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  1. I was in the 6.0/6.5 range on this. Something about these early silver age books that make them really pop in person when they still have deep cover inks and gloss.
  2. PGM ASM 23 - Really nice looking book, not sure how this happened to this book but top staple is detached from front cover but still attached to back cover. I've seen it many times on beat up books but never on a book as clean as this. Not sure what the highest grade that a book with that defect could get.
  3. Have a few nice looking silver age marvel books that I keep going back and forth on. Figured I would ask the boardies. PGM ASM 24: looks like light staining Mid-Bottom Right side of FC but doesn't bleed into interior of cover or any pages; light dust shadow top of back cover with some micro tears. Spine is really tight, off-white to white pages, interior pages are slightly miss cut. Not sure what is on the back, looks like finger prints but not sure. Either it is a light film that might be able to be removed or the gloss was lifted from handling, if anyone could tell me it would be ap
  4. Do the graders know what tier the books they are grading were submitted under? i.e. do they see that someone submitted a book under value tier before grading the book?
  5. Brandon bought a 4 figure book from me. Great communication, worked out a payment plan, he made all payments before I requested final payment to be due, never once had to remind him or ask for an installment payment. Super friendly member, stuck to his word, very smooth transaction. Highly recommended board member.
  6. I'm at 5.5/6.0 leaning more 6.0. press/clean by the right person shouldn't hurt the book, don't think you get more than a .5 grade increase due to the color break but the difference in price for that book .5 higher would justify eating the cost of the press. Just don't send it to anyone that uses a laundry iron to do their pressing.
  7. Wow, now that is a pretty book. Keep in mind that I viewed the photos on my cell phone, which is making me blind since I stare at tiny pictures of comics all day zooming in to try to find tiny flaw, and my lovely newborn daughter hasn't let me sleep in a month. There is no way that this book is a 5.0 or below in its current condition. I had a Spirit 22 graded a few years back that was a 5.0 and it had a long 2-3 inch tear on the back cover, cover inks werent nearly as nice and the book had multiple color breaking creases and a few smaller deeper creases on the FC almost like a printers cr
  8. SOLD For Sale: Sergeant Fury and His Howling Commandos #13 CGC 9.2 with Off-White to White Pages, new unblemished holder. I have been on the boards for about two and a half years, haven't done a ton of buying or selling, but have gotten positive feedback in my kudos thread from everyone I have transacted with. My kudos thread is here. You can also check out my eBay feedback, 100% on over 305 transactions, here. I will answer PM's but first in the thread trumps PM's. If you wish to make an offer, please do it via PM, not in the thread. No HOS or Probation List members
  9. Thanks, thinking back, after reading the comments to this thread I figured that I would leave it ungraded since it was such a nice book raw that a 9.2 wouldn't do it justice in a slab. I stumbled upon a blog with interviews from someone from CGC and they specifically talked about manufacturing defects and how it affects CGC grading. There was some questions regarding printers creases and the answer was that they didn't lower the grade of the book. After reading that I figured I would get this graded at some point when making a submission to CGC. Not sure if this will always hold true but it wa
  10. Bingo! Finally decided to have it graded since it was too nice of a copy to read and I figured if I ever sell it then it should be graded. Came back a 9.8 so I guess either the rest of the book was that nice or the printers crease wasn't counted as a defect. This was a really nice looking book raw and the crease was small, pretty much unnoticeable in the CGC case. Honestly, I think this book presented much nicer in hand and in the case than other 9.8's with smaller defects (small bends, small spine tick, extra ink from manufacturer). Just figured I would post in case people w
  11. Thanks, presents well in the case. My feelings on this book were pretty good but I always need/appreciate the help.
  12. Finally got around to getting this graded. I put this at a 3.5/4.0 with potential to get a 4.5/5.0 with a press clean.
  13. My best guess regarding the extreme outliers is that they were eBay BIN listings where the seller listed high but used the eBay feature to privately send an offer to an interested buyer at an undisclosed lower price. When sales complete this way, eBay shows that the item sold for it's full asking price and GPA picks up the data as though the it sold for that amount. If those sales weren't BIN through eBay then who knows. Regardless, I always disregard extreme high and low sales when analyzing a book. Low sales have the same issue when it comes to FMV as the book itself could have present
  14. Reduced Prices on Remaining Books. Will keep them listed until Saturday. Where's the love for Swampy cute cuddly green guy should be in everyone's collection