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  1. As I try to complete my ASM 1-25 here are my pickups so far:
  2. ASM 7 $200 3.0 EBay ASM 11 $152 3.0 EBay ASM 17 $99 2.5 EBay $23072 Remaining 38/250 Books
  3. Avengers 15 $57 6.0 LCBS Avengers 16 $105 5.5 LCBS $23523 Remaining 35/250 Books
  4. My first time posting in this section. Figure I should as I attempt to complete my SA series quest. Check out my Journal "$25000" if you're interested in my collecting journey into the superhero Silver Age.
  5. We have a symbiotic collecting relationship. She doesn't ask how much my new comics are and I don't ask how much her new shoes are. Works great.
  6. GL 4 $46 3.0 LCBS GL 5 $46 3.0 LCBS X-MEN 8 $42 3.5 LCBS $23685 Remaining 33/250 Books
  7. I agree. Of all the series I am attempting to collect I feel JLOA followed by GL and DD are going to finish under budget. The one I am surprised the most by is FF as the prices on those are high and there doesn't seem to be any external speculator forces driving them up (movie/tv etc.) Cheers.
  8. JLOA 23 $60 7.5 LCBS JLOA 24 $31 4.0 LCBS JLOA 25 $21 4.5 LCBS It's all downhill from here. $23819 Remaining 30/250 Books
  9. Yep. In mylite 4s with acid free backing boards and a sheet of microchamber paper in the centerfold. The DD 5 has an inch long cut on the back cover so it looks like an 8.0 but grades out as a 6.0.
  10. GL 17 $34 4.5 LCBS GL 21 $26 4.5 LCBS DD 5 $90 6.0 LCBS DD 14 $35 6.5 LCBS $23931 Remaining 27/250 Books The DDs were such a good price and quality I had to pick them up even if they were outside my grade range. Still within series budget though.
  11. Loving the Kubert cover.
  12. No disrespect taken. I am aware of GPS but it does not really suit my purposes. If I feel I'm out of my budget within each series budget for a book I won't buy. I'm not sure which # book you're referring to at 8.5 but the TOS 58 at mycomic shop in 3.0 is listed at $94 + shipping & fees, comiclink has a 3.5 on the exchange that just sold for $66 + shipping & fees and one 4.5 in auction that is currently sitting at a bid of $51 with 10 days remaining. Ebay has TOS 58 for around $100 + shipping for a 4.5. All CGC. I do feel that the TOS 58 I bought was a little over priced but in relation to Overstreet price, Online/Ebay it's not too high and it was still within budget. Plus sitting down and reading it, smelling it etc. was a great experience. It's probably best to think of this Journal as a midlife crisis and instead of a fancy impractical sports car, I'm buying comics instead. Cheers.
  13. Thank you for your interest in my journal. However, I'm not buying the books as investment vehicles. As I said in my collecting Manifesto this is purely for pleasure and to see if I can do the 250 in 3 years on a $25000 budget.