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  1. it was rising before the Keaton news.
  2. also a big DCAU fan and love Batman Beyond... I would echo whats been said and jump in now vs later. We're approaching a point soon where the rule of 25 kicks in and nostalgia creates another bump for these books. I dont see these books dropping in price. maybe a dip of 5-20% but nothing drastic and nothing that wouldn't make it recoup and grow further ... just my 2 cents
  3. had a similar issue. here's the workaround I was instructed to use by the wonderful customer service team 😊 for the date field, choose add new and use 12/20 as a proxy you should be able to select modern tier on your printed invoice, clearly cross out the incorrect date and write in the correct one. it should be fixed upon receipt and initial processing hope this helps
  4. well there's at least 20 based on this diamond article 😆 but I vaguely recall reading somewhere on these boards that this was also distributed thru other means (convention handout or retailer event ??) either way, tough book that I never see on ebay. kudos
  5. so thrilled to find and add issues 31 and 32 to my campbell collection... super hard to find 1:15 ratio variants. I've been looking for 3+ years and have never seen a 32 (easier to get my asm688 and asmblackcat1). Theres only one graded example of 31 and 32 in the census, both are 9.6.
  6. neat new glow in the dark cover
  7. theres one this weekend for those in the DC/MD/VA area.
  8. my only 2, but my favorite of his marvel covers
  9. yes. your reprint is still the first appearance as presented in hulk 181... it's just not the "first edition", original, 1st print, whatever you want to call it. story wise, still the first appearance. asm361 2nd print is still the first appearance of carnage. Its just printed differently (silver ink) than the first printing but agree, why a later printing decides to take off over the original/first printing goes over my head.
  10. Great working with Josh... he's a fair but tough negotiator. Would deal with again!
  11. phew (as I breathe a sigh of relief)... they're offering free shipping
  12. Here's the solicit... I wonder how many stores took up Diamond's offer on reordering 5000 copies in order to get the free ad and Pichelli Sketch,
  13. love that the Danger Girl has the original Another Universe (fka American Entertainment) price sticker.