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    The Dr Who Thread

    Managed to get a few minutes to post this. It is with a genuinely heavy heart that I say that I watched the second episode on Sunday and found it simply awful. I have a lot to say about it and why I feel like I do but I’ll try to keep it brief. This is a total unplanned brain dump so won’t be in my usual structured format. First up, Jodie Whitaker clearly does not have the presence or acting ability needed to convince as the Doctor. Another female may have – but she does not. I found her irritatingly banal and without flair or mystery. When David Tennant was announced, I was worried that he was an unknown. But he took the Doctor to a whole new level with an astonishing, barnstorming performance. When Matt Smith was announced I was worried he was too young. But he managed to convey old man in young body in a delightful way and I was won over by his physicality. When Peter Capaldi was announced I was delighted. He became what I knew he would – the most convincing Doctor of all. Peerless. When Jodie was announced I was worried she looked too pretty, and would be too bland having seen nothing in her previous work to suggest the talents needed to pull off the first female Doctor. Alas, I was right. She is a bland looking young woman reading the lines of a 1,000 year old being. Now, a great Doctor can give you something to savour in even the worst story. And here is the real problem. The production team have no flair and no evident talent for Doctor Who story telling. When you get a new Doctor, you get the following: 1. New Doctor 2. New outfit 3. New theme / titles 4. New companions 5. New Tardis 6. New ‘direction’ Let’s look at how Chibnall and co dealt with some of these elements. New theme / titles – inexplicably absent from the first episode, we await them in the second. I think 99% of producers would have started episode two with a recap of the transfer to space, and then went from the shock of the Doctors face suspended in space in to the screech of the opening credits and theme. They didn’t. Straight into the theme. No suspense. Then straight into hanging in space. Any new joiner would have no idea what was going on. So bad set up, bad storytelling, bad narrative and the loss of the new theme cliff hanger moment. This shows a lack of flair New Tardis – finally appears at the end of episode two. A team with flair would know that we want to see the interior and marvel at it. We don’t see it in all its glory, just bits of it. It’s very dark. I can’t say I made out much of it. A production team with flair may have had a furry dice on the console which the Doctor could discard with a mock ‘hey, cheeky!’ but that would have required wit and flair. So I still don’t know what the Tardis interior looks like. Only that it’s dark. And has biscuits. The theme itself? Oddly dull. Grumbling. At odds with the young and fresh Jodie. The titles? What is it? Oil in water? No flair. Dull. Compare it to Matt Smiths Tardis bouncing about space to his upbeat theme which mirrored his energy. Or Capaldi’s eerie time clock The suit reveal. OK, in episode one – but as I recall we go from fat Nan dying to joking about in a second hand shop. What was the time frame here? With no Tardis, what was the Doctor doing from the death of fat Nan to the transportation into space? How many days elapsed? It doesn’t feel right So, many of the 'big moments' feel squandered to me, I think, because the production team have no flair or feel for drama and the shows heritage. Now the story of episode two. What was it? Not much at all. I can suspend disbelief when the story is cleaver or entertaining. This was neither. Why did they not die in space? How likely is it that the Doctor would crash land the spaceship (Revenge of the Sith anyone?) right on top of the others? Planets are fairly big things after all. The two competitors. Were they supposed to be hardened and mercenary to be the last two standing in this odd competition? Why did they not jettison the Doctor the moment it became clear she had an interest in the Tardis, which I understood to be the prize? Why would they allow her to tag along? Why did no one notice that there was no Tardis at the end, and therefore no prize? The -script and dialogue. What did anyone say that was either telling, clever or interesting? Did any of the Doctors lines strike you as Doctor worthy? Nothing witty, nothing clever. Here’s an example. When the Doc says “I was a hologram once – the gossip I picked up!” what does that mean? If she had said “I was invisible once…” the gossip bit would make sense. But I’ve never associated being a hologram with picking up gossip so the line fell flat. This indicates to me that the writer has no flair or wit. His words are banal across the board. Shoe horned in politics. We have the ‘I need to win to bring my family out of war torn etc’. That is a ‘be nice to immigrants’ message. “My mum never caught me so I’m on my own in life” Doctor – “We’re better together”. Brexit. Preachy. Lefty. Boring. Shoe horned in emotional scene. “Fat Nan's dead. I think of her all the time” Yes. She died yesterday – didn’t she? I’d be crying my eyes out, blaming the Doctor and saying helping her choose an outfit was the last thing on my mind. Better that we help the Police with their enquiries into her death. Although, if many days, weeks even, had passed (as fat Nan's funeral suggested) again, what was the Doctor doing without a Tardis. Walking the streets? In a B&B? Bad scene setting equals unrealistic feel. Bad production. No flair. Shoe horned in ‘possible future mystery’ line. “The abandoned Doctor”. Ooh, what could it all mean. I watched ‘Deep Breath’, Peter Capaldi’s opener twice when it first aired. It was funny, clever, exciting and with a Doctor who was disdainful of the threat (“Rubbish robots of the past….”). Here, Jodie gives up. That’s a good one for the first female Doctor. “I used to be able to” she said (when I was a man). Is that not the polar opposite of what we should be seeing? Oh, she as a Lady Doctor so must be expected to fail. Bad storytelling and bad, unconvincing characterisation. Some lines from Deep Breath that I remember without looking them up – ‘attack eyebrows’, ‘rubbish robots from the past’, ‘needy megalomaniacal game player (Clara!)’ etc etc. The scene where they are in the café and everyone moves as they move. Clever, creepy, fun. The Master/Missy, Madame Vastra, Sontaran etc. Look at Capaldi’s second show, Into the Dalek. He arrives, insults someone. Clara says ‘Sorry, I’m his carer’. “That's right” the Doctor says “she cares so I don’t have to”. Funny clever lines that I can remember years later. What lines do you remember so far from Jodie? Her lines are so banal. “I see summat needs fixin, Ah do wot I cahn” So, here’s the thing. The wrong actor is the Doctor. That is evident. And the wrong team are in charge. They are pedestrian where they should be outstanding. This means the show is dead. I may actually give up, as I can’t bear to watch them squander it all. I haven’t even mentioned the 'monsters', and how rubbish they were. More rubbish than Capaldi's rubbish robots from the past. For health reasons this will likely be my last post here this year. I’m gutted it was a downbeat one about something I care about, but that’s the way of things lately. We need our heroes more than ever and we need our entertainment. I’ve lost one of my favourites. Peter Capaldi was the last Doctor. My personal view, the Doctor is a man. My Dad is a man. There is no need for a woman to be my Dad. My Dad is my Dad, and he is a man. Bye everyone and hope to see you some time next year P.S. A quick look at the press between takes and it seems everyone loves the new show. So, it seems I just don't understand....
  2. Get Marwood & I Live!

    Newton Rings

    I'm an engineer. CGC, you've engineered a faulty product. Please engineer it back to the previous version.
  3. Get Marwood & I Live!

    The Dr Who Thread

  4. Get Marwood & I Live!

    The Dr Who Thread

    Cor. That's lovely
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    Comic books that rock

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    Price Variant Club

    Found the Kid hiding out...
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    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

  8. Get Marwood & I Live!

    Newton Rings

    Thank you @CGC Comics for restating your announcement about Newton Rings here in the announcements forum. I started the thread you refer to above and worked with @Brittany M. Brittany behind the scenes to get the original announcement posted there. If it's OK, I'll call refer to you as CGC the company in this post as I don't know who you are. I have some questions on behalf of the membership which I hope you will respond to. They are drawn from the comments I have read in the various threads about the issue. Please if you will keep these two things uppermost in your mind if you do decide to reply: 209 members voted in my poll and an overwhelming number indicated that they were dissatisfied with your communication on this issue You make a great play about the new 'crystal clear' holders - this screen shot from your own website tells us how you value presentation ('superior optics'): Here are the questions: I have owned over 150 second generation slabs in my time. Of those that I still have, the inner and outer plastics are in full contact and yet none have rings. You say that, and I quote, "two different plastics have different refractive indexes and that sometimes creates a rainbow effect". Why only sometimes? Assuming you use the same plastics, what causes the rings to appear in one book and not another? And why did none of my 150 second generation slabs have rings? Do you think it is right or fair that you decide whether a book is severe enough to be reholdered, and not the paying customer as your announcement suggests? How do you justify that position? What are the scratches on the inner sleeves that are being reported by many members of this forum and are they connected to your Newton Ring resolution? Is it correct that you have imposed a two week window from receipt for members to query issues with their slabs? If so, and I ask because it has been reported as such, how do you justify that position when not all recipients may / will be in a position to open their packages in that time frame (holiday / work commitments etc)? Having admitted, by nature of your offer to reholder 'severely affected books', that Newton Rings are a problem, what compensation are you currently offering to those who contact you and meet the criteria? If you are not, why not? Has your research into solving this problem found any evidence that rings may appear in transit, i.e. they leave your quality control ring free but subsequent shipping movements create the rings? Every reasonable person who has commented on this problem has indicated that the new holder is the problem. Newton Rings may well have existed on previous generations of slabs but in nowhere near the severity we are seeing with the new holders. Why are you the only people who do not acknowledge this? Why do you not revert to the previous holder design while you redesign the new holder? When do you expect to eliminate the problem? Thanks for your time. I hope you will feel the need to respond to these points and clear up these areas of confusion and frustration. I hope I speak for the majority when I say that we all want CGC to succeed. No one wins if your product is faulty. Please show us that you are on the same page as the majority of your paying membership. Kind Regards, Steve 'Get Marwood & I', RPITA
  9. Get Marwood & I Live!

    AJD's comic notebook

    Yay! The Wizard Apes are here at last Thanks for circling them AJD - not sure I'd have found them otherwise
  10. Get Marwood & I Live!

    The Dr Who Thread

    It's the 'tailored' multiculturalism that irks. Always Westernised. Always slim and pretty. Note the fat woman died. No fat companions allowed. Or old women. Who wants to see that. See what I did there? Yep. Always A 'worthy' in there who can overcome their disability. You never see a white banker who has to overcome out of control materialistic urges do you. Or a career criminal who has to learn the impact of their deeds on others. It's lazy preachy TV by numbers. The polar opposite of what Dr Who should be about.
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    Let's do the time-warp again

  12. Get Marwood & I Live!

    The Dr Who Thread

    @The Voord
  13. Get Marwood & I Live!

    DC Blue covers turning grey

    I've got a grey / blue ASM scan example somewhere. #175 I think. You can never find them when you want them!
  14. Get Marwood & I Live!

    DC Blue covers turning grey

    You're welcome. I find them interesting. I couldn't find the one I was looking for but here's a similar thing: