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  1. My most recent additions to the CGC collection, just got these babies back last week. It's no ASM 667 but the BS7 is one of my fav covers of all time, so im stoked!
  2. Any info on who will have these? They're supposedly store variant covers for The Return of Wolverine #1 & #2, but I can't find anything on them yet. I know they're recycled art, but in this case, I really don't care.
  3. Thank you all for the input, 9.0 is a little below where I want this book (for the price), I didn't know those type of defects would drop the grade almost a full point! Good to know. The search continues!
  4. It looks pretty sharp to me, but I just don't know what the light scratches and scuffing on the back cover does to the grade. Could this qualify as a 9.6-9.8? Thanks in advance!
  5. Very good, thank you! Still a unicorn, but something else to watch for at a reasonable price.
  6. Do you know if The Good Morty came in all S1 BluRays or only ones labeled like yours with "Comic Book Inside!"
  7. Thank you for the clarification, even at +/- $10 I still consider that reasonable in this case. I'm in!
  8. I know you're right, but I wish they'd stick to a set pricing tier. Or at least have 2 preset tiers that never change (low end and high end) instead of ebbing and flowing with the buzz. My fingers are crossed for reasonable pricing!
  9. The newsstand and second print will have lower runs if you happen to see any, may not be a bad cheap grab. I've only seen a few newsstands period, let alone in NM+
  10. I mean....wow. Where do you even start?! Has anyone attempted to value this collection?? Edit: All I could find. "With the goal of becoming the biggest comic book dealer in the world, Zurzolo set out against dealers with more cash, inventory and connections. In 1999, realizing he couldn't beat Fishler, Zurzolo joined him. Metropolis now owns a collection valued in the tens of millions of dollars, although Zurzolo won't name a specific number. "