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  1. I'm guessing none of these were cracked out of slabs by your earlier comment. You have a nice collection thanks for the look! I know you can find most things in high grade if you have patience and put the effort into searching but certain books I want in really high grade and if I can get a fair price I can't resist.
  2. I clicked the link but I don't know how to find your journal
  3. Yeah I know but l don't like owning slabs. I like to hold the books and admire the interiors. I try to buy raw but when I find graded books for reasonable prices I don't mind paying for them.
  4. Cgc 9.6 Creepy 1970 Yearbook, I will crack it tomorrow and load a scan so you guys can see it. I'm actually working on buying a lot of several Warrens from another seller that I met through EBay who says he has a run that is from off the back shelves at Warren Publishing. Does that statement mean anything to you or is that just salesmanship?
  5. I do know MakMorn from eBay, I have bought from him a few times and actually just received a book from him in the mail today.
  6. When you say shop from board members are you referring to that trade/buy thread in this forum?
  7. I agree but I have mainly used E-bay for my collecting and I'm familiar with many sellers on there. I'm very comfortable with my grading skill and I have very good eye sight so I'm rarely disappointed. Those few times that I have been I just returned the books. I mainly just want to expand my network because nice books are so hard to find. What shows tend to have dealers that have nice magazines because I have been to many comics shows and the dealers tend to have low grade stuff or don't bother to bring magazines at all.
  8. Hey everyone, I have been reading some of the threads in this magazine forum and there are a lot of interesting comments from experienced collectors! I never knew this forum existed actually, but now that I've found it I would like to pose an interesting question. Where have you had the most success finding high grade magazines? Interesting stories are encouraged! For me it has been mostly E-bay but I'm interested in what other sources have been successful for high grade collectors.
  9. Hello everyone, I just acquired a beautiful copy of Gi.Joe #21 which from the exterior appears to be a 9.6 and also includes white interior cover pages, but unfortunately all of the interior pages are cream quality. I looked at the overstreet guide and it shows the highest grade allowed for a book containing cream to off-white pages is a 9.0. That seems like an excessive down grade for this flaw but I don't have much experience with buying graded books and no experience submitting books for grading so I am appealing to the vast base of knowledge here for some guidance. Thank you
  10. This is a great deal for this book, I've never seen a CGC 9.2 X-Men # 94 sell for less than $1200. I've seen many sell for higher but never seen a single one sell for less. I'm pricing this book at the lowest I've seen it + free shipping!
  12. First wins Book will be shipped within 2 days via Priority mail with insurance. Payment will be via paypal to maurer327@gmail.com. I have included many pictures which show the integrity of the case and the grade No returns on graded books