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  1. Looks like a Gold Token Super Mag there above the FF#41. It's not Treasure Island, looks like a "Walt Disney's" something or other, but I can't find a cover match
  2. Regarding the above film, just a thought, if the Marvel comics on the rack are all July/August 1965 cover dates, and the film was released in 1966, then it's reasonable to assume that the film was filmed in 1965, perhaps around the summer July/August window (it's not raining ). Given that the comics appear to be the stamped cents copies which predated the return of pence printed copies after the hiatus, it again could indicate that the comics were getting through, around the right time (a 3 month shipping window places the books on our racks with cover dates matching the calendar dates) and, t
  3. I occasionally check the 'missing' issues list, and thought this AUS lot underlined the probability that Cage #1 & 2 don't exist:
  4. Sorry by the way, everyone, if I've derailed the thread a bit with extended pence ramblings
  5. I don't recall any if I'm brutally honest Gary. The comics I bought as a kid always seemed to be on shelves inside the shop. Finding one of those old T&P racks now would be a thing wouldn't it. Cor, I'd love that. Great, thanks again David - I'll be watching to see if I can snag a better look / image...
  6. Here is the shop details, on the corner of Pond Street and The Southend Road in Hampstead which has a connection to George Orwell as it turns out:
  7. Superboy #121 is cover dated June 1965. My research into the T&P stamp numbering did show that Marvel and DC did not correlate exactly, so I'm not surprised - there tended to be a two month cover date gap:
  8. ...yep, same again, Rawhide Kid #47 (August 1965 cover date) is the cents only issue preceding #48, the first post-hiatus 10d pence copy: So it looks like a genuine shop was used in the making of the film, with the Marvel titles at least in 'as they were' date order.
  9. Ironically perhaps, the two discernable Marvels, Strange Tales #135 (August 1965 cover date) and The Avengers #18 (July 1965), are both cents only produced issues and also the issues immediately prior to the next issue in the title which was made as a pence issue: In theory, although not always in practice, the copies in the film photo should have 9d T&P price stamps on them. I can't quite see them though... Very cool, thanks again @David Buck
  10. That's brilliant David, thank you for tagging me. I see that is on Talking Pictures TV next Saturday, and will make a note to watch it Guys, come see what David has spotted @Mr Thorpe @Garystar @Albert Tatlock @Kevin.J@themagicrobot@Redshade @rakehell I'll have a go at working out all the issues later - maybe see what T&P stamp number shipment they might all relate to