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  1. Yes, shut your nasty little face, Nice Face.
  2. OK, this will either run and run, die a quick death, or someone will dig out the "we've done this before" thread Show me your best renditions of a character(s) alongside the worst. Here's one to set the tone. I'll let you judge which is which:
  3. I was slightly in awe of Steranko as a kid. Not only the name - Steranko - which seemed impossibly cool as a singular moniker, but the power of the art. There was something 'epic' about it. Proper drawing, if that makes sense.
  4. Still with Spidey, and as a nice follow on to the previous great suggestion, I always liked this one, hiding away in the Cyclone story: I like the mood in the issues around this time. A little sombre.
  5. Hello According to the GCD, the title 'Avengers West Coast' ran for 55 issues from #48 to #102. Numbers 1-47 were called the altogether different 'West Coast Avengers', incidentally. Accordingly, Avengers West Coast has 40 issues sitting in our AUS first wave date range - numbers 63 to, coincidentally, the final issue #102 which, having a US cover date of January 1994 means that it's AUS cover date would be three months later and be the last month of the first wave - the dreaded April 1994 for which only 4 titles currently have an AUS issue confirmed. I now have a full run of 30 AUS images for issues 63 through to 92. Number 92 is AUS cover dated June 1993, the last month that titles were priced AUS $1.80. So the fact that all 30 of the first 30 issues have been found, none of the last possible ten issues have materialised, and that #92 was the last cover month at AUS $1.80 it would be reasonable to speculate that the AUS experiment ended there for this title. Cage, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four and Nightstalkers all also appear to end at AUS Jun 1993 rather than make the jump to AUS $1.95 light speed. As things stand, I should be therefore able to reasonably mark the remaining ten AWC issues as 'NOAUS' and, in doing so, reduce the overall theoretical maximum by ten issues (currently at 1,704): I plan to do that for all 103 titles over the coming weeks, but only for those where there is a reasonably strong case for doing so, like that above. If Avengers West Coast #94 turns up, brilliant, that will disprove the rationale and reopen the remaining ten. But I don't think it will. Once done, we should be able to say with a reasonable level of certainty the total number of AUS copies that may be out there. It will then be a simple case of seeing how long the figures last. The missing Amazing Spider-Man issues (340, 385 and 409) have been absent for over ten years, hence why they are already marked as 'NOAUS' on my spreadsheet: I'll be interested to see where the final figure settles, once I have applied the theory to all 103 titles...
  6. Nobody likes a triple-arse attack in the morning Jim. Certainly not after a 1K post alert. Have to say, Black Fury is f furious about it. So watch out. "Neigh!" (Translation: "I'm f furious about that")
  7. They apologized a few years ago at a high school reunion. No need to muscle 'em any more! It takes a big man to apologise Roy. Oh, what the heck. Let's duff em up anyway