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  1. Is this place deaderer than dead?

    Well, notwithstanding the interest from DeadOne, who classily took the time to engage during his own busiest time, and the other 4 votes, the answer to the OP's original question appears to be 'yes' To the Batmobile!
  2. I try not to fly in the face of popular opinion
  3. PMs Go To Page 1

    Apart from jsilverjanet and comicdonna that is, who don't have any because they're actually both blokes. I know, nobody told me either.
  4. PMs Go To Page 1

    Excellent! Do hurry please Scott. 4.2.9 is getting on everyone's tits
  5. How CGC and grading companies revolutionized the comic book hobby.

    ...and providing additional background info when you type TPG ? @Architecht
  6. The Great Western Wedding Massacre of 52 That morning.... And just where do you think you're going ya little.... Lord no! She's got me! Guys, guys, come quickly! She's got Barry! Oh God no, he's tied up! Her hand, look in her hand! No - No! Oh Christ! Oh sweet Jesus no, help me guys, HELP ME! The woman's gone mad! She's going to burn him! I can't look! Get help! (off camera) sizzle, sizzle AAAIIIIEEEEEE!!! Later that evening... "Here comes the bride PEEOWN! All dressed in white PEEOWWWN PEEOWWN!" The End.
  7. Show us your personal artwork

    There is no evidence anywhere on the boards of me revelling in the childish practice of innuendo, so it must be a Freudian slip.
  8. Show us your personal artwork

    Hopefully you wont take offence here, I don't know who she is, but I can see why you were inspired and, speaking as an artist, she certainly makes me want to get my pen out.
  9. Bronze age comics that are heating up on eBay...

    I had 'carp' as a saved search but had to switch it off as it kept notifying me of my own posts.
  10. Is this place deaderer than dead?

    It's not a unicorn, it's a poonicorn
  11. This! @Scott =) is this in any way possible? When I post multiple comic images in my pence threads resizing them individually can take ages. Is there a way you could 'select all' and apply one width/height dimension to all the selected images? I'm guessing not but my word would such a feature help us
  12. How CGC and grading companies revolutionized the comic book hobby.

    Well said, well considered, well put. Thanks for taking the time to do it. My view is similar - CGC bring far, far more positives than negatives to the hobby and have without doubt energised it. There are few things in life which are wholly good or without flaws. I personally dislike the wide monetary distinctions between the very top grades that have been created, intentionally or otherwise. Given that most agree grading is subjective, to place a massive premium on, say, a 9.9 over a 9.8 doesn't feel right to me given that on any given day, two graders may disagree on which is which. But again, the positives far outweigh these kinds of 'top end' issues. People are a mixed bag, some honest, some not. Some are unintentionally dishonest. Etc. When I sold my raw collection on ebay I undergraded every single book as I couldn't stand the thought that I'd be accused of ripping someone off. I would get feedback like "advertises VFN and sends NM". I rarely had a problem as a result, but probably left a fortune on the table. What gets you down sometimes is seeing sellers with no idea how to grade / package comics but with 100% glowing feedback. So I agree again Rock, maybe we should be more demanding of sellers who don't deliver.
  13. Is this place deaderer than dead?

    3 votes in 18 hours tells it's own story I suppose. Even the OP has better things to do!
  14. I did say 9.0. Thought it was going to be one of those CGC overgrades where we all pile in and alert the tribal elders and everything.