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  1. Trust me. I have been blamed for much worse : - ) I just still think its fun that this is the scene in series 9 of a zombie apocalypse series that we (three) find so unbelievable..... Tee hee... And ditto (Ryan) - can't wait for the next instalment...
  2. This seems an important enough issue for NASA to have taken a look at it; see Apparently, terminal velocity of a human body is about 53 meters per second. That is, if you free fall, that is as fast as your mass to air resistance will allow you to fall. Acceleration occurs up to that point; after 3 seconds you are going 1/2 terminal velocity. After 8 seconds about 90% of terminal velocity. So, assume 6 seconds of fall at 1/2 the terminal velocity rate = 26 m/sec. 6 x 26 is over 150 meters; about 500 feet give or take. You are almost certainly dead... many decimal places into the 99th percentile. Up to about 12m/sec you will likely survive. So you can fall for maybe up to nearly 2 seconds and have a good hope of surviving. That sounds like maybe 20-25 feet or 6-8 meters. Did Beta fall about that far, or further? A 3-second fall is probably fatal if landing on a hard surface like the top of a lift car. The middle would probably be a normal distribution between survival and death between 7 meters and, say, 25-30 metres where you would virtually always die.
  3. Hi Molly, Please add to the Walking Dead (2003) & Walking Dead (2003 Complete with Variants) Registry sets the following issue(s): Walking Dead #185 Walking Dead #185 Variant Cover (Sienkiewicz) Walking Dead #186 Walking Dead #186 Variant Cover (Sienkiewicz) Walking Dead #187 Walking Dead #188 Walking Dead #189 Thank you, Stephen
  4. I found myself thinking "no-one could survive such a fall". Then I realised how ridiculous it was that this had surprised me so much in a show about zombies....
  5. No way did you seek and find all that in two hours! Completely, 100% interesting. Keep up the good work! Cheers Stephen
  6. Yes - I agree the revaluation: +2480 swing for 9.8 Universal and +2728 swing for 9.8 Signature Series. Did you intend the #2, Second Printing was also re-evaluated? There are even fewer of those... There are probably some other issues in the TWD sets that need attention too...
  7. In the UK, we have to wait 24 hours - we get it Monday night at 9pm (followed by Talking Dead). But yes. SUPER-excited for more Whisperers....
  8. Following my journal opener which covered The Walking Dead #1, this entry covers the issue with the second-most variant covers (20) in this series - #100. The Walking Dead (TWD) issue #100 (July 2012) shipped with a total of 20 variant covers and had a total order of 379,000 copies. This made it the largest selling single comic of the 2010s decade, the #2 highest ordered comic of the 21st Century so far, and the #1 comic of the century for Image Comics. A special chromium wrap-around cover by Charlie Adlard priced at $9.99 had 31,000 copies out of the total order. This was the peak of TWD 'fever' before Season 3 of the TV show debuted. Story summary: The three Saviors seen in issue 99 are complaining about the plan to attack the Alexandria Safe-Zone at dawn. One of them says that he is going to head for an unknown man by the name of Paul, who's group is farthest away. The Safe-Zone citizens are seen praying for their lives. Spencer approaches Andrea while she is keeping watch on top of the wall. Andrea is reluctant to talk to him when he starts to mention her and Rick, possibly thinking he's going to act jealous, but he instead reveals that he's happy for her and Rick. Eugene is seen mourning over Abraham's grave, while Father Gabriel is in the church praying. Aaron and Eric prepare for The Saviors, taking an inventory of the Safe-Zone's guns and ammunition. While on the road, Michonne says that the group will not make it to the Hilltop community in time. Glenn is still optimistic about it but they stop the van for the night. As Michonne takes first watch, Rick thanks her for everything, and says they'll have to be on the road by dawn. Rick says goodbye to Glenn, and states that he is happy for him. Later, as Michonne kills a few roamers, Rick takes over her shift. Rick sits on top of the van, barely awake, when suddenly a man catcher is put around his neck and he is pulled off the van. The perpetrator turns out to be the Savior that Rick spared on the road earlier to deliver a message to Negan. He taunts Rick, before ordering one of the three Saviors accompanying him to signal the rest. The Savior fires his gun in the air. The survivors rush out of the van only to find Rick being held hostage. Before they can even get their bearings, a truck pulls up carrying a massive group of Saviors. A man carrying a modified baseball bat asks for the leader, so the Savior that captured Rick identifies him as such. The man introduces himself as Negan. The Saviors line up the survivors from the van (Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Michonne and Heath) on their knees. Negan informs the group that he wants revenge for the dead Saviors that Rick and his people killed. Negan then dictates the terms for the group's survival; everything in the Alexandria Safe-Zone now belongs to the Saviors. Negan further states that there is a new world order and that Rick and his people now follow Negan or they will die. Negan then tells Rick that he is going to kill one of the group to show Rick's people that he is in charge. Negan introduces his weapon of choice for the execution: Lucille - a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. After a long narrative from Negan about who should be killed with Lucille, Negan randomly picks Glenn as his victim by playing a game of "eeny, meeny, miny, moe". Maggie panics as Glenn begs Negan not to kill him. Rick tries to intervene, but Negan snaps at Rick, telling him that there are fifty men surrounding them and they will all die if they try to stop Glenn's execution. Rick and the others remain silent and watch in horror and cry with bowed heads as Negan smashes Glenn's head in with Lucille. The first blow fractures Glenn's skull and pops out an eye (consistent with the TV show 7.01). Everyone cries, looking horrified and angry at Negan. Negan then taunts the still conscious and now brain-damaged Glenn, who reaches out and calls for Maggie. Negan then repeatedly and brutally smashes Lucille into Glenn's head, leaving a mass of broken bone, smashed brains, and spattered blood. Still crying for his friend, Rick angrily tells Negan "I'm going to kill you. (...) Not today, not tomorrow... but I WILL kill you". Negan gleefully tells him that he won't, as his best chance is right now. He challenges Rick to do so, though ensuring him that as soon as he does, the Saviors will kill the survivors on the spot. He also threatens to have his men gang rape Carl if Rick continues to act defiantly. After slapping Rick around, Negan once again reiterates that he's the one in charge now. He informs Rick and his group that The Saviors will be back in one week to collect half of everything in their community. He turns around, leaving the survivors with Glenn's mangled corpse. Comic variants: After #1, this is the TWD comic produced with the greatest number of variant covers - there are 20 variants as noted below in alphabetical order: 100 - Adlard and Rathburn, regular cover A 100 - Adlard variant cover 100 - Barnes & Noble Edition 100 - Chromium Edition (wraparound cover) 100 - Convention Edition 100 - Escape Edition 100 - Hero Initiative (LE105) 100 - Hitch variant cover 100 - Lucille Edition (a Retailer Initiative, LE500) 100 - McFarlane variant cover 100 - Ottley Sketch Cover (known as the 'Comixology' variant, LE500) 100 - Ottley Variant cover 100 - Phillips variant cover 100 - Quitely variant cover 100 - Red Foil Edition (LE250) 100 - Silvestri variant cover 100 - Sketch cover 100 - Skybound Megabox Edition (the most-recently produced #100, December 2016) 100 - Second Printing 100 - Third Printing (part of the six-part #97-#102 set showing Negan holding Lucille horizontally; the other five each present as Second Printings) Rarity: Of these 20 different covers, the Hero Initiative version is by far the rarest and most valuable with just 105 produced, each with a hand-drawn and signed cover. There are also a few, perhaps 10-15, blank covers which seem to have leaked into the market. CGC will not grade these as they are "unofficial". A separate book called the 100 Project was also produced showing each of the individually-drawn/signed covers. The next most-rare, at just LE250, is the Red Foil Edition showing Negan's baseball bat Lucille on the cover. The Lucille Edition and the Comixology variant (Ottley Sketch Cover) are equally rare and valuable, with just 500 of each produced.
  9. Can I just re-check the numbers on the #1? Yesterday you mentioned 60,814. Above you mentioned 31,043. Is this something/anything to do with the store variants (by my calculations 151 store variants x 500 copies minimum order = 75,500)? Do you know which is correct? Sorry to be "geeky"... Thanks, Stephen
  10. Hi Mollie, I am starting on a new TWD set - please create it: Set name: Walking Dead (Mexico) - as The set should comprise: Comics 1-26 Governor Special Tyreese Special Michonne Special 10th Anniversary Edition La Mole Comic Con edition - as CGC #1362895009 Thank you, Regards Stephen
  11. I agree too with Ryan and Blade. If it was not officially produced (and it wasn't - "It was never OK'd to print" - see below the official comment from Showcase), it should not be added to the official set. It reminds me of the fake "Museum Edition" bouncing around a while back. Theft should never be rewarded. From the Showcase Facebook site: "Attention everyone interested in the elusive Showcase Comics Walking Dead Variant: The eBay seller is not lying. This book is incredibly rare because it’s not supposed to exist. When we made our order for the variant we were super excited to do another store exclusive, but did not like the way the proof looked when it was emailed to us, so we cancelled the order before it went to print. Someone decided to run off a few copies I guess and they were leaked from the printer. We did not get ANY copies of this issue. It was never OK’d to go to print. The eBay seller is in no way affiliated with the store, we had zero knowledge that this book existed till Tuesday when we were contacted out of the blue by someone looking for a copy, then someone else, another someone else, and add another dozen and a half people to that in 2 days calling and looking for it, and you can see what we are dealing with right now. We have been in contact with Image regarding this issue and will keep you all posted."
  12. DST - thank you for making Dan/Drummy such a happy man. I love the comic too.
  13. You're not the only geek (!). I like data like this (especially if I believe it), and I hope you'll continue to research and share it. I believe the sales numbers here - I would expect #1, #19, #100 to sell above the others. How did #27 fare? It doesn't surprise me that #108 (Exeziel and Shiva) sold fewer. My observation is that the five (so called) 1:100s from the 15th Anniversary Blind Bags seem VERY rare indeed. If there really were 135-308 produced, they are are hardly showing up on the well-known auctions at all. We'll see.... Thank you for sharing. Top man!
  14. So far as I can see, this thread now has just 25 followers. Very few of these appear active... As for me, I love the comics and I love the show. Can't wait for the return of the season 9 mid-season premiere next weekend. And I'm hoping to visit the Senoia TWD sets in May/June 2019.