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  1. Dear Matt, Please add the following comics to the following TWO sets: 1. Walking Dead Deluxe (Complete with Variants) 1 Second Printing, Gold Foil Edition 1 Second Printing, Red Foil Edition 2. Walking Dead Deluxe Add these two (as above) as eligible for their corresponding TWDD slot Thank you and regards, Stephen
  2. I watched season 10, episode 22 "Here's Negan" last night (we get it a day late in the UK due to the time difference). I think it was an AWESOME episode. I'm not going to spoil your first watch, except to say: 1. Look for Negan's surname... 2. Look for the Iron Maiden Easter egg... 3. A jukebox dispute is how all this started... Brilliant episode, actors Jeffrey and Hilarie, and writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. Clearly one of the best episodes in the series.
  3. Dear Matt, Please add the following comics to the following TWO sets: 1. Walking Dead Deluxe (Complete with Variants) 1 Second Printing 1 Second Printing Sketch 2 Second Printing 2 Second Printing Sketch 3 Second Printing 3 Second Printing Sketch 4 Second Printing 4 Second Printing Sketch 5 Second Printing 5 Second Printing Sketch 6 Second Printing 6 Second Printing Sketch 7 Finch Sketch (Comic Vault Live Edition) 8 8 Variant Cover 8 Tedesco Variant Cover 9 9 Variant Cover 9 Tedesco Variant
  4. Commenting upon " was the last time..." Suggest never say "never". Maybe you should just see it as taking a break. I loved comics as a kid. I know I had a SS #1 - long, long since binned. My break was a long one. I came back to comics when I started loving The Walking Dead. It doesn't matter what might trigger your return. But just something you love, eh?
  5. I am attracted to @SeanYork's sentiments here. It is unfortunate to see that no/nil/nada/zilch requests to add a book to a set in the correct 2021 thread has been attended to so far this year - already a c. seven-week backlog. I have never understood CGC's (apparent) two-step process. It would seem logical to me that when a book is graded, and a unique number allocated to it, that book should be added right away to the current set/s it is eligible for. At some point in the future, someone will want to add it to a set. When I have a book graded, or buy a graded book, I really want to be ab
  6. I agree with Shawn @bigclutch. The TWD franchises could (and should) go on for a very long time. What we've seen may only be the start...
  7. Every country has its own position on taxes, and I think it is a good idea for anyone moving goods across borders to understand the rules for the applicable territories. For example, I live in the UK. Books (including comic books) are tax and duty free when imported into my country. The origin of this position was "there should be no taxation of knowledge", and this is now interpreted broadly. The upshot is that the shipper (CGC or anyone overseas that I purchase from) must write the word "Book" on the customs declaration. If they do so, the packages arrives tax and fuss-free. If they fail to
  8. The sale price of TWD #1 seems to be cranking up everywhere. And this is being widely commented upon in the TWD, CGC and other comic FB Groups. Recommendation: "HOLD"
  9. Dear Matt, Please add the following comics to the following TWO sets: 1. Walking Dead Deluxe (Complete with Variants) 5 5 Variant Cover 5 Adlard Variant Cover 6 6 Variant Cover 6 Adlard Variant Cover 6 Tedesco Variant Cover 7 7 Variant Cover 7 Adams Variant Cover 2. Walking Dead Deluxe 6 (any comic eligible for its corresponding TWDD (Complete with Variants) slot 7 Ditto Thank you and regards, Stephen Slots added 4/5/21.
  10. Hi there, and welcome about the good ship TWD! #100 was the first Negan, and there were 20 different covers for the issue - see Best wished from the UK Stephen
  11. Hi Ryan, wishing you a belated happy 29th (or something) birthday. I hope you managed to find something fabulous to do to remember your special day. When I was 40 (which was... cough, cough...) a few years ago, I did a round-the-world trip. I spent my 40th birthday in Tokyo, and flew to Vancouver overnight, where I landed on the morning of my 40th birthday #InternationalDateLine I thought your "page" present from @BladeTXand @Crops068was just AWESOME! Best wishes Stephen
  12. I saw this in the week in a collected-posts e-mail, and I thought what a thoughtful and generous gift for @Sensei Ryan's birthday. #Respect
  13. I am a UK-based collector too, and have spent MILLIONS on shipping fees to/fro the US over the years (well, probably not 000,000s in fact, but often it feels like it). I think the commercial opportunity to grade comics in the UK is one that CGC should look at. I know I would use it, and know others too who are sick of inflated postage charges and slow (or lost) deliveries.