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  1. Maybe, but could you not say that about any incomplete book? If CGC are prepared to slab less than a full comic, e.g. a coverless copy or a single page, then why not a quarter page? The purpose could be either financial gain (pages sell well, why not half pages), the need to own a verified piece of history, or any of the same reasons people want to own the full comic I guess.
  2. Just a general question, based on the single pages I've been seeing a lot of lately. I can't see a thread already, but the search engine isn't that reliable. I'm wondering if CGC would grade less than a single page and, if so, how small can the piece be? Would they grade a single panel appearance of Superman from #1 for instance? Surely that would warrant it? A Marvel Value Stamp from Hulk 181? I'm intrigued. Has it already been done?
  3. Action comic 8 error on ebay

    I think the cover to 8 is much more appealing than the cover to 9. For coverless copies, I don't know ... I would probably still prefer an 8 because it's an earlier number. For what it's worth, the CGC census lists 14 blue label 8s vs. 12 blue label 9s. Cheers @Sqeggs. It makes you wonder what an owners recourse would be if they sold a wrongly identified CGC book 'cheaply' in good faith, only to find out later that the book it actually was was of much greater value
  4. Bronze Age Treasuries

    I used to own this @batmiesta - the book is from 1978 and is a Canadian print from Les Editions Heritage. It reprints ASM #94 as I recall - I found these two images on the web to back up my memory: I don't think it has anything to do with the Treasury #14 - it just shares a cover I think. Here are scans of the front and back of my old copy:
  5. Action comic 8 error on ebay

    Out of interest, is there a significant difference in value or desirability between issues 8 and 9?
  6. Increase Max Number of Likes

  7. Comics on Record Covers and Record Covers in Comics

    Well dig em out ya lazy punk
  8. Amazing Fantasy #15 RAW

    B/W Rock this town
  9. Amazing Fantasy #15 RAW

    If Shengoku does log back in, how many pages into his thread do you think he'll get before he twigs that we've rumbled him?