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  1. The economy is going to slow down and people are being more cautious. My prediction is that there won’t be a big upswing in comics this year like the last 6 years. Sure certain books will spike with movies but not all characters will catch on (there’s soooo many now) and the ones that do won’t see sustained gains. At some point the speculators that bought on credit will start offloading and undercutting and the prices will drop. All depends on how severe the recession is in regards to how quickly the market will bounce back. Marvel movies and their popularity won’t go anywhere and escapism is a hot commodity during a recession so I don’t see this recession as a “world killer” for comics (I think that’s from Armageddon lol).Anyway good time to buy bad time to sell. Or so says my crystal ball
  2. Anyone watching the BK 5.0’s on offer on eBay for $4000 USD? Anyone think they will sell for close to that? It’s a tough book to value do to rarity and some up and down sales on gpa - do you think $4000 is a fair value for a 5.0?
  3. Finally found myself a copy - happy to be part of another rare club - this and my BK1 are my two books I’ll never part with. I just think what people have said in this thread are completely accurate - this is the action comics 1 of war comics and it’s a key that consistently sees gains in a land where every other book needs a movie or media gimmick to push it - sgt rock doesn’t need any of that - it’s a true grail and will continue to be one into the future - in fact it might be one of the last major silver age key issues that remains untouched by media.
  4. Thanks man yeah I watched your book on comic link - great deal sir! I think we won’t have a clear indicator until eternals comes out and we see a few sales but my feeling is it’s a long term hold - with its rarity I honestly value it at being more than a lot of top 20 silver age marvel books - a lot of people probably don’t agree but if a black knight movie comes out of eternals there’s only 40 people (or fewer depending on people’s stash) that own a CGC graded copy and I have a feeling that the Rawls that are out there are only going to populate the lower segment grade wise of the census. Time will tell but I’m very happy to have my copy.
  5. What do you guys think the fair market value of my book is? It’s so hard to judge given its rarity and fluctuating sales data.
  6. Got my raw copy graded - pretty happy with the results - this one stays firmly in the PC
  7. I couldn’t see it on any of my eBay searches so that probably hurt it’s final sale value - I’m in Canada so that probably had something to do with it - I’ve put my 3.5 up to test the market - let you guys know if I have any bites
  8. Well the one that recently sold on eBay for 1300 was probably no better than a 2.0 so I would guess $4000 or more - if there’s a black knight announcement for the mcu than more given there’s like 40ish in the census
  9. That copy on eBay just ended at $1313!!!!
  10. Watching it too - should be interesting to see what it goes for