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  1. Check this thread out in the Event Central subforum.
  2. Wish I grabbed the first issue before the announcement, but I'm still excited!
  3. austinhg

    2018 Hero Initiative books - underwhelming

    Got my book back from CGC a few weeks ago. This is my first sketch cover.
  4. austinhg

    Infinite Signature Thread

    You should print out a label that says "From the Collection of Peter Laird."
  5. CGC's Website says that they will be at the Expo, which means they will have a booth. Whether any facilitators will be there though... I'm not sure.
  6. austinhg

    About the process

    AH ok! I've heard from facilitators that CGC will ship them to you if you called in the past, but when I tried CGC said they would send me some and I never received them. It has been awhile since this incident however. Good to know. Would be nice to have some to save time in the CGC line at cons though.
  7. austinhg

    About the process

    Signature Series has a specific form that you can't get online. You would have to have the form filled out during the show. Side note: you can contact CGC and get Signature Series forms shipped to you apparently.
  8. austinhg

    2018 Hero Initiative books - underwhelming

    I do love the Frison cover a ton, but I know it's going to go out of my price range. There's a few others I could see myself bidding on when the time comes; I only watched the first season or so of Adventure Time so I'm not crazy about them.
  9. When you click on the name of the comic in the registry set it gives you a handy chart with all of the potential scores for every grade/variation of slab. The scores of books do adjust: here is a link to the registry forum post about how they are scored.
  10. austinhg

    Isola Thread

    I had been waiting for Isola since it was announced sometime around the Image at 25 Humble Bundle. Where they included a signed letter pressed print. I've really enjoyed the first two issues, and even bought the C2E2 variant so that I could read it a week or two before the official release.
  11. austinhg

    Thoughts on art dealer Spencer Beck

    Being a computer programmer... my eyes hurt.
  12. austinhg


    No, to my understanding you can submit directly at any show that CGC is in attendance without a membership. As someone who mainly submits with the SS program, getting a membership is still worth it because of the credit. I already know I'm going to spend that amount on grading at one show a year, so I might as well invest in the premium membership. Even at the associate level ($25 as of this year) the benefits are nice just to get access to tracking your books and graders notes.
  13. austinhg

    Stan Lee, what a mess silicon valley comic con

    I always felt like making a "STAN LEE SIGNING MEGA THREAD," but felt conflicted as if it would be ignored. Much like all of the past Stan Lee posts filled with the same information...
  14. austinhg

    Oblivion Song- Kirkman's new title

    If it's any help - after reading the first issue I thought it was "just OK." I've never been a huge Kirkman fan outside of TWD though. I'll probably just wait until the trade comes out though.