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  1. This is a thing I don't understand and a reason I hate being called a collector. What does anyone need more than one copy of a comic for? Especially five or ten or twenty? This is some hoarding just for the sake of it thing or some weird, greedy competition thing more than anything else seems to me.
  2. Is this only comic books as in floppy newsprint comic magazines? Or the entire comics medium itself? If it's a real history of comic books then there should be much more non superhero comics represented since superhero comics have never ever been the most published comic books. Even today where superheros are hugely popular there are much more non superhero comics published. If you are doing a small representation of the actual history of comic books themselves then to me it should look something like this....
  3. What's with this crazy hate for Liefeld here? You don't like his art? Great, then don't look at it. I don't like his work personally at all, so I don't look at it and I concentrate on stuff I do like. But then I love Rory Hayes and love tons of outsider art so what do I know?
  4. There's so many great new comics coming out all the time, more than ever probably. But you ain't gonna find any of it at a comic store or in anything DC and Marvel put out.
  5. I assume you mean superhero costume designs since that's all anyone's talking about. These are some of my favorites....
  6. I found one small image of them with other titles. Seems to me they were a little set of kids books, probably came in a little box or slipcase type thing and the publisher info was on that. But I never have seen them before.
  7. This Three Stooges four color from 1960 beats it ....
  8. This is something I never thought would ever happen. I can't wait. Time to dig out my Far Side collections, it's been forever since I looked at them.
  9. I might be remembering this wrong, but I am pretty sure he first flew in the Superman radio show in 1940. The first time it was shown was in one of the Fleischer shorts in 1942 and he didn't fly in the comics until 1944.
  10. The other day I was looking through the December 1979 issue of Battlestar Galactica and ran across this....
  11. I have read every comic that I own, every book, listened to every record. That's why I have the stuff.
  12. First book I bought off ebay I don't remember. First comics I bought on ebay was a near complete run of Weird Western Tales for like 25 bucks. I think it was only missing two issues. Of course that was in 1996 or so, back when I got so much stuff for super cheap on there.
  13. Not covers, but it's a good one. Alex Raymond Flash Gordon swipes are all over 40s comics, but I never saw this one before. Kinda funny that Sheldon Moldoff swiped a Flash Gordon Panel for a Flash Comics cover
  14. I hate seeing these awesome things. Makes me think of the time in the mid 90s when I passed up one in beautiful condition that was only 75 bucks. I am an i-d-i-o-t.
  15. Of all the comics out the month I was born, this is the only one I own...
  16. Take the comic out and read it. Problem solved.