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  1. Three main possibilities then - stamped in the US prior to shipping, stamped by T&P on arrival or stamped by the individual shops and sellers. One thing I have looked for intermittently online is one of the actual stamps. If the stores were supplied with them, you'd imagine that one or two might have surfaced on eBay or some auction site by now wouldn't you. "Vintage 9d stamp", or something like that. And yet I've never seen one and no combination of key words ever brings one up when Googleating. So my money is on T&P did the stamping and, when the prices increased to 10d, they threw the 9d stamps away in bulk as they would never be needed again. That might explain why not one single vintage stamp has ever found its way online. Maybe.
  2. This is intentional Ecsm, if that's what you mean - the Nazi theme is part of the storyline and all copies have it:
  3. The lists are over here Master Logan, regularly updated: Easier to have them in one place than throughout the discussion threads I thought
  4. It doesn't appear to be a problem John if this example is anything to go by: In respect of pressing, and the obvious potential issues, this thread is quite interesting: Good luck. Let us know if you contact them and get an answer You can try the 'Ask CGC' forum futher up the home page - this forum here is for site technical issues
  5. All sounds quite plausible Dude and it's as good a theory as any at the moment. Let's see if anyone reading can come up with another.
  6. Is that mold Sufer? Great issue of Spidey but this is one to leave alone if that is mold. If it's just grubby, I'd say around a 1.0 from what I can see (the pictures aren't the best I'm afraid)
  7. Poop Minus?! What nonsense. That book is a Very Carp Plus all day long.
  8. Revised list following input offline from Bill. If anyone reading as any images of the absent issues they'd be happy to share, please dive in: