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  1. I got a GSX 1 with Off White pages graded at 6.0 for trade. Looking to get either 5.0 FF 48, 4.0 ASM 3, or 5.0 ASM 14 (must be graded).
  2. Bump! Updated price and books for trade.
  3. Rules: No returns Only accept PayPal. Selling this beautiful Giant Size X-men #1 to try and get focused back on obtaining some earlySpider-Man villain books. Looking to get $2,000 or best offer. Will trade for graded ASM 3, ASM 4, ASM 6, or ASM 14. If lower grade, will accept cash on top.
  4. Bought a FF 13 from Omaha. Quick response, fast shipping, and awesome packing. Definitely would do business with again. Smooth transaction. Thanks again man.
  5. Looking for a graded Fantastic Four 49 at 5.0 to 7.0. No tape on cover or in book and must be off white pages or better. Paying GPA. Thanks in advance
  6. Looking for GSX 1 CGC’d at 3.5 to 6.0 with off white pages or better. Must not have tape on outside or inside the book. Post below if any available.