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  1. And now we have a BRONZE foil of this comic to find... That makes SIX variant covers - First Printing, Bronze Foil, Silver Foil, Gold Foil, Red Foil, and the Second Printing.
  2. Apparently yes. And there will be variant covers too. I have just seen that issue one has FIVE variants (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D and 1E). I suspect there will be another 600+ by the time we get back to 193 in seven or eight years time....
  3. I am 100% with @ZombieDealer Let's add two new sets - Walking Dead Delux with Variants (2020) and Walking Dead Delux (2020). As @Sensei Ryan has said elsewhere, I think any book eligible for the a slot in the first set should be acceptable for its corresponding slot in the second set.
  4. Congratulations @Sensei Ryan on your award for Best Presented Set. I'm really pleased for you! Best Stephen
  5. TWD comic collectors: I think we should have CGC set up two new Registry sets for us: 1. Walking Dead Delux (2020) 2. Walking Dead Delux (2020 with Variants) In my view, these do not belong in the current "2003" sets.
  6. And for the first time, Charlie will be doing covers for TWD 1-6
  7. Here are some of the colored pages from Delux issue #1 with info on the new "Cutting Room Floor" inclusion, and other news on the new versions -
  8. Ouch! Strangely, I feel more for Mr 9.8. Mr 9.9 might be hurting too, but he has a much rarer slab. My "rule" for buying things is "But what you like". That way, whatever happens in the future market, you'll still "Like it".
  9. When a TWD comic issue is "one per store" (for example the recent Negan Lives Gold Foil), how many does that mean were in the print run (i.e. how many stores are there)?
  10. I have bought quite a few CGC books from Ryan over the last two years. Always a good communicator, always fair, always great packaging. I recall he once went right out of his way to help me re-slab a book from CBCS to CGC. I have no doubt I'll buy from him again, and have no hesitation at all in recommending him to you.
  11. Tom and I completed a high-value trade in May 2020. I sent him a comic and he sent me one (+cash) in return. Everything worked well, and I am pleased to recommend him as a "comic partner" to others.
  12. I bought my three Negan Lives covers from eBay, and the first one (Silver cover) arrived in the mail today. It presents beautifully. I'm waiting for a Red logo regular one to arrive so I can read the "Negan News"...
  13. I have been working with a few TWD "nuts" (and fountains of wisdom) to create a list of TWD rarities - those limited edition comic runs from conventions and from special boxes (etc). We have a rough draft to share. If anyone here would like to see it/comment on it/correct it before we post it on here for the world to refer to, please ping me a DM with your email address :-)
  14. Great experience (great communication, fair dealing, timely shipping) in completing a trade with @BladeTX Everything worked perfectly - payment of the balance, speed of transaction, everything. Highly recommended boarder!