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  1. Well packed and shipped in a timely manner. Thanks again
  2. Bump, please bring out your Spawn books folks! I want to get this collection done to move on to more HTF books!
  3. Thank you so much! It was great doing business! Please let me know if you ever find any others!
  4. Hello all, I'm a HUGE Spawn fan and I am so close to completing the entire Newsstand run for the main volume. Listed below are the main volume books I still need and the mini-series/spin-off books I still need (NEWSSTAND ONLY). Books must be in VF condition or higher, near mint preferred, raw or CGC. The list below will be ACTIVELY updated as books are purchased, if it is on the list below, I still need it! Spawn (main series) - #64 (sticker UPC variant, on front, regular newsstand has the barcode on the back), 69, 70, 71, 103 (BARCODE), 104(sticker UPC variant), 111, 125 Curse of Spawn - #1, 3, 4, 6, 8-12, 14-28 Spawn: The Dark Ages - #1-13, 15-26, 28 Angela - #1, 2 Violator - #1, 3 Spawn: The Impaler - #1-3 Spawn / Wildcats - #4 Medieval Spawn / Witchblade - #2 Here is a site that gives visual references for every Spawn Newsstand issue, its very helpful with the more confusing issues such as 64 and 101-105:
  5. Bumpity Bumpity, @gino2paulus2 @lpsunburst have anything new you'd be willing to part with?
  6. Thank you for your timely response! I sent the email, please keep me updated! I'd love to know when this goes through so that I can start submitting some of my own collection in regards to these books.
  7. Hello CGC, and anyone else who peruses this thread! I'm creating this thread because the label update thread hasn't had a CGC response since 2015, and the changes I'm requesting are quite wide, a simple note within the books when being submitted wouldn't fix this problem for years. This has been on my mind for quite awhile now, and I finally realized that hopefully you guys can fix this. There are many things I collect, but two of the main things are Spawn and Blue Beetle. We all know that most of the early Spawn books were heavily overprinted for the direct market, what most people don't know is that they also printed books for the Newsstand, only ONE percent of what was printed for Direct. This means on a book such as #1, where there was around 1 million printed, there are only around 10,000 Newsstands. Now I know for #1 CGC has started to recognize the difference, however this difference is not only limited to number 1. Newsstands were printed from issue 1 through 112, and then 117-137. The Newsstand counterpart only becomes more rare as the print run decreases, combined with the fact that companies printed less and less newsstands as time went on. For example, Comichron indicates that for issue 137 (the final newsstand) there were 34,735 Direct units, this would mean that there were only around 3400 Newsstands printed IF Image was still printing Newsstands at 1% which they most likely were not. The whole point of this is that the CGC census is incorrectly displaying data unless you separate the two, for a book such as Spawn #98, there is only 9 on the census, so only one of them may be newsstand. That makes a huge difference, and would greatly help collectors like myself if we knew how many newsstands were actually on the census. With all that said, here are the specific label updates I am proposing in the event that a Spawn comic has a UPC, I will start with Spawn 2, even though you may already be labeling those. Spawn #2-63, 65-100, 106-112, 117-137 - Label: Newsstand Edition There are two different UPC editions for the following books, one with a sticker, and one without - Spawn #64 (only book with the UPC on the back, the sticker version has the barcode on the front) #101-105 - Label for those with a sticker: Sticker UPC Newsstand Edition; Label for those without a sticker: Newsstand Edition This means that the books on the first line should have two different designators on the CGC census (Direct and Newsstand Edition) and the books on the second line should have three different designators on the CGC census (Direct, Newsstand Edition, and Sticker UPC Newsstand Edition) The market needs to see these updates from CGC, it will help establish a true rarity of these books over the years. We, as collectors, know that they are very rare but it isn't being quantified. Please consider updating the early limited series' for Spawn as well, the complete info on which books have Newsstand can be found at the SpawnWorld link below. I also hyperlinked an article from 2015 that goes into more detail about the Newsstand differential and has info from Chuck from Mile High Comics. Lastly, I hyperlinked the Monthly Sales page for August 2004 to show the assessed order of Spawn #137 which supports my statistics above. I'm begging you all as a true fan and collector of these books... do them justice. Sources: SpawnWorld, WordPress Article on Newsstand Editions, Comichron - Spawn 137
  8. Hi Mollie, Could you please add a set for Riverdale (v1)(v2 if enough books are eligible) I created a Riverdale (Vol.1 & Vol. 2) Set for you. There are no issues of the 2019 series graded yet, so they are just empty slots. Real Hit Comics #1 (only one issue, the regular edition, and coverless edition) - If this one can't be created because there is only one graded copy then I can either request for a comprehensive Blue Beetle appearance set to be created so that this could be added (because I've noticed a good amount of the books he is in are not listed) or I can submit the second copy of the book that I have so that there would be two on the census. I included Real Hit Comics #1 in the Blue Beetle (1939) Set. Real Hit Comics contains some stories from issue #25 and even the cover is the same. Just some ad swaps really. It seemed like the best fit. We don't build sets that consist of one book. Meaning even if there is a regular and a cover less, it's still the same book. Real Hit Comics is a one-shot with a variant. There has to be an issue #2 (or #3 or #4). Never worry if you have the only one on the census, I'll build you a set even if you are the only one that has it graded... But, it's not a series you are collecting, if it is just one book. If you wish to build a comprehensive Blue Beetle Character Appearance Set, I would use the custom set feature. Character appearance sets tend to create controversy between members on what should and shouldn't be included.
  9. Avenging Spider-man #9, CGC 9.8, first print, first appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel - $300 FINAL PRICE DROP BEFORE CLOSE
  10. C2T2 Comics Sales Thread: Thank you for checking out our thread! We only have one offering at this time! This is our first time selling on the boards, however if you need reference we can provide it. Please feel free to PM me with offers the worst we will say is no. RULES Take it! is the winning bid and overrides PM, PM me with offers. No PROBies or HOSies PAYMENT PayPal ONLY SHIPPING Raw books: First Class for $6 on 1 comic book or USPS Flat Rate $8 for up to 4 comic books. CGC books: $18 shipped and insured Books will be shipped with strong cardboard, bubble wrap and TLC. RETURNS  No returns on CGC books. 30 day return policy on raw books, buyer pays return shipping