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  1. This has been the most fun I have had on the boards (since maybe those Ricksneatstuff sales threads). I have been looking forward, everyday, to see everyone's books. Thank you all for participating! and here is my #1.
  2. 73 is a book I just ignored for a long time... but the more I look at it the more I like it. I used to view it as "busy" now I see it as "detailed".
  3. love the colors on 70, and maybe we should do a vote of best planet monster.
  4. took me a long time to find a reasonable copy of 67... very happy with this one, and pleased with the grade that came back.
  5. I bought my 65 here from Jimbo(jimjum12) then sent it in and was very pleased with the grade. Probably my favorite non-Rivet cover.(at least in my top 71)