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  1. MadripoorNights

    Manufacturing error

    I'm conflicted on whether I think the book is cool or not, but I do like the seller's description: "The book was cut into a "V" shape by the manufacturer and is perfectly imperfect."
  2. MadripoorNights

    *IMPORTANT* CGC 1st Appearance Stan Lee

    Fan theory: the OP and Bitcoinswami are the same character.
  3. MadripoorNights

    To Slab or not to Slab 2 -Electric Boogaloo

    Those are just speed holes to reduce wind resistance and make the comic go faster. List it as the super sport variant for 3x your cost.
  4. MadripoorNights

    To Slab or not to Slab?

  5. I watched a video on the Revoltech Wolverine and it looks cool, but there is a big price range difference. There are sub-$25 versions on eBay that look like Chinese knockoffs, up to around $90 on Amazon. I'm curious which version yours is and where you got it from. Anybody have experience with the knockoffs for a fraction of the authentic model prices?
  6. MadripoorNights

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    Oh man, a preview for an upcoming "It's Friday!" thread. It's only Monday and I'm already excited.
  7. MadripoorNights

    Statue Collections

    I’m digging the PVC statues that have good detail for a reasonable price. The brown suit Wolverine is a recent release that I preordered for myself and my wife decided to wrap up as a Christmas present.
  8. MadripoorNights

    Doctor X's Christmas Contest 2018 is in Motion

    The comment was more meant to illustrate that I liked your arrangement and thought it was more challenging, but thanks for the side helping of snarky attitude. Merry Christmas!
  9. MadripoorNights

    Doctor X's Christmas Contest 2018 is in Motion

    $733.97 I once won an original MOC 1977 Stormtrooper action figure and a water jug full of coins for guessing the amount within a few dollars. I think having them spread out like this makes it much harder to guess.
  10. Beat but complete, and not bad eye appeal even with the tape. I'd say it presents as a 2.0, but if you slab it the grade may be closer to 1.0. I would put it in a shiny mylar and display on my shelf. Even if you sell it raw, an individual's higher perceived grade may drive a better price than a lower assigned grade.
  11. MadripoorNights


    Playing a little detective myself, here was the original listing. I count three potential flaws just on the front cover pic, easily negating a super-high grade. The buyer was obviously a little naïve to believe the grade estimate and shouldn't have left bad feedback just for the grading. That said, the seller's response was atrocious and I've blocked them. I prefer not to give business to someone who acts like that. Edit: They actually sold several like this recently, also under the name coasttocoastcomics2. Here, here, here, and here.
  12. MadripoorNights

    Venom 1, Wolverine 1 all in CGC 10

    FYI, there is only one Wolverine #1 (1988 series) in CGC 10, and it sold for nearly $18k in 2016. That’s going to be a pretty difficult pickup.
  13. MadripoorNights

    WTB Wolverine #145 "Bone Claw" Error

    Ok, thanks for looking out. Still interested if one turns up!
  14. MadripoorNights

    WTB Wolverine #145 "Bone Claw" Error

    Sure, please PM the details.
  15. I had a 9.9 in a cracked case reholdered with no issue. As mentioned above, just make sure the inner well isn't compromised or that the book has been damaged. I think if CGC has a reason to re-grade they will, but if everything looks intact they just assign the same grade.