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  1. austinhg

    Submission Form for Sketch Covers

    Do they still send them out? I read in another thread that they stopped sending the signature series forms out.
  2. austinhg


    I would like to request the following set be added: Motor Crush (with all variants) Thank you!
  3. austinhg

    Charlie Adlard!.. please help!

    Splash Page Art is his art rep. I believe. On their commission page I don't see him listed as taking commissions currently. Also, looks like his Twitter has a pinned tweet about how he's not taking commissions currently, but it is two years old...
  4. I got a message from a board member on the 1st, essentially saying they were trying to clean up some of the miscommunicated orders. I also sent them an email today seeing if I could get an update, I didn't get a response, but after an hour or so I got an email from paypal with a tracking number. Can't wait for my page!
  5. Welcome to the boards. This thread should answer all of your questions; I've quoted the most relevant reply for convenience.
  6. austinhg

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Creature from the Black Lagoon signed by Ricou Browning from Louisville Supercon. (I have to get the label fixed)
  7. austinhg

    What was the best story of 2018 ?

    It follows a priest who is kind of washed up who gets assigned a new church in the town of Gideon Falls and a guy who lives in the city and thinks there is a conspiracy in the town's trash. The story follows the two of them separately as they encounter the legendary "Black Barn." It's definitely a horror book. I think in an interview Lemire said that is was inspired by Twin Peaks. I know I did kind of a bad job of describing the book, but I didn't want to give too much away in case you end up reading it.
  8. austinhg

    What was the best story of 2018 ?

    Black Hammer has been amazing! The first part of Age of Doom was definitely my most recommended series this year. Gideon Falls has been pretty great too.
  9. No idea if they are on vacation myself, but I paid for a piece in early November and haven't received it yet. Sent them an email a month after payment and haven't heard back.
  10. austinhg

    Die Image Comics

    Stephanie Hans' art is usually pretty great. You can see the first few pages on Image's website to see if you like it.
  11. austinhg

    Seriously Modern

    From what I understand the TPB, individual issues, and digital all release simultaneously. That's how TKO's twitter and a few articles read at least.
  12. austinhg

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Picked this page up at Louisville Supercon from Emi Lenox. This is my first piece of published art.
  13. austinhg

    CGC Signature Series for Sketches and Art

    I think that's the new style of the holder. I had a photo sent in last year that had an error on the label and it came back with the binder rings on the side, and when I had it reholdered to fix the mistake it came in a holder like the ebay auction above. I'm not sure why they changed it up, I really liked having the binder rings.
  14. austinhg


    Emi Lenox only had small paper this weekend at Louisville Supercon, so this San/Princess Mononoke ended up on the back of an All Star Batman sketch cover. I think it will look great in my son's Ghibli themed room. I
  15. Check this thread out in the Event Central subforum.