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  1. I reached out to Dan 6-9 months ago to buy some art, and the responses were borderline incoherent. Needless to say, I didnt get far at all. Does anyone have a general synopsis of what titles Dan had left? Also, I have gotten a few pics of a page or two from friends from the show... at ludicrous prices. 2100 each for ho hum dr strange pages. So when people say picked clean, what was selling? I can understand xmen and simonson... but any other insight would be great. Thanks!!
  2. Added a 7-page Marvel UK Transformers story for $250 and 5 pages from Steel.
  3. Hi all, Updated my FS gallery: Marvel Robocop - over 90 pages on CAF and another 30 on ebay for sale. I'd take $40 a page if someone takes the lot. All feature Robo and half are twice-up. Dark Horse Aliens - 45 pages from the first DH series by Mark Nelson. Pages start at $100 and I'd give someone a good deal if they take the lot. Green Hornet - Complete 80-page mini series for Reign of the Demon $3K Hero for Hire - 13 pages by Billy Graham Iron Man - 150 pages PM here or via CAF. Thanks!
  4. Graham Nash of crosby stills nash owned the complete story for awhile until it changed hands. It comes up in whispers here and there since.
  5. Was just on Artists Choice website. A page I bought about 10 years ago is still listed as for sale.
  6. Some were quite a bit more. I bought some of the better ones.
  7. What would pre-10 pages roughly go for these days? Any one willing to speculate?
  8. Some additional pages added. Including a very early John Romita Jr. art from Marvel U.K.
  9. Bunch of random stuff for sale: Most everything is priced, but would consider offers on anything. Iron Man: 150+ pieces Aliens #1-6 Dark Horse Mini Series Mark Nelson: 46 pages Green Hornet: Golden age complete stories and pages, modern era pages, including complete mini-series for Reign of the Demon #1-4 (80 pages) Robocop: 100+ Marvel 1990s pages Etc. Thanks for looking!