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  1. Please add the following two comics to the set "Walking Dead (2003 Compete with Variants)". Walking Dead - The Alien nn Walking Dead 1 - The Last Wine Variant Suggest place both of these after the Tyreese Special / before the Amazing Arizona Comic Con Edition (2014). The first one (The Alien) should also be added to the set "Walking Dead (2003)" suggest at the end of the list, after "The Agents 6". Both of these books are so new to the market there is little to no information pertaining to the story line or the availability of these books. The Walking Dead - The Last Wine Variant appears to have only been available in liquor stores. Due to this lack of information from reliable comic book sites and the fact we have yet to officially grade these of these comic, I am choosing to wait before adding them to the sets in order to obtain more information when it becomes available.
  2. Just re-reading some of this thread, Ryan. With hindsight, how prophetic you might have been seven months ago with regard to #193...
  3. Welcome to the boards, My Lord* * FYI: A "Baron" is a member of the lowest order of the British nobility. It is not used as a form of address. Barons are usually being referred to as ‘Lord’.
  4. So the new / third TWD series is to be called The Walking Dead: World Beyond - see
  5. Originally, that WAS the case. You could obtain it for a donation (including $0) from Panel Syndicate. NOW, it is definitely a real comic which was released for the 5th annual Local Comic Store Day (LCSD) on 23 November 2019.
  6. Dear Mollie, Thank you for all of your help over the last few years. The best people can invariably move on, and I am sure many of us will miss you and the excellent advice and support you have given us. May I take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck in your new role. Best wishes Stephen
  7. Some international sets already exist (as noted below), and your two Italian books should slot into the Italian set beautifully. As for Los Muertos Vivientes, this might be (?) a Mexican edition. If so, it will go into the set below. The Peruvian set has not been created yet, but I will request this in due course. Argentina Italy Mexico Serbia I would like the other sets to be created in due course, including Peru - also Germany, France, Sweden and others. But so far, I don't think any/many have been graded. I am keeping a loose watching brief on this. Regards Stephen
  8. I hear there is a "Last Wine Variant" of TWD #1. It is (apparently) sent with deliveries by the Last Wine Company which produces Walking Dead Wine. I sent them an email to enquire, but (sadly) did not receive the courtesy of a response. Does anybody know anything about it?
  9. TWD news: “The Alien” coming to hard copy in November
  10. I support accurate, short, simple English names In the UK, there is a "Crystal" mark awarded to organisations for use of crystal clear language.
  11. Interesting - I didn't know that. Is it "Voldy" to advise newer members of the boards what / how this happened? On the question first raised, I like CGC slabs. I bought one "Voldy" once because I wanted the comic, and immediately had it re-slabbed by CGC. Generally speaking, I just buy comics I like. For investments, I think there may be more reliable / less risky options. Younger people reading this, your pension should not be overlooked.
  12. I joined as a Premium Member two years ago and have just completed my third renewal. If you pay by continuous direct debit, the fee is reduced to $129, and you still get the $150 credit. I save until I am ready to send in 25 books - the return shipping is the cheapest per book at that quantity. I have had zero issues redeeming the credit, and I believe I will remain a member "forever" on those terms. Best wishes Stephen
  13. Shot in the arm: Three TWD movies are being made by Universal... see recent info