to find but got mine from midtown.
  8. got to meet Sean at Baltimore and talked about his upcoming ww2 project. said he only got 2 comp copies of cap marvel 8. he was very surprised when I had one for him to sign. might've been the first hes seen
  9. Wow!... amazing sculpt here. Figured I'd share for the JSC fans here
  10. Agree!!! Thankfully there are still people looking for classic stories. Had someone pull a set of Crisis on Infinite Earths and then ask for Secret Wars issues (not 8) at a recent show. A different person bought my Kingdom Come 1-4 set. Thought this group would enjoy this collector additional details & pics
  11. found this at nycc for a few bucks. not too shabby
  12. actually now I believe he has them for sale at the booth (price unknown). At Nycc I saw a guy looking at a remark of the 1:100 Xmen Black Juggernaut variant. you probably just need to ask his staff... Coupled with the new cgc bagging service it's easier to now get it yellow labeled.
  13. Apologies if I didn't link this right ... but the guy who traded Kwan Chang 3 copies for some OA apparently didn't have a tough time sourcing these. Which is what probably led to the spike in gradings, along with some grade/crack/press/repeat. I suspect there are more copies like this. Buried in ASM collections by folks who get every ASM related book that their LCS gets in. We anecdotally know of a store that got a copy and did not order the required 100 copies of cover A (UK shop). Why can't any of those exist in the US. Also, if they did order a 100 maybe the store gives variants to their loyal subscribers (an ASM run collector fits that bill) at cover price. It's possible we'll never see them in the census since they're the type of collector that doesn't grade books and it's buried in their long boxes. Bat608 is not entirely comparable due to the fact that it went immediately into the hands of retailers who wanted to capitalize on it. (most of them at least). ASM667 DO is not easy to find. But bottom line we can't glean any production numbers from the Diamond ordering system.
  14. I don't think those diamond screenshots tell us anything vis a vis print run outside of basic item specifics and where to click when placing an order. the yellow note boxes, for all the variants provided as examples, are all written differently telling me that it's someone free typing a lot of this information or cloning an existing item (cover A) and using that as a template. Who knows, maybe someone can reach out to "wsteph" at diamond to find out what they meant by case pack 1 when they entered this into the system. I think it's more likely than not that "wsteph" is clearly someone's user name.