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  1. Afternoon I posted some of William Shatner's Tekworlds a while back - you could see they were AUS copies, but they were too blurry to make out the prices so I listed them as $TBC. A helpful seller just listed them all, along with a previously unseen #6 which brings us up to 1,279 They're all AUS $2.65 by the way: Number 5 was missing last time too, so maybe that's a scarce one.
  2. I remember the days of flat rate envelopes for $12 that sellers could cram 10 comics into sandwiched between thick card. But as Bucks Fizz once said, "Now those days are gone". You'll probably have to look that one up.
  3. Anything that helps US sellers sell to the likes of us Englanders has to be a good thing. I'm tired of US sellers who insist on $50 boxed shipping for two comics.