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  1. TOS 62 $26 5.0 LCBS TOS 63 $51 3.5 LCBS $21733 Remaining 60/250 Books
  2. My first GA Captain America purchase

    Good Luck. You're in for a fun ride.
  3. Recommended shops in Vancouver, BC?

    Big Pete's Collectables in North Vancouver. The Comicshop in the Kitsilano area.
  4. Grading reference?

    This site gives a good reference.
  5. Hi. From 2017 OVERSTREET for the superhero comics (2.0 grade except the Batman 38 which I give the 1.0 price that in my experience coverless sells at usually) GL 25 $142, ALL FLASH 30 $71,ALL STAR 35 $135,CC 22 $94, BATMAN 34 $142, BATMAN 38 $90 Hope that gives you an idea. Cheers.
  6. Avengers 10 $27 2.5 LCBS X-Men 14 $59 4.5 EBay Flash 117 $75 2.5 LCBS Daredevil 7 $110 LCBS $21800 Remaining 58/250 Books
  7. More Flash & GL

    It's pretty interesting reading the full page letters from the publishers on the first issues when they increased the price to 12 cents. They are very apologetic and hoping that the reader will still find value in the comic book experience even with the "massive" price jump.
  8. Flash 121 $36 4.5 LCBS GL 2 $147 4.5 LCBS GL 13 $25 2.0 LCBS $22071 Remaining 54/250 books
  9. The Unstoppable Juggernaut

    I have a individual series budget and an individual book cap for a key (ie. ASM 14) and First issues (TOS 39). Some series budgets are higher like ASM and FF, and some are lower like DD. I try to use Overstreet as a baseline as the general consesus from what I've gathered on forums here and others is that Overstreet undervalues books. So far I've gotten every book at par or cheaper than Overstreet guide value including shipping for my online purchases. Quote this
  10. X-Men 12 $86 3.0 EBay X-Men 13 $50 3.5 LCBS $22279 Remaining 51/250 Books
  11. GL 12 $18 3.0 LCBS JIM 107 $35 3.5 LCBS Fantastic Four 15 $65 2.0 Ebay $22415 Remaining 49/250 Books
  12. This reminds me of the time I had a guy invite me over to his house to view his 9.8s. That was all he said not what books they were. It was the most pristine and well presented collection of 90s Image, Valiant and Malibu comics I've ever seen. He believed they were going to be worth millions as soon as the movies got made. It was like the anti-Jon Berk Collection.?
  13. The Future of Grading (9.1,9.3 etc.)

    I'm really enjoying the constructive discussions going on. It's nice to hear from others where they think the grading standard is going. I feel it's important for the collector/dealer voice to be heard, as the last time that the standards were changed/tightened/reinterpreted they seemed to be made with very little input from the majority of the collecting/dealer community. As it has been 15 years since those changes I feel that we are due for some new ones soon. My hope would be that these discussions would help to give voice to any concerns we may have. But as always if you like the look of a book and it is a price you're comfortable with paying then the numbers don't matter so much. Cheers.
  14. The Future of Grading (9.1,9.3 etc.)

    Absurd to think the grading increments could change or it would be absurd if they actually did? If I were to ask another question it would be if collectors who invested a lot of money into the current grades of their collections would be happy with such a change if it did happen? Would you resubmit in hopes of getting that higher grade ie. a current 9.2 book that is definitely not a 9.4 but could be the hypothetical 9.3?