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My first piece of art was a sketch of Spider-Man from John Romita who I met at the SDCC in 1996. The first piece of art work that I purchased was from the legendary Harry Lampert. There was twenty minutes left before the Con closed and I came across Harry and his lovely wife. He had all of these wonderful pieces of art. I chose a speeding Golden Age Flash catching a bullet in his hand. The piece was personally dedicated to me. I paid $175 dollars for it. My brother was with me. He said he never saw me so focused on obtaining something. It inspired him to buy his own Flash piece. That was the beginning of the madness.

I've met many artists: John Romita and JR JR Gene Colan Jim Mooney John Buscema Marie Severin Tim Sale Michael Golden Mike Mignola Todd McFarlane and many many more. It's been a blast. If my wallet matched my appetite I would be one of the biggest collectors around. I am happy with my small collection and I love to talk about art and artists with anyone.

The threads are fun, informative and sometimes contentious. Overall I think it's a great forum for like minded and not so like minded OA collectors to express opinions and passions. Feel free to contact me and shoot the breeze. I'm no snob:-) I love all kinds of art and enjoy hearing what others have to say.