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  1. I'd be interested in seeing these, as well as the Orphan Black book you mentioned earlier if it's still available.
  2. Are you part of their "Trinity Comics Convention Services" group on Facebook? They made a post with all the information for the Jim Lee signing there.
  3. Sometimes I really wish there was fast track pressing for modern magazines, but it's nice to have this back.
  4. I did the Snyder/Capullo meet and greet at Cincinnati Comic Expo a few years ago, and Sharp Comics had a witness up at the signing. Had to follow him down to the show floor to put the books on my account/add more books to the invoice. (The thing was scheduled right as the doors to the con opened, so there was no way to get signatures beforehand.) At the Conner/Palmiotti experience last year at Cincinnati Comic Expo, One Stop Comic Shop was the facilitator and was able to do the same thing to get Hardin added to one book. So it really just depends on the facilitator, maybe I just got lucky with who was doing these two? I'm honestly kind of shocked that CGC isn't doing it, especially since they hold private signings for Jim when they're at the same con.
  5. Any way you'll open source it/put it on github? Would be cool to lend a hand if needed.
  6. Make sure to share if they are accepting submissions. Thanks in advance!
  7. I feel ya here. I've gone for the last 3 years, and have to miss this year since I'm tightening up on money since I started up grad school. Hope to go back in 2021 though - love visiting that city.
  8. Looks like Twin Cities Comics has it listed on their site as a show they're attending. I'm sure there's more too.
  9. Thanks for posting this - I've been looking for something that could get slabbed if I ever saw her at a show.
  10. Check out the Signature Series forum on here. There's tons of information on sending items to facilitators. (There should be a few thread stickied about it too.) If you aren't looking for a specific book Artgerm's online store offers graded/signed books directly from him - Albeit at a premium.
  11. The newer style CGC cases may seem scary to open at first, but one of the facilitators on this board has made a pretty good video on how to do it. (If it's an older style case, then it would be even easier.) Cracking open your own blue labels will save you a ton of time.
  12. I PM'd him on Instagram about getting one sent to CGC, and haven't heard back. I'm sure the guy gets messages all day long though.
  13. Not having a fast track for Modern magazines makes waiting even worse.