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  1. This. The shops in my area know what I'm looking for ie. My Challenge and that I buy books outside of it too. I gave my list and wants to these shops and I get phone/pm's from two shops in particular when something comes in and I've spent close to $2000 in each shop in 2018 on back issues. The one that went out of business, not interested. So I spent my money and time at the other shops eventhough one of them is really out of my way.
  2. I'm trying to be a bit more organic in my buying. I'm sure it would be easier and faster just posting in the WTB section and fielding offers for complete runs but I'm trying to assemble as I come across them or the mood takes me to search for a particular issue. For the most part, I've been able to get all the issues at OSPG prices including shipping. Thank you for the offer though but I'm more comfortable keeping to the buying/searching path I'm on. Cheers.
  3. I think part of this is you have to be a very active participant in your business by keeping track of what issues you are missing and trying to fill those holes. One of LCS that just went out of business near me and it was a case of whatever we got we got. They were very much passengers in their business.
  4. If you belong to any Facebook or Instagram groups it's even worse with people posting pics of high value books that are linked to their public profiles (name, birthdate, city, phone # etc.) At least on a message board you have some form of anonymity but I would be weary of posting half the stuff I see for fear of someone figuring out where I live. To each their own though.
  5. Flash 112 $125 5.0 Website Flash 122 $24 2.5 EBay Flash 128 $31 2.5 EBay Avengers 17 $30 4.5 LCBS Avengers 18 $12 3.5 LCBS Avengers 19 $10 3.0 LCBS $15543 Remaining 108/250 Books
  6. Everything Mark Millar puts out now is basically a storyboard with dialogue and ready-made to be optioned into a TV series or movie. He just signed that big deal with Netflix. The only way I see comics surviving is for them to go digital and at reasonable price point ($1.99 or less)
  7. I agree with this, however, it probably should be 12 to 15 titles with an anthology series included to try out new characters and ideas ( like the old Marvel Premiere, Showcase, B & B etc.) and 1 team up title. I feel if each book has a different look and feel with the big guns (Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, X-Men etc.) they could support 2 books. But no variants. As they are sucking dry the industry. But I doubt the publishers would ever go for anything close to this.
  8. Pretty cool.
  9. With the digital market, it seems that they are almost actively working against it. Why all books published by the Big 3 don't have download codes with them is a mystery. If you can do a foil, lenticular, Wolverine scented variant cover, you should easily be able to have scratch off code on the front like those instant win lottery tickets. They are being sold in specialty shops anyway so people taking advantage would be kept to a minimum. You could even do two runs, one with the code one without that's cheaper.
  10. Interesting article. Lots of good points.
  11. Diversification. Most of the stores in my area bill themselves as a "Collectables" store. The ones that are surviving, comics are maybe 30% of their revenue.
  12. Don't worry gentlemen, I'm not easily discouraged. If I don't make it, I don't make it. It's not that I will stop collecting. Almost every issue in my challenge is a key at some level. Besides it rekindled my love of collecting so I pick up books outside the challenge when I can.
  13. A few unsolicited but it's all good. 👍
  14. Completely Agree. Just hoping that we can meet in the middle somewhere.
  15. I have some time over the holidays to scan in and post some more books I've acquired in the past couple of months. JIM 87 $120 4.0 EBay JIM 88 $90 2.0 Website JIM 89 $90 2.0 Website JIM 90 $45 1.8 Website $15775 Remaining 102/250 books Current tally in each Series: ASM 11/25 books Avengers 16/25 books Daredevil 9/25 books Fantastic Four 12/25 books Flash 10/25 books GL 9/25 books JLOA 9/25 books JIM 10/25 books TOS 7/25 books X-Men 9/25 books I do have more to add in the next week so should be over the 50% completion soon.