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  1. DOH! Nevermind - turned up my screen brightness and I see it now!
  2. No, this is not the reprint - it's the real deal. For reference, just have a peek at this:!98295!US!-1
  3. Great! Just ensure that you now edit your post to include the policies required in the forum. Payment, returns, etc etc.
  4. I've had great success with MCS. Nonethess, I'd like to offer up this advice for your situation (if not too late): (1) As for them not paying return postage take it up with your credit card company or paypal (if you paid using either method), and state that they breached their agreement. VISA/MC should stand behind you and get you your postage back. Ditto Paypal. (2) Same for the offer of credit - contact your cc company or Paypal etc and tell them you didn't get what you paid for. Did you call them on reversing their return postage policy? If so, what was their response? A phone call or e-mail to someone higher up should get you that postage refunded. Good luck!
  5. Welcome - nice stuff!! You'll need to update your sales and returns etc policies in order to conform to the forum. It's all in the usage guidlines Good luck!
  6. I don't want to even begin to try to understand the reference to Yom Kippur, or why you chose to link a Jewish holiday – but Yom Kippur was over a month ago. And for the record, the humour in the original post was not lost on me; many of my good buddies could seriously benefit from some teeth whitening.
  7. You make a very good point, particularly to aspects of intent and eventual sale/transfer of a conserved/restored comic. The real danger, as you say, is if it's done deceptively and people are mislead, or unknowingly buy a restored book. However, I have no problem with people choosing to have their comics conserved. Speaking very much from personal profession experience, I work with academically trained conservators (in museum and academic contexts) whose aims with conserving artifacts (which comics are) are to (1) stop deterioration, (2) clean, as necessary, to restore to original condition, and (3) enable an item to be handled without falling apart upon study and analysis. Within these aims, methods are designed to be 100% reversible and non-damaging to the artifact. As such, from a conservation standpoint cleaning the Sistine Chapel frescoes is no different from trying to remove yellowing from a comic. Nor is using archival paper to seal tears on either the dead sea scrolls or comics. Within my own collection I have several Golden Age books which I have had professionally conserved so as to halt deterioration, reduce brittleness, remove staining, and mend tears - all so that I can safely handle them and read them without having to worry about further damage. I have always planned on keeping these books, but if I change my mind to sell I have the restoration certificates to go along with them. Of course, as you say, not everyone will disclose the truth in the same situation. Lastly, to the heart of this thread. I believe that the person that started this thread has a deep love of comics and is sincerely interested in, and fascinated by, conservation, and not helping people pull a fast one. The risk though is that once a book is out of his possession he loses control over future disclosure of any work done. The old " if this falls in the wrong hands..." scenario. Hopefully CGC and the other third party grading companies can keep pace with conservation advances and be able to detect everything.
  8. Coming from the perspective of having contracted top comic conservators over the past 20 years, Bob's innovative work has me hollering a resounding "WOWZEE!!". I've seen the 'Mighty Mouse' first hand, and can attest to the quality of Bob's work and his attention to care and detail. Looking forward to more examples and great results!
  9. We've all been there. Sacrifices must be made, lines drawn, one treasure sold so another can be bought etc. Thus, my long held copy of Detective Comics #233 needs a new home, Most recent 3.0 sold a week and a half ago for $1500, and there isn't anything currently that low on the market that I am aware of. The Batwoman series starts in three weeks. Make of that what you will Detective Comics #233 CGC 3.0 OW - Shipping is $15 to continental US and $45 to Canada - I ship from within either the USA or Canada, so regardless of where you live you won't be charged any customs etc. I'm happy to ship anywhere else (please contact me for rates). First "I take it" in the thread wins, and then has 24 hours to close the deal. If not, the next "I take it" gets it etc. PM offers and questions are welcome as well. Payment via Paypal preferred. No returns on CGC books unless the case is damaged in transit. Thanks for looking!!