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  1. I've written about that one at length in my UKPV thread actually Albert. One of the 'pattern books' as I call them...
  2. These two are quite early though, 6d versions. Maybe the later 3p and 5p ones were a T&P product. Or maybe these two MV Library books 'fell into' the TP process bucket. That would hardly be a surprise would it. Let's face it, it was flippin chaos back then, wasn't it?
  3. Better make sure I watch Throw Momma From the Train all the way to the end then.
  4. How will we show our disgust at terrible movies in this future world Valiantman? I took great pride in walking out in the middle of Never Ending Story II you know.
  5. There will always be no pence TTA #62's on the census Albert because they never made none, y' daft apeth.
  6. It's the fly in the ointment isn't it. We can find all the examples we like of late 1959 stamped DC's, but we'll never be 100% sure which cycle they landed in.