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  1. Hi Matt, A quirky comic addition, ID has sneaked into the TWD with variants 2003 set ( I don't think such a comic exists - please check, and if necessary remove it. There are 157 Store Editions, plus the "Retailer" edition, which presently sits alphabetically amongst the rest at "R". Regards Stephen Hello @StephenWA, I have reached out to our graders for confirmation and will update the set if necessary. Thank you.
  2. I live in the UK. But have holidayed and made work trips to the US since 1991. Five years ago, my wife and I decided to visit all 50 states. We checked them off as we completed our list using (our recommended) app "Been". We completed seven road trips including two coast-to-coast to finish off the states we had not previously visited. I remember a discussion as to what actually constitutes having "been" to a city or state. Our conclusion was based on three determinants: 1. We had to stay overnight; 2. We had to have a beer in a local bar; and 3. We had to have a story to tell when we left. On our travels, we used Google to find comic shops in cities as we passed through ("Comic shop near me" with location services activated). Thus we have been to a lot of US comic shops! Most cities have 2-4 that we could find; of course some have more. We met some super-nice people. I remember meeting Chewbacca (the late Peter Mayhew)'s best man in Boise, Idaho, and some zombie extras from The Walking Dead in Atlanta, GA. I'm a returnee to comics after collecting them as a kid. I missed the late 80s-early 90s "hay-day" as others have described it. I just wanted to say that comics stores are still "out there" and generally crewed by great, really pleasant people. And thank you to my wife for indulging me...
  3. Hi Matt Please amend the slot name on this comic to "Walking Dead 1 Wizard World Columbus Sketch Edition (2015)". The labels on the graded comics ARE correct, but the slot name in the Registry shows "Ohio" instead of Columbus. Thank you, Stephen Slot name updated. Thank you
  4. It's not mine. I don't recall where I got this front from. If its owner sees this post/string, I'd be pleased to receive for posting a scan of the back.
  5. Again, I am trying to get ahead of the curve. I am a collector of this set, and would like it shown accurately. Please add the books. Regards Stephen
  6. Please correct the set listing for issue #25 of Walking Dead (Italy) There are 16 different covers in total as follows (the current listing for #25 can be amended or deleted): Newsstand cover A, Axe Newsstand cover B, Bat Newsstand cover C, Chainsaw Newsstand cover D, Machete Adlard Sketch Variant Chromium 100 Variant Lucca Comics and Games Variant Lucille Variant Negan Variant Hitch Variant McFarlane Variant Ottley Variant Phillips Variant Quitely Variant Silvestri Variant Zombie Walk Variant Thank you, Stephen CGC has only graded the regular issue and Walking Dead Weekly #25. I am not able to add the other slots as we have not graded any of the books. Thank you
  7. Please correct the set: Walking Dead (Italy) The existing comic #43 in the Registry "Adlard & Lucca Variant Edition" is actually TWO comics, and was previously added inaccurately. The registry should show that there are FOUR versions of #43: #43 #43 Adlard Variant #43 Lucca 2016 Variant #43 Zombie Walk 2016 Variant (to be added please as per my earlier request in this thread). Thank you, Stephen We only have the regular issue of Walking Dead #43 in our system and have not graded any of the variants yet. I did not make changes to this section as the current slots are empty. I am happy to update the slots once CGC grades the Italian Edition of any of the books as this will confirm the information. Thank you
  8. Please add to the set: Walking Dead (Italy) #27 regular newsstand edition (please retain the existing variant "Zombie Walk Edition") #37 Lucca Comics Variant #37 Zombie Walk Variant #40 Variant #41 Etna Comics Variant #43 Zombie Walk 2016 Variant #48 Variant #50 Variant #50 Kirkman Variant #53 #54 #55 #55 Lucca 2018 Variant #56 #56 Lucca Variant #56 Andrea Variant #56 Governor Variant #56 Michonne Variant #56 Rick Variant #57 #58 #58 Comicon Variant #58 Romics Variant #59 #59 Pride 2019 Variant #59 Sienziewicz Variant #60 #60 Sienziewicz Variant #61 #61 Sienziewicz Variant #62 #62 Sienziewicz Variant #63 #63 Sienziewicz Variant #64 #65 #66 Michonne Special Michonne Special Bonelli Variant Governor Special Tyreece Special The Walking Dead Special - Piccole Storie 2016 Thank you, Stephen The Italian Editions for the requested books above are not in the CGC system yet and cannot be added at this time. I am happy to circle back to this post if this changes.
  9. Dear Sir, Yes, I would like you to reconsider; you may not have read my request carefully enough. I asked that the 157 Store editions (TWD 15th Anniversary) each have their scores increased above 32 points (for a 9.8 Universal). The three examples I provided were of other TWD comics limited in availability to 500 copies only. Please revisit my request. Regards Stephen @StephenWA Thank you for clarifying. I am happy to reconsider some of the point values initially assigned. Please note that we assign the initial market value for modern books but will reconsider once the secondary market presents itself. For most books, it may be safe to assume that there is not a large enough secondary market needed to make appropriate changes as we prefer multiple sales in multiple grades to formulate properly. Can you please provide a list of books that you wish to have reviewed? Thank you
  10. In October 2018, Image/Skybound offered comic stores an opportunity for a store-unique The Walking Dead #1 comic to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the first edition. 157 stores accepted this invitation, and the comics were published - there were 500 for each store which accepted. Comics are being collected in two sets, and almost 200 have already been graded by CGC: 1); AND 2) The Registry scores for these variants should be higher than the 32 points (for a 9.8 Universal) currently awarded. There are only 500 of each which makes them MUCH rarer than 32 points suggests. For example: Here's Negan Preview, also 500 copies = 250 points 100 Ottley Sketch cover, also 500 copies = 400 points 100 Lucille Edition, also 500 copies = 440 points Please give this bump request your kind consideration. Regards Stephen Hi Steven, Thank you for providing this information. The 3 books you referenced are all above 32 points in 9.8. Here's Negan Preview is already assigned 250 points for a 9.8 and cannot be increased at this time as recent sales are in line. Walking Dead 100 Ottley Sketch Cover is assigned 400 for a 9.8 and cannot be increased. I was able to provide a small bump for the Lucille Edition. Please let me know if I overlooked something on my end as I would be happy to reconsider.
  11. I read your post, and through the many helpful replies. I learned a bit from those to (so thanks y'awl). I have little to add that hasn't been said before. So I'll just say I'm sorry for your pain, and I hope the return and refund works out well for you. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes Stephen
  12. I have been offered that service by "A Place in Space" You'll also find them on eBay. I have not used the service, but I have bought 9.8 graded comics from them. Hope this helps :-)
  13. For now, it seems the complete The Walking Dead comic collection in English language comprises 663 different comics in the main set + 53 TWD Weekly + 4 Survivor Guides = 720. I have also updated my Journal on TWD #1 to reflect the full 253 different covers of that first edition - see
  14. Hey Beardeddeadpool, Please can you send or add a photo for of it this collection? We're aiming to find all 25! Best wishes Stephen