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  1. This ended up being a much shorter sale than I thought it would be Hope the buyer enjoys! I just packed it up like it was heading for a war zone. I also am selling a few other pieces on my ebay, like this Tony Moore Fear Agent Splash and Ryan Sook BPRD unpublished page. Apparently, I'm cheap. So have at it!
  2. The title says it all! Selling my Sandman page. This is a big one. Auction is OBO but won't go down too much. Feel free to offer me money off ebay, as I'm more inclined to haggle without fees!
  3. I was able to secure a page from issue 95 that I really like! I'd still be interested in other pieces at the right price and DEFINITELY still ISO #94 Page 16.
  4. First post and straight to the point! I am looking to buy some Cory Walker original art. I'm interested in both sketches and original pages from Invincible or Irredeemable Ant-Man. And yes, I'm talking to Rob If you happen to have issue #94 Page 16 please let me know, even if you have no intention of selling it. Thanks all!