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  1. Krydel4

    What's the best Comic Con for comics?

    If your interested in a 1 day show. This is more of an old school show. One of the rooms is exclusively comic dealers.
  2. Thought I would post here too as the Golden Agers rarely get out of comfy leather chair that is the Golden Age Forum.
  4. Something like this would be nice...??
  5. Avengers 7 $114 5.0 EBay Avengers 11 $86 4.0 EBay Avengers 12 $28 3.0 Con Avengers 13 $72 6.5 EBay Avengers 14 $21 3.5 Con $18007 remaining 92/250 Books
  6. Krydel4

    What Grade is a Reader Copy?

    I think it more depends on your level of financial security. An FF #1 2.0 is about $4000 or more. I'm not flipping through that on a whim. Unless I'm sitting in my 100% Corithian leather chair and lighting my cigars with hundreds.?
  7. Title is simple enough. As I usually swim in the shallow end of collecting pool the majority of my key books would be considered "Reader copies" by some eventhough they may cost a few hundred dollars in the grade they are in. I'm wondering what the majority of forumites would consider a Reader Copy?
  8. Krydel4

    Selling CGC Keys from Canada

    Funny thing is all of them use GPA and Ebay sold listings for their pricing. One shop will list their books at GPA+10% and then give a discount cause "they like you". Guess how much the discount is??
  9. Krydel4

    Selling CGC Keys from Canada

    I would try to either sell or consign to a big online dealer/Auction or do it yourself on Ebay. The last place I would sell to is a Canadian LCS. It has been my experience when I've tried to sell books (not drek, good solid bronze and copper keys) that they lowball pretty badly with no wiggle room. I had GS X-MEN 1 CGC 5.0 that I wanted to sell 3 years ago as I upgraded my copy. The highest offer I got from 6 shops was 40% of OSPG. One guy tried to justify his offer by saying that it wasn't a very in demand book. ?
  10. One closed near me, had a going out business sale, then reopened with "new" ownership in the same location. Most of the comic shops in my area are basically Magic/Board Game/Pop Culture stores. "COMICS! Those are in the back, Nerd!"?
  11. Krydel4

    Will the Dog ever Wag its Tail again?

    I get that you like Deadpool. However, all of his mainstream success is due to the movies not to the comics or a videogame. You could say Ryan Reynolds is more directly responsible for Deadpools popularity and success than anything Marvel has ever published for the character. Most of my friends when the first X-Men movie came out asked me "the comic guy" who the characters were save for the one with the claws who they knew as Wolverine.
  12. Krydel4

    Will the Dog ever Wag its Tail again?

    My original point of the post was that a characters popularity in comics gained mainstream attention that led to companies approaching Marvel to licence the character for pajamas, t-shirts, cartoons etc. Using Spider-Man, as an example, his popularity sky rocketed within the first year of the characters release. He gained the majority of his mainstream popularity because of his comics not because of a TV show or Movie. Deadpools mainstream popularity was gained because of the movie, not his comics.
  13. Krydel4

    Will the Dog ever Wag its Tail again?

    Even now if you showed a picture of Spider-Gwen to a person on the street right now they would have no idea who she was. Same with Deadpool four years ago.
  14. Krydel4

    Will the Dog ever Wag its Tail again?

    "drives all the other media appearances" would mean that the stories and art from the comics would be used for TV, movies, merchandise etc. Like how JRs Spider-Man art is used for the Spideys t-shirts, mugs etc. 40 years later.
  15. Krydel4

    Will the Dog ever Wag its Tail again?

    I would say characters like Deadpool, Harley Quinn, X-23 had little if any recognition outside of comics until the movies hit and became mainstream. None of their popularity in the outside world was generated through the comics they appeared in.