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  1. Same issue here, none of my submissions are showing up, I check my submission status almost every day because I have a submission CGC received on the 17th that they still have not input into the system.
  2. Hello, please add the two following sets: Star Wars: Thrawn #1-6 (2018)(include variants please) Star Wars: Mace Windu Jedi of the Republic (2017) (#1-5)(include variants please) Thank you!
  3. Hello Matt, please add Real Hit Comics #1 to the Blue Beetle 1939 set, there is already a Real Hit Comics #1 in the set but that needs to be changed to Real Hit Comics #1 Coverless Edition as there are two different versions of the book and it is annotated that way on the CGC census. Please keep in mind that these comics are extremely rare, but the coverless one even more so. For reference, here are cert #s for the two different editions of the book: Real Hit Comics #1: 3785961001 Real Hit Comics #1 (Coverless Edition): 2023546001
  4. It's been a couple years but I'm back and at it again! Old thread posted at the bottom for reference! Hello all, I'm a HUGE Spawn fan and I am so close to completing the entire newsstand run for the main volume. Listed below are the main volume books I still need and the mini-series/spin-off books I still need (NEWSSTAND ONLY). Books must be in VF condition or higher, near mint preferred, raw or CGC. The list below will be ACTIVELY updated as books are purchased, if it is on the list below, I still need it! I provide payment via PP G&S (PayPal Goods & Services) only. S
  5. Hello fellow collectors! I am looking to buy the following books (raw or graded) from the first Blue Beetle series. As long as the book is complete I do not care how low grade it is, and honestly I prefer books in the 1.0-3.5 range anyway. Restored is OKAY but the offers will be much lower. I pay via PayPal Goods and Services only!
  6. Please add Star Wars The Clone Wars (Dark Horse, 2008) I was surprised to not see it on there with how hot the series has been, there are multiple issues that have been graded by CGC. Thanks Matt!
  7. Set: Blue Beetle (1939) Book: Blue Beetle #59 (Superior Comics/Canadian Edition) Cert Number: 3763874002
  8. Set: Spawn Book: Spawn #301 (Cover J, Todd McFarlane Virgin Cover) Cert Number #3711148021