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  1. so the "Coup De Gracie", the whole reason I put you all through this entire list is to show off this... Planet 65 7.0! only 5 higher! I have already forced my entire family to see this on AND APPRECIATE it "or else"!
  2. I personally really like this cover and the colors... but I have really struggled finding a nice looking copy so I am very pleased with this one.
  3. Planet 55 is one that I struggle with liking the colors on, but this is one I am real happy with. I like how the purple ship really pops.
  4. I have had some of these books for almost 2 years and am just now getting around to submitting. I forgot I had Planet 36 and over the moon about an 8.0.
  5. I love this cover and very pleased this came back as an upgrade for me.
  6. Planet 31 is not one of my favorite covers but, the colors on this really POP!
  7. I was hoping for a little more on this, but I love this cover!
  8. this is just an awesome book and very excited by the 6.5
  9. I got quite the bounty from Sarasota today... 1st up: very pleasing copy of Planet 18