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  1. TWD news: “The Alien” coming to hard copy in November
  2. I support accurate, short, simple English names In the UK, there is a "Crystal" mark awarded to organisations for use of crystal clear language.
  3. Interesting - I didn't know that. Is it "Voldy" to advise newer members of the boards what / how this happened? On the question first raised, I like CGC slabs. I bought one "Voldy" once because I wanted the comic, and immediately had it re-slabbed by CGC. Generally speaking, I just buy comics I like. For investments, I think there may be more reliable / less risky options. Younger people reading this, your pension should not be overlooked.
  4. I joined as a Premium Member two years ago and have just completed my third renewal. If you pay by continuous direct debit, the fee is reduced to $129, and you still get the $150 credit. I save until I am ready to send in 25 books - the return shipping is the cheapest per book at that quantity. I have had zero issues redeeming the credit, and I believe I will remain a member "forever" on those terms. Best wishes Stephen
  5. Shot in the arm: Three TWD movies are being made by Universal... see recent info
  6. Hi GG87, You could also look for Signature Series comics on eBay - saves all the hassle of buying tickets, queuing, witnesses, shipping and the uncertainty of what grade you might receive. #JustSaying
  7. I send in multiples of 25. Sending in groups of 25 seem to offer the best price for return postage per comic.
  8. Dear Mollie, I noticed that the two super-duper-rare Serbian editions of The Walking Dead comics are rated no higher than their bookstand equivalents. Please will you have a look at revising the scores for: 1. Okruzen Mrtvima 2 Serbian Sketch Edition / AND 2. Okruzen Mrtvima 10 Serbian Sketch Edition / The former (#2) was limited to just 50 copies of this B&W / sketch edition, and the latter (#10) to just 100. They both attract premium prices on the very few occasions they come to market. I suggest score them closer to or equivalent to other very rare TWD comics such as: (limited to 25) (limited to 105) (limited to 500) (limited to 500) (limited to 500) I also note that the CGC Registry Census Report is not working properly for these two comics - please correct this. Thank you :-) Stephen
  9. I have been interested in variant covers as my awareness of comic collecting increases. Reading this thread has only increased my interest. As at August 2019, according to my research, the Top 10 comics with multiple numbers of different/variant covers is shown below. 10: US Avengers #1 (2017), 64 variant covers 9: Harley Quinn #1 (2016), 79 variant covers 8: Star Wars #1 (2015), 85 covers 7: Detective Comics (1937) #1000, 86 covers 6: Vampirella #1 (2019), 89 covers 5: Dark Knight III, The Master Race #1 (2016), 91 covers =3: Godzilla: Kingdon of Monsters #1 (2011), 104 covers =3:Batman #50 (2016), 104 covers 2: Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #666, 145 covers (including 141 comic shop variants) 1: The Walking Dead #1 (2003), 246 covers (including 151 comic shop variants) as described in my Journal - see below
  10. @BladeTX - I have two copies of this. I believe there were just 500, all given out at the NYCC 2013. They were both in great condition, and I had one of them CGC slabbed - came back at 9.8. Happy to offer you the other one (which remains bagged but raw). If you want to trade, perhaps look at my 2003 with Variant set, and offer me something I don't have at 9.8? Regards Stephen
  11. Hi Jason, Welcome to the boards! The additions of these have already been requested, and no doubt Mollie will deal with adding them in due course. For future reference, it is probably worth looking over earlier addition requests to save yourself some time and avoid duplications. Best wishes Stephen
  12. I have been thinking about the overall timeline for the TV shows. I have found this apparently well-researched link to the 3632 days (the whole TWD story so far is about 10 years) between the Wildfire virus first reanimating corpses / 3500 days since the "global outbreak" (this latter being 59 days before Rick wakes up in season 1, episode 01) and the end of season 9. For example, from the global outbreak, which is suggested in real-world time as either 7 August or 14 October 2010, the CDC self-destructs on day 64, on the fifth day after Rick woke up. Abraham and Glenn die on day 598. Rick and Jadis depart by helicopter on day 1207 (3 years and 4 months). The pikes are on day 3407 (9 years and 4 months). It really helped me to start to understand the "time jumps". The second link is to the FTWD timeline, which is of 994 days (just over 2.5 years) from Season 1, episode 01 up to the Season 5 mid-season break. TWD: FTWD: It is not always clear how the two stories occur in parallel. It seems however reasonable to me to assume that the timelines are concurrent, as the global outbreak would likely be the same day across the US (+/- a day or so).
  13. I'm SO excited. My wife and I went to Walton and Forsyth in downtown Atlanta in May 2017, and saw the place where the Season 1 pilot / episode 01 finale was filmed (Rick/tank/walkers). Today, I have just booked for May 2020 for us to go back to Atlanta and Senoia (we have a hotel booked in 'Woodbury') to see some of the other TWD locations. I can barely contain my excitement :-)
  14. Yes. I have Argentinian, Italian, Mexican and Serbian CGC-slabbed comics in my collection.