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  1. Harley Yee Contact Information

    This guy is from MS? Does anyone know his EBay name?
  2. The Future of Comic Books

    Yeah I could see that. What I mean by the future of them, a lot of millennial s today don't seek a lot of interest in comics at all.
  3. The Future of Comic Books

    Yeah I can see that. My biggest concern is most people this day and age could care less about comic books. There are some, myself included, that grew up watching the cartoons and such, but just seems a lot of the millennial care more about social media and such then comics. I guess that's where I'm trying to get at.
  4. The Future of Comic Books

    I can agree with that. I mean they're cool but I feel they are losing their meaning.
  5. The Future of Comic Books

    I agree the new Cap America story isn't the best. I was just wondering because I collect for the art, history, and story. Also as a way to spend money and eventually make the money back or even earn a little if possible, but I make sure I buy characters I like so I'm not disappointed entirely. I do consider the chances of said comic going up though, that's for sure.
  6. The Future of Comic Books

    Can it not be read virtually though? Baseball does give stats, correct so you do have a point there.
  7. The Future of Comic Books

    The same can be said about comics, you can download the virtual books from online too. not saying I agree with them by any means, but it does make you think.
  8. The Future of Comic Books

    True, but you can't say these constant come out of variants is helping it any. Isn't variants what caused the 90s crash?
  9. The Future of Comic Books

    The Future of Comic Books Me and my coworkers had a discussion today, because I recently bought a Hulk 181. They decided to bring up how baseball cards used to be worth a lot before, but currently the interest is slim to none. With today's generation, how does everyone feel the market will be in the future for comics? Do they think it'll continue to grow, or eventually die out?
  10. well I just bought a Hulk 181 at 5.0 with OW pages so yeah haha.
  11. I've head mysterio app and black panther on my radar for a bit. Just gotta decide which is better to go with from those two as well as other characters such as batgirl, green goblin, etc.
  12. Very highly considering these books for future transactions, any minimum grade to buy or not to buy below?
  13. At what grade minimum for that book for it to be considered Blue chip?
  14. Damn some of them jumped a bit from then. I guess it's good to compare those to today's because the ceiling can be anywhere really especially for AV1 and ASM14
  15. Yeah I'm considering FF 52 especially after seeing the trailer. The way they depicted him is awesome! I feel depending on how movies make characters out to be from comics, more people are willing to follow suit of buying that comic. For example Wolverine first app.