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  1. Adamantium: AWESOME book! Gotta love Dell’Otto’s Venom covers!
  2. Picked up my favorite three “regular” covers the week they came out. I wish I jumped on the Alex Ross set when preorders were live, but oh well!
  3. It’s only the splash and ensuing seven pages of the Batman story from Detective Comics #69, but still cool to own:
  4. Detective Comics #69. A complete copy is out of my range at this point in time, but I’ll settle for this! The splash page and ensuing seven page Batman story. Jerry Robinson!
  5. Found these guys in dollar bins a few years ago (both in NM condition). The second print doesn’t appear to have the tiger electronics insert Now, I just need the third print (preferably for a buck lol)
  6. Just the recent foil version of Tec 880 but you get the idea:
  7. About as close as I’ll ever get to owning Batman #1. I don’t collect individual pages, but with Batman being my all-time favorite superhero, I was very happy to add this to my collection. It features Batman in action, in most of the panels:
  8. Damn, this is gonna keep me up at night still waiting for Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson to return my emails
  9. Thanks man! Although it’s only a front and back of a page, I can read it as much as I like
  10. Batman is my favorite character of all-time. I’ll probably never own a Batman #1 in any grade, but I am really excited to have this in my collection. It’s a cool little piece of history (to me) and features Batman in most of the panels. I’ve never owned a single page before, but if I am going to add one to my comic collection, it’s going to be from a book of historical significance: