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  1. There are certain stipulations on the size of magazines you can have graded - I think they're listed on the main CGC site. As for if it's worth doing, that's up to you based on your collecting goals, if you're wanting to sell them in the future, etc. Personally I like magazines signed by celebrities because there is a larger variety of photo covers.
  2. Guest list is looking solid so far for 2020, and it's only the 2nd day of announcements/ I moved further away from Chicago, so it won't be an easy day trip for me. I guess that just means I'll have to go Friday and Saturday this year.
  3. I lost to Parrillo cover, and had a feeling it would make it all the way. Congratz!
  4. Picked up this page from Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti this Sunday in Cincinnati. Next time I probably won't get away so cheap. It was nice to talk to Jimmy as a fellow collector too, as he was interested in what I had in my binder (even though I only had my two most recent commissions), and showed me what he had picked up at the show over the weekend. Supergirl Issue 12, Page 9.
  5. You would get the "Signature Series Qualified Label (Yellow/Green)." More information can be found on the CGC Labels page. As for if it's worth it only you can answer that - if I was in your shoes the questions you should ask yourself are: Why do you want this particular copy signed? Can you find an unsigned copy in the grade you want that will prevent a yellow/green label? Are copies that have a green or yellow/green label selling on eBay? Are you going to sell the book, or keep it for your personal collection?
  6. I love that the new submission forms have a box to check for lobby cards and photographs. (At least, they're new to me as of this year) A small addition, but definitely make situations like this easier to avoid.
  7. I was looking at getting a few for the John Travolta signing when he was announced for Fan Expo. (The only other slab-able thing I could find was older Entertainment Weekly and "Playgirl" magazines, and they didn't interest me.) I didn't go through only because I was in the middle of a move - would have been a pain to get everything bought/prepped/shipped off in time.
  8. I picked up this great piece from Joe Giella at Indiana Comic Con. Apparently I was the first person to ask for a Star Sapphire. Can't wait to get this framed and put up in my office.
  9. Shows for next year haven't been scheduled yet. Indiana was the last one for this year.
  10. Since there's a lack of facilitators -- if anyone is queueing for Melissa Joan Hart autographs and wants to make a few bucks, send me a message.
  11. Got ya. I'll ask at Indiana Comic Con and see what his schedule looks like.
  12. I talked with the guy who goes to cons with Joe earlier this month about a commission, and he said that Indiana is the last one he's doing this year. If I remember correctly he said Joe only did ~8 con days in 2019.
  13. Thanks! I've been preemptively buying magazines off the rack for the past 6 months because of this situation. It's definitely easier than going off ebay listing photos.
  14. I'm a big fan of Silicon Valley (as I'm in the software game) and Freaks and Geek, so it was cool to meet Martin Starr at C2E2 this year. I also probably bought 10 copies of this to find one in at ~9.2 condition, definitely happy about the grade.