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  1. Yes, 'true' back cover colouring is often what decides it. I have to say though, yours is the oddest sun fade I have ever seen, and I can well understand why you would be in two minds. Or, at least, a hopeful mind. Very strange.
  2. ...or use this if it's easier - it's set on October 1959, click forward and back etc:
  3. Can you read these Kevin - click to enlarge - every folder is a title that crosses those dates. 47 of them I think - each has the first issue number that could theoretically have a T&P stamp, e.g. Batman #127 etc:
  4. ....when I've added in all the titles I can find by the way, I'll post a big comprehensive summary of what I think we've all learned so far in this thread. I may do a journal summary page over at The Pence Palace of Doom too. I think there's enough here to put together some decent information, for the few that are interested. I'm quite pleased with how this thread has grown really. It was only supposed to last a page or two. Brief review my arse
  5. Some of them are the best Kevin! Just look at my avatars! It's Alberts fault. I had it all under control until he arrived I think we've cracked the stamp numbering pattern now Kevin, but we need more examples of the early books to see which 'first use' number came first - 6 or 8. So if you could look for any T&P stamped DC books cover dated September/October/November 1959, that would be lovely
  6. No UK angle here, but another near spot on arrival date from a book I was looking at today: Now't on cover... But on't back...
  7. My, you've got a lot of Flashes Albert I've been adding to the table all day and it's filling up. I'm currently undecided on whether 8 is the start so I'll keep going until I've added every DC title of the time to the first stamp use at least and then lets discuss then. I can get my head around a batch of books being late, but 9 months late? I don't know. Then again, no 7's at all is weird and does imply the 6's are out of sequence. We'll see!
  8. No luck from Bob Mandry on Charlton - he was a DC man only. I told him I'm still waiting to find a Charlton man. That didn't sound right did it. Blimey, imagine that Antoni - knowing then what we know now.... I'd still buy the Charltons.
  9. I forgot you'd done that Kevin. Sign of getting old I emailed him when I saw your post though and, alas, he hasn't kept any of the old books. He did what many did - upgraded to unstamped copies long ago. We had a nice PM discussion though, and his recollections of certain books arriving out of sequence happily matched some of my research. I'm waiting to hear if he saw any Charltons in the batches....