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  1. Agreed. Anyone who was bored enough to sit through that want to give a Coles notes version for the rest of us. There's a Like in there for doing it 😁
  2. Those of you who golf know the Masters tournament is starting soon. It got me thinking about what consecutive 3 issue mini run for a character would have the most historical significance for a character. It could be for introductions of characters, storyline, or anything else that would help define the character. Here's my contribution. I'm biased as it's my 3 favorite Spider-Man villains.
  3. Comic Trips. LeeKirbyDitkoComics.
  4. Meant no offense to the She-Hulk fans out there. My point is more towards B-list and C-list characters that a couple of years ago no one would have given a second thought to are now being prominently featured at shows and online as having this propped up increased value. The last couple of shows I was at vendors had Savage She-Hulk 1s up on their walls. For me it was a "Oh yeah, She-Hulk. Forgot about her. How much is that VG+? $70!!! For She-Hulk. Really." I was just using that as an example of overinflated worth based upon what? May or may not be made into movie or series one day? It's still
  5. As soon as the movie is announced the first app. of Shaft and Badrock will skyrocket in price. Doesn't matter how crappy a character or concept is now, as long as they have a series or movie to drive the spec. Get on the train now. 😁
  6. Name 1 book you look at now and go WTF is that up on the wall for and why is it that much money and 1 book you think you'll be saying the same about in 5 years? Now: She-Hulk 1 5 Years: Youngblood 1
  7. DC shipped 60 books this month.
  8. I come with the comics, sweetheart.😁
  9. The Top 3 all have deals with other apps or have their own (Comixology, Marvel Unlimited, etc.) Maybe Diamond has the pull to get all the publishers to eventually agree to one platform, one app. I still don't think publishers care about the overall health of the industry. Just their piece of the pie. So maybe not.🙁
  10. Very Interesting. I think this will definitely take some pressure off of the shops to order everything and be more streamlined to their customers tastes. As someone who reads new comics exclusively digital it does give me incentive to order a hard copy.
  11. Interesting article. Sums up nicely the current state of signed books. Some new info and old.
  12. The Mothers of any comic book collectors. The most destructive force to collections in the universe.
  13. Heard good things about this shop.