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  1. I posted this to a Facebook group a few weeks back, so you may have caught it already. But, I won the raffle to buy this Collette Turner cover late last year and got it back recently.
  2. I got mine in the mail a few days ago with the same case/looseness. Another slab I got back recently doesn't have the thicker case, but does seem pretty loose. I've had minimal books graded within the past year though, so my sample size is small.
  3. I preemptively bought some magazines once I saw SWAU announce the signing. Unfortunately, nothing 9.8 worthy. My backup plan would have been to send a photo in for encapsulation, but there's no option for that.
  4. Natalie Portman is doing a signing with SWAU sometime this year, and just adding CGC grading onto it bumps the cost up by $240 to a nice even $800. Trying not to fall into the FOMO mindset...
  5. In regards to the quality of these Cobra Kai books in particular; I bought ~40 and they were all in pretty rough shape. No matter how good photos looked online they still came in with marks on the spine or color breaking spine ticks. Even the copies I special ordered through my LCS came in VF+ condition. I'm not sure if it's a reoccurring problem with IDW comics, but I've personally always had bad luck with most Star Trek books that are saddle stitched as well. Definitely feels bad when your book comes back at a grade you aren't happy with though.
  6. Worked with them to get an 11"x17" piece done by Mike Grell. Was arranged to pick up at a con a few years ago. No problems at all, reasonably fast email responses too.
  7. Probably not the answer you want, but it really just depends on who you're asking and the book in question.
  8. Welcome to the boards! For future reference you should be able to find questions like this via the search bar up near the top of the page, or potentially in this very thread. However, here's answers to your questions in case they haven't been answered here: No, you can't have him give CGC the thumbs up that they're signed by him. A witness needs to be present at the time the book was signed. If you submit the book as it is, it will get a green Qualified label saying that there's a name written on the cover. If Neal signs the book again you will get a Signature Series/Qu
  9. I've had only good experiences with Trinity from a customer service standpoint. They seem to have a track record of fixing any mistakes they make in a timely manner too. When it comes to opening a 9.8 and getting a signature, it doesn't really matter who opens the book - there's potential that it will get a downgrade, like eee91 said. For example, I had Trinity open a 9.8 Captain Marvel #2 Photo Variant. Everything looked great in the slab (I bought it off eBay), but it still came back a 9.6. You win some, you lose some.
  10. Got this back in the mail today. I've been replaying the newer Tomb Raider trilogy and really felt the itch to finally get on Jordan's list last month, since I missed my chance the last time I went to a con.
  11. I'd be interested in seeing these, as well as the Orphan Black book you mentioned earlier if it's still available.
  12. Are you part of their "Trinity Comics Convention Services" group on Facebook? They made a post with all the information for the Jim Lee signing there.
  13. Sometimes I really wish there was fast track pressing for modern magazines, but it's nice to have this back.