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  1. Hello sir, I sent you message regarding the Hulk 181. Can you send closer pics and pics of the back cover?
  2. I'm eyeing some ASM 14 and Hulk 181. I like 181 because of Wolverine but also because he's well known character just as Green Goblin. Who knows I might have to get both!
  3. me too man. I'm young so still learning all of this stuff. I have retirement set up, most people my age haven't even thought of that yet.
  4. Can I get some pictures of the back? And closer pics?
  5. I like ASM 14 just because Geeen Goblin has always been known to fans or anyone mostly. Kind of like Wolverine. I'm thinking between 181 or ASM14. I was gonna try to go for JIM83 but can't find good priced one.
  6. I was thinking ASM 300 at 9.6, but lots of them are floating around.
  7. If you invest in the right comic, and a high number of comics it will be thousands. I'm not talking about just holding onto one book. You're reading too far into my question. My question is, as long term investment, which comics can I get for $800 that would be money well spent. Meaning I get a book that's going to GAIN value. Do I have disposable income, no. However do i think if I start with collecting the right books, I can one day cash in? Maybe. You make it seem as if I am trying to strike it big, I'm not. I'm just trying to figure out or get people's opinions on books that would be good buys, and have been known to go up in value each year. Whether it's 50 bucks or 100 bucks a year.
  8. Yes 48. I'm using the mic on my phone to talk I'm stuck in traffic and it's stop and go so I can't necessarily type all that out
  9. I don't know why it did that at the last two sentences. Forgive me for using the mic to talk instead of typing myself on the keyboard.
  10. Yeah for sure. I've only been doing it for year, and I already have fantastic 448 at a five point no raw and some other key comic books but that's really about it. I just sold some of my other key comic books to make the 800 and now I find it more possible to find a significant or important silver Age comic to obtain, even if it is expensive for a 1.8 or lower
  11. That's exactly what I'm trying to explain. I just want to make sure that if I spend $100 on the comic, that comic isn't going to lose value immediately such as NYX three did or other known comics. I want to make sure that if I'm spending $800 on one comic book, that I'll be able to make that back and then some. Not necessarily become a millionaire LOL.I want to make sure that if I'm spending $800 on one comic book, that I'll be able to make that back and then some. Not necessarily become a millionaire LOL.
  12. I mean of course it's not going to generate as much as a 15 or Batman number one has. However if I was to spend $800 on the right comic book and hold onto it for 1015 years who knows how much I'll be able to make back on it. I plan on putting more money into investing on other comics however being said I have $800 now , I'm just trying to see what is out there that would be suggested to use it on instead of something that is just popular for the moment.