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  1. Don't be a stranger just strange. But be nice! Like these guys.
  2. I would have taken orders from marching orders from her any day.😍😍😍😍she was a very sexy lady and great chops.
  3. And back to Theo....I found he was always just trying to harness his inner Burt. He was also a little bit Captain of Captian and Tenille with his sailor hat and casual yachting attire. Once again.....
  4. The roasted Duck with the fois gras and duck fat gravy at the Duck Inn Chicago. I miss Gibson's already. Blue cheese olives with lots of Sapphire surrounding them. The Rosemont show is my favorite.
  5. What a great looking collection. Great discipline! Pulling corks is sometimes is like wanting to crack books out of slabs. The process, the smell, the feel, the taste πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸΏthe joy....πŸ™ˆ
  6. It's called planned obsolescence. Maybe someone could figure out how to put a little camera and or microphone in one of their packages with a live feed and give you the scoop on the travel shenanigans of the package.
  7. Terry says he may be going out just to shop along the way and get his fix of deep dish and local brewers and the Publican for some of their tasty fries.
  8. Well at least this some form of the familiar just no long lines to stand in and shoot the breeze with fellow fanatics