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  1. Favorite Comic Posters

    Ah, I see. That would keep him busy, yes. I'm sure he'll be back when she picks up a puncture though.
  2. Favorite Comic Posters

    What, he found a mirror then?
  3. Other Publisher’s Pence Price Variants

    OK, let's see if I can explain my position on this @01TheDude I call the books in my three pence threads 'Pence Price Variants' because I believe that term best describes what they are. If you look at the three pictures below you'll see: A first printing Amazing Spider-Man with a US 12c cover price A first printing Amazing Spider-Man with a UK 10d cover price A subsequent foreign reprint of Amazing Spider-Man, in this case with a Mexican $1.00 cover price The US and UK books are both first printings. They were produced in the same location, on the same day by the same printer. The US version is the 'main' copy. The UK version is the 'secondary' copy, produced in approximately one tenth of the volume of the US version. Because they were produced as part of the same print run, they are effectively the same comic but with one small variation. The UK copy is slightly different to the US copy and, therefore, is a variant of it. The variation in this case is the price. So it is a 'price variant'. To further clarify, there can be many types of price variant - US (e.g. 30/35cv), Canadian and Australian. All are first printing variants with differing prices. So to make it clear that the UK price variant is being referred to, I add 'pence' to the words 'price variant' to it to show it's a UK copy not a Canadian or Australian or US price variant. So the term 'Pence Price Variant' to me is as factually accurate as it's possible to be. The third comic above is not a first printing. It is a later produced repackaged comic in a different language made by a different printer. It is not a variant, as it is not part of the original comic run. So this is the 'foreign edition' I think you are referring to in your earlier post. I hope that helps you to understand my thought process. I'm sorry that my ramblings are not to your taste by the way. We're all different and I can't expect you to find my posts entertaining just because I do. But I hope you would at least give me a little credit for providing what I hope is the most in depth summary of what exists for Marvel and DC in this area that you will find anywhere online. To conclude, have a read of this thread: These are US price variants, like the 30/35cv's you mention earlier and may find greater favour with you for their US 'purity' Cheers, Steve
  4. Never mind, thanks for looking Mr H Yes please @BishopT - you never know what's hiding in there.... I told him Craig and he said "Shove it". Honestly, he's so rude Ah, cheers @Lucky Baru - comments like that make the effort worthwhile
  5. Other Publisher’s Pence Price Variants

    I'm just pleased you read it! I will have a Merry Christmas Mr G, yes, just as soon as you give it back
  6. Amazing Spiderman 135 vs Marvel Preview 2

    I see.... yes. How marvellous!
  7. Did Archie inspire a Beatles song?

    Not with my hairline Craig. It's receded so far now I comb my asss
  8. The Devil`s Rejects

    This DVD looks like it comes with a copy:
  9. Did Archie inspire a Beatles song?

    4,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire say not!
  10. "Oh my.......can I play.....?"
  11. Other Publisher’s Pence Price Variants

    You have other peeves?
  12. Other Publisher’s Pence Price Variants

    I know liz, I was being satirical. I rely on you to get this stuff