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  1. I am a UK-based collector too, and have spent MILLIONS on shipping fees to/fro the US over the years (well, probably not 000,000s in fact, but often it feels like it). I think the commercial opportunity to grade comics in the UK is one that CGC should look at. I know I would use it, and know others too who are sick of inflated postage charges and slow (or lost) deliveries.
  2. Firstly, I say what I always say. Buy what you like at a price you can afford. I collect the TWD comics because I like them. If a price moves (either up, or down), like any other investment, I learn from it. Secondly, TWD is an immense franchise with comics, TV, theme park rides and other collectibles. The Deluxe (colour) comics have just launched. For a while, we've believed that one, two or three theatre movies are also on the way. There is a HUGE audience for a great story out there. That's why the TWD story will always be re-, re-, re-told. The future possibilities are endless... (ima
  3. While browsing that well-known auction site, I saw a WoWo #750 Sketch Edition drawn by the afore mentioned artist. I liked it, and bought it (I bought it BECAUSE I liked it). I don't remember what I paid, but I do recall thinking it was a bargain for "original art". I knew NOTHING about the copying of others' work - I have only found this thread today while looking for references to the artist's work. And there is a certain irony here.... I wrote to the artist saying that he should consider submitting his work to CGC for grading as Signature Series. "You'll likely be able to sell it for more..
  4. Hey @BladeTX, I was sent a photograph of that Rathburn back cover, and have added it into the thread. It was sketched at NYCC '17, and also signed by RK (hence the Yellow/Green label). I understand it sold for $4k.
  5. The History of #FoilFever: The Walking Dead (TWD) Foil Fever started back in 2004 with the Image Vol 1 Retailer Incentive Hardcover (shown in the photograph). These were sent out to comic stores to promote the release of TWD Vol 1. We believe they were a limited edition of just 500 (LE500). According to Shawn @bigclutch Kirkman's Facebook page, "These are very rare". There have also been Chromium comics, such as one of the x20 TWD #100 variants and the Mexican La Mole Comic Con 2019 edition. But these are not officially #FoilFever Foil Fever 2020: There was much excitement
  6. Please add Invincible #1 Free Comic Book Day Edition (as comic #3721953006) to set Thank you, Stephen The book already exists in the set. Thank you
  7. Hi Oliver. Welcome to the group. Like you, I am a non-US member. I live in the UK. That means - amongst other things - that we get the TV shows on Monday nights instead of Sundays. Being in the TD audience would be great, and I'd love to do it one day. A great memory, I'm sure. Best wishes, Stephen
  8. Thank you for the note. I did join in, and bought a TWDD #1 Finch BW Variant (hope to get an u/g to a 9.9) and an Invincible FCBD #1 9.8SSx2. I also bought a 34" Lucille baseball bat. I was goofing about paying that I missed the point about the TWDD Red Foil. What was said? Kind regards Stephen
  9. Hi Ryan, I hope all is well with you. Good point. I've just added it in there too :-) FYI: I have two TWDD (TWD Deluxe) CGC 9.9s (1A and 1E), and keen to get them onto the Registry. I have requested the two sets (WDD 2020 // WDD 2020 with Variants) we discussed on the TWD thread during the summer, and hope to see them created for us soon. Best wishes, Stephen