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  1. Marvel Characters in DC Comics and DC Characters in Marvel Comics Has this been done already?
  2. I wonder what we'd all be saying now if the Ditko was the original, and the Kirby had just been unearthed....
  3. Back to Amazing Fantasy #15, I found this scan in my files of an old Alan Class British reprint that I used to own before the clear out. I'm sure it's been noted here before many times, but it had a B&W reprint of Amazing Fantasy #15 in it. I sold it quite cheaply as I recall and only recently saw that it was selling quite well. Wish I'd kept it now!
  4. Did you find anything @mr_highgrade ?
  5. What OA Pages do you have? Good spot @piper ! And look, the boards truncation software has cropped them for us! Three Ross Andru pieces, ASM #137, ASM #179 and a MTU #3 page. Andru was always my favourite growing up and it was my main ambition to get a Spidey page. As is often the case with buses, three came along at once.
  6. Ah, thought so, thanks. Have to say, they look kind of cool. I wonder how many boys bought these to school back in the day
  7. And just a little tamer than the stuff in you private inbox Karl
  8. Sorry Ryan!
  9. Nice! I just liked you 4 times so you're back in front buddy. Have fun, and remember to sand down everything before you paint it. Unless it's your eye lids that is
  10. Afternoon Lizard Brain! Or morning. Or whatever it is in The US of A. Whatcha got planned? Does involve comicana?
  11. They are so cool What's next for you? If you thought 35cv's were hard to get....
  12. Now I can! From the mind of a troubled 14 year old, I bring you.... The good news for you guys is there's another 3 of these I could post!
  13. Always nice to meet a new friend in the post I'd have preferred 'L Miller & Co', but Thorpe & Porter will do.....
  14. That is excellent @Aman619 and really shows how good Ditko's version actually was. Like Spike, I also prefer it to the Kirby version. Iconic as that now is, I think the Ditko version better suits the Spidey as he was depicted in the early issues. A little scrawny and quirky. The Kirby version is more serious and masculine somehow. Anyway, now this thread is back to talking about AF 15 again, here is my copy, hanging out with a few friends (basically, the only comics I kept after the Great 8,000 ASM Completist Clear Out). Can you see her?: There she is!
  15. You want to try getting pence copies @marvelmaniac! Good luck finishing the sets. And why no Gunsmoke Western?