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  1. Is this place deader than ever?

    Of course not, don't be silly. One is a sad, miserable conspiracy theorising cretin who doesn't know when to use one word when fifteen will do, and the other is RMA.
  2. Is this place deader than ever?

    Fair point. I'll never say it again. Where do you stand on toodle-pip?
  3. Is this place deader than ever?

    I'm a bit disappointed to see you come after me like this Doc, as I've been quite kind to you in the past. I know you're sticking up for Sharon, as I already said, but as you say she can fight her own battles. To repeat, she repeated past accusations that I'm a shill, a former member etc. I'm sure if someone called you that, you'd respond soon enough, and firmly enough. How I feel is that Sharon has called me these things publicly, I have responded, and then you have criticised me for 'whining'. Slap a guy ten times, he slaps you back, and he's the bad guy for slapping you. I'm tired of that. You've asked me twice to respond by PM, yet you yourself posted publicly both times. My gripe was with Sharon, who fired the opening shot, not with you. It seems you're happy to say your piece about me to the public audience, but want me in turn to respond privately. That's not fair is it? The battles aren't battles as such, of course. In the context of this thread, I keep asking Arch questions which he doesn't answer. I say to him "Arch, the bathroom tap is leaking". He says "I like to consider all plumbing issues in the round, and weigh up the pro's and cons alongside other household issues before taking action". He then proceeds to do nothing. I want him to say, "Oh, is it? Thanks. I'll call the plumber now". Arch often responds at length and fully, but rarely to the points made to him. So when you come back again, effectively saying "but you didn't answer the question" you get called a whiner. So, when I say I have 'lost the battle' I mean that I am no longer going to fight for improvements. If Arch thinks the way to respond to a 45 page thread with 130+ members all broadly indicating displeasure is to 'up the likes a bit' and to add the thread to his own, publicly visible, personal 'threads where people have moaned' thread, then I can't be bothered anymore. I'll do what everyone else does - ignore the problems, him, and just suit myself. If you look at my original post earlier in the thread, outlining my thoughts on why board traffic might be low, you'll see I barely mention the likes system. Like you, I don't care either, in context. I just don't like (heh heh) the unfair stance Arch adopts, i.e. allowing abuse and setting different levels for members vs seasoned vets. If you look at the leaderboard, you'll see its the SVs who are abusing the system, yet Arch states publicly the caps are to stop new members. Arch often uses language, and takes actions, which I think cement the distinction between new and old members. I think that is wrong and say so whenever the topic goes in that direction. You may disagree and call that whining - I call it speaking up for fairness. You old timers seem to make a virtue of 'calling out the BS', but you don't seem to like it when it's not you doing it or if it's directed at what you feel are the wrong things or people. If you read the whole thread, and note all the things said, the likes system is one of the least significant issues. Yet it is the only thing Arch has latched onto, having criticised me publicly for going on about it elsewhere. That's what Arch does, he picks and chooses, and makes you look like the villain. I asked him a while back to look at a list of seven or eight issues. He gave terse answers to all after a number of reminders and then plucked the likes system out of it again in his usual withering 'look everyone, at the silly man' way. Look also at how many people liked my brain dump post. And how many that echoed similar sentiments themselves in subsequent posts. Are they all whining too? I have total sympathy for the personal situations you have faced. I face them myself right now in equal measure, as do many other board members that I have come to know and be friends with. But to use them as a stick with which to beat your opponent isn't right. You're effectively saying "stop having opinions about the boards because they don't compare to peoples personal problems". And that is 100% right - they don't. But they are completely separate things and I think it was an unworthy move on your part to bring them to the table in this way. Your personal losses have no bearing on, or connection to whether I do or don't like the likes system on a comic forum. I do thank you for one thing Doc - this has been cathartic for me, but I'm now going to focus my energies elsewhere, where they are needed. You have reminded me that to spend time here banging drums is largely pointless and unedifying. When I return, and I will, it will be all about the comics. This fighting stuff just eats at your soul, and I don't like it. If Sharon had not shot at me, we wouldn't be talking. If Arch took member concerns seriously, this thread wouldn't exist. But I don't feel silly or anything for being here typing this in the spare moments I have available to me. People love this place. You do, I do. That's why we get so emotional about it, protective of it, and place a significance to it that is perhaps sometimes out of proportion. I wish you well again, genuinely, and hope I can guess a little better in your next competition. You're right, I was fairly terrible in the last one, yes. But if you knew what I had to wear just to be able to see the screen, you may be a little more forgiving! Chin chin, and see you soon, assuming you don't want to murder me after reading this. Steve
  4. Is this place deader than ever?

    You're sticking up for your friend Doc, I get that and would do the same in your shoes. You're right about the battles. I've been fighting a corner, and have lost. So time to move on. Be well
  5. Is this place deader than ever?

    You're in charge. Lead us into the light Oh, and why are you posting on a weekend? You never post on a weekend
  6. Is this place deader than ever?

    Thank you Craig. Now settle down man I'm one of them Janector. Marwood is a cretin
  7. Is this place deader than ever?

    Thanks Arch, every little helps. I wonder sometimes what it must be like for you in your role. You've been doing it from the start and many things must seem old hat to you, as you've clearly seen it all before. It must be hard to react positively, and without complacency, when you know you've already responded to similar things many times over in the past. I suppose that's one of the things that comes with the role though, the need to have to respond to and manage similar complaints regularly, as each new wave of members joins and feels comfortable enough to start speaking up. The thread is now 43 pages in, and full of suggestions, gripes and expressions of dissatisfaction. It does appear that there are many things that could be done to improve matters, some easy / cosmetic, some not so easy. There is a tangible love for the place though, which I share, and people have joined in large numbers here because there is a sense that it could all be lost. It's become an uncommonly popular thread, as the stats show. So I'm sure at some point you'll want to give a more fuller response to how you plan to react to the things that have been said so far, and the many suggestions made. To do otherwise could come across as you not caring, and would make the accusations RMA made against you seem fairly, if depressingly, accurate. You're in charge. Lead us into the light
  8. Marvel First Printing L Miller Variants

    One more for the road! Miller stamp, but no indicia. I wonder where Old King Cole was? Probably off being merry somewhere I should imagine....
  9. Dream of Love Club

    Great! Some new members have joined while I was away Here's a great big number two
  10. Oh, well done nesqrick2, that' s brilliant! Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn't get a flag that you had posted here. I'm going to be offline for a while, but when I come back I'll take a look at the lists and compare them to the ASM one. It will be interesting to see how the dates tally
  11. Is this place deader than ever?

    I just read your post Sharon. I see some apologies in it, and they are always welcome when heartfelt. It would have been nice if you had read some of my threads, rather than just dismiss them due to a general disinterest in variants. I put a lot more into them than just that. Also sorry to see you bring up what are, for me at least, old hurtful inaccuracies, i.e. that I am / was a former member, a shill, etc. And my second (third?) FDQE was clearly a send up, if you didn't pick up on that. I don't really get why some of you are so troubled by threats to leave to be honest. People do that all the time in life, when they get riled. They rarely mean it, and to hold them to it is childish and unforgiving. A few of the guys were giving a fellow board member a kicking a few weeks back and I tried to help him by saying something along the lines that you are only remembered for the bad you do in life, even though it may be far outweighed by good. You have proven that point here with your response to me, dredging up a blinkered view of my time here. So in answer to your question, we can be done with it yes. Consider this post as us done. I would have sent it by PM, but wanted to respond to the inaccurate points you made about me, for the further consideration of the hundreds of people you know would have read them.
  12. Thanks for the heads up TripleB - I'm with you, I don't like the colouring either. It is nice to see Ross get some recognition though. I like his Goblin the best.