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  1. Since we have such a varied and eclectic bunch of collectors on this forum, I was wondering what comics when they were kids (or big kids) got them started into this wonderful hobby. My Top 3 were G.I. Joe 39, Transformers 8 both at the Bookstore/LCS and a DC Blue Ribbon Digest I begged my Mom to buy me when we were at the grocery store checkout.
  2. Krydel4

    Spidey Triple Threat

    Not detached but it does have a spine split at the bottom corner.
  3. ASM 13 $130 2.0 Ebay ASM 14 $260 1.0 LCBS ASM 15 $130 3.0 EBay $19765 Remaining 76/250 Books The ASM 14 has a clipped 1"×1" coupon. It's so neatly cut out that I completely missed it the first time flipping through and had to go back and look for it. Otherwise it's closer to a 3.0 to 4.0. I'll buy books like that all day.
  4. Krydel4

    4 mil vs 2ml mylites

    I use them. They do give the books a nice solid feel when used in conjunction with a fullback board. I only need to use one board with 4 mil. I use a fullback + a halfback with the 2 mil to get the same rigidity and solid feel.
  5. Krydel4

    A "collector" in a world of investors

    This is an interesting thread and echoes many of the thoughts I've had. It was a bit of a culture shock for me after being out of collecting for 15 years and getting back into it via the older books. Finding these boards was definitely eye opening in terms of being able to see were the collecting focus has shiftedin that time. The amount of chatter and threads about money, flipping and investment far outweighs the threads about story, history or art etc. in comparison. The book that got me back into collecting was Avengers 5 that I saw in a shop (first one I had been in after living abroad for 10+ years) that was in this weird looking plastic case with a number at the top. I asked how much it was and they told me and they said it was certified. I jokingly said was it certified as being a real comic book. They explained CGC and certifying grades to me. I was like okay I guess this is something new. I then asked if I bought it how do you open up the case to read it. I may as well have pulled out a gun and pointed it at the dealer from the look of horror I got from the suggestion of even doing that. He told me you don't open it otherwise it loses its value. I bought the book, found a screwdriver and youtube video and cracked it open. Best reading experience in a long time.
  6. Fantastic Four 16 $68 2.5 Fantastic Four 19 $68 3.0 Fantastic Four 20 $69 7.0 Fantastic Four 24 $42 2.5 $20285 Remaining 73/250 Books
  7. I'm sure we all have great stories of bidding wars, great steals on Ebay etc. but what is your favourite book still in your collection that you weren't actually trying to win ie. a tracking bid that ended up winning, estate auction where you just getting bidding started etc. My most recent one was for Conan #1. It's not really in my collecting wheelhouse but I just put a bid in for fun that I didn't expect to be anywhere near the final auction price. But I'm kinda happy as it goes with some of my other BA keys that I'm starting to accumulate despite my best efforts not to.
  8. Krydel4

    Miss the days when you could actually trade

    I think it's that keys have become disproportionately expensive compared to "non" key issues that it's really only key for key trading now.
  9. Some great posts. I have found myself googling some of the issues suggested. Definitely going to read some of the suggestions.
  10. Real things. It has been great so far. ASM 1-5 and FF 1-5 are going to be the real challenge. Even in 2.0 they are expensive. But I'm staying on budget so far.
  11. ASM 31-33 is a great example. Books that are valued and wanted by collectors because of their story, historical significance, creative team etc. that are not 1st App. (All-Star 3 is the 1st JSA but is not the 1st App. of the characters nor is it a 1st issue) or are 1st issues.
  12. A 1st appearance is Drax in Iron Man #55 (as defined by Overstreet) . None of the characters in the books listed above make their 1st appearances. Batman: The Killing Joke is a one-shot.
  13. In this age of #1's and 1st App. being king and the value of comics being speculative driven by appearances of characters in other mediums I feel that comics themselves being "cool" or merely having their own intrinsic value as comics is gone. Run collectors are pretty much considered dinosaurs in this new world. I started to think about what comics do we as enthusiasts consider that have worth based upon its historical significance or storyline or subject matter inside our world without outside forces influencing its worth (movie/tv show). What would a collection built solely without any of the speculative books (#1's or 1st App.) contain? So for fun I started out with 5 DC Books spanning Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Modern. Feel free to add away as I know there are many board members with lots of knowledge about comic significant issues. All-Star Comics #3 Flash #123 Green Lantern #76 Batman: The Killing Joke Superman #75
  14. JLOA 21 $37 2.0 EBay JLOA 22 $29 4.5 LCBS JIM 84 $255 2.0 EBay JIM 85 $180 1.5 EBay JIM 86 $180 4.0 Ebay $20532 Remaining 69/250 Books
  15. Been a bit busy with a newborn so haven't been able to post much. Still collecting but I haven't had time to scan the books in. Definitely making a big dent though into the runs. Avengers 6 $51 4.0 EBay Daredevil 4 $50 3.0 LCBS Flash 113 $69 2.5 EBay GL 1 $350 3.5 LCBS $21213 Remaining 64/250 Books