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  1. Got my raw copy graded - pretty happy with the results - this one stays firmly in the PC
  2. I couldn’t see it on any of my eBay searches so that probably hurt it’s final sale value - I’m in Canada so that probably had something to do with it - I’ve put my 3.5 up to test the market - let you guys know if I have any bites
  3. Well the one that recently sold on eBay for 1300 was probably no better than a 2.0 so I would guess $4000 or more - if there’s a black knight announcement for the mcu than more given there’s like 40ish in the census
  4. That copy on eBay just ended at $1313!!!!
  5. Watching it too - should be interesting to see what it goes for
  6. This thread inspired me to add a second copy to my collection- it’s just such a unique legacy character first Appearance- atlas, 1955, Stan Lee story, awesome cover, multiple first Appearances (the sword, Morgan le fay, the black knight) and extremely low supply. If there was ever a confirmation of a black knight in the mcu, even if it were Dane (doubt it will be sir Percy), this book is set for explosive growth.
  7. Here’s my ticket - glad to be a part of an exclusive club 👍🤓
  8. Great topic - I’ve noticed the same thing - the Zatanna issue certainly plays a factor but I would agree it’s a vastly undervalued awesome run along with the B&B issues.
  9. I believe this is a grossly overlooked key - which makes it a great time to buy
  10. $1500 - Price in Canadian Dollars - shipping included - first person to pm me “I’ll take it” gets it.