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  1. Posted a number of pages over the last few months: Some stuff I can do better on, so please ask if anything is of interest. Time payments are fine too. Highlights include: 140+ Iron Man pages Green Hornet Golden and Modern age pages including the complete mini series for Reign of the Demon 40+ Dark Horse Aliens pages by Mark Nelson Weird War Tales covers and splashes PM any questions, here or via CAF
  2. Night Thrasher #19 Cover Lee Sullivan. 1995. Nicely affordable cover for the New Warriors or Night Thrasher fans... $500 plus shipping. Paypal, net of fees.
  3. Weird War Tales #65 splash, was $900, would take $800.
  4. Felix 5-page story, was $550, now $500. See the rest of the pages in my CAF.
  5. Vintage Bob Layton Commission was $150, now $100
  6. Painted pages by Colin MacNeil for the 90s Tales of Suspense one-shot with Cap and Iron Man. Listed at $350 ea. Would take $250 ea.
  7. Vintage Jr Jr Iron Man Sketch. Was $200, now $150
  8. Savage She-Hulk 6, with Iron Man crossover. Mike Vosburg. Was $550, now $500
  9. Iron Man Annual 8 page 17 X-Factor crossover Was $400, now $300
  10. Heroes Reborn #11 Cover was $850 now $750
  11. Heroes Reborn #9 Cover $900 now $750
  12. Night Thrasher 19 Cover, was $750, now $650
  13. Sean Chen Iron Man pencil pinup, with enlarged inked version. Was $300, now $200.
  14. Iron Man pinup/commission, inked. Was $200, Now $150.
  15. Sold a nice handful of pieces so far. I'm going to be reducing some of the other pieces in my CAF. First up, Weird War Tales #35 cover. I posted it at $3000, reduced it to $2,750. Now down to $2250