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  1. This prompted me to check, and lo and behold, I found my childhood copy! Still enclosed – boardless no less – in the original yellowing bag, where it's been resting since reading it. A few times. As much needed relief and escape from having to prepare for my looming Bar Mitzvah... Man, that was a fun series! I just might reread it this weekend.
  2. Thanks! I was just taking a breather from 3 hrs of conference calls and got lucky.
  3. Take: Amazing Spider-man #169 9.4 white $40 Spider-Woman #2 9.6 ow/w $25
  4. You took the words right out of my mouth. Looks like it.
  5. If we are thinking of the same guy in Winnipeg, he is top notch. A trained conservator. He's worked magic (both conserving and restoring) on many of my GA books.
  6. Likely because Avengers #1 doesn't have any 1st appearances, whereas X-Men #1 does.
  7. I think you know that you want to have the book restored, so just go with your heart on that one! In terms of who to use, I've had both Tracey Heft (Eclipse) and CCS (through dialogues with Matt) conserve Golden Age books for me (as well as a couple restorations). They both do excellent work, as do many other professional paper conservators. While I am sure there are amateurs out there who do good work, as someone who works with conservators (of many types of media/materials, but non of whom work on comics...) I personally only feel comfortable letting trained paper conservators work on my books. Good luck!
  8. My vote's for one of the Iron Man #1s. I'll go for the 6.5. Can't see any of the FF 48s even being in the running. But I'm dying to know!!