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  1. I agree, he is one of the nicest guys in the business. I wanted to support him when he was coming out with this book, so I picked up the original artwork for 2 promo pieces he was doing pre-release. He eventually turned them into variant #1 covers.
  2. Again way too early, but if Farmhand has any success as a show, Chew shouldn't be far behind.
  3. Looks like Farmhand was just optioned for an AMC series. It's probably not on most peoples radars (though it should be as the comic has been a blast to read). There were a few #1 variants in addition to the standard cover, but the limited Ashcan release of #1 that Rob took to conventions to promote the book might be the rare get if the TV show is successful at all. Still a long way off though. My
  4. I loved this cover when I first saw it. So much so I had to hunt down the OA for it. Artist is Mukesh Singh
  5. Posted this on CAF yesterday but wanted to share here as well. Batman Eternal #1 Cover by Jason Fabok Love how the whole Bat family, rogues and allies, was incorporated into this piece. Thanks for looking!
  6. So not an obscure character (though he was a "Flash" in the pan...ok sorry for that), but a very obscure use of the character. Hip-Hop singer, Chris Brown used this image as a reference in a painting he did. Agent Anti Venom Flash Thompson Original Art: First appearance of Agent Anti-Venom
  7. Completely agree. JSC knows how to ride that supply and demand wave better than just about anyone in the industry, but that is some sticker shock for brand new work.
  8. He just posted a lot of his recent original art covers on CAF for sale if anyone is interested in taking out a second mortgage!
  9. Yeah camscanner is a good app. I will say, make sure to select the photo category with MS Lens. It's a picture using your cell phones camera, so the program itself is not doing any editing except for squaring the picture.
  10. I've used CamScanner a bunch and really like it, but I just found a new one today. Microsoft Office Lens. What I like is it allows me to take a picture with my normal camera phone, then import that picture into the program to adjust distortion and borders and finally save it back into my phone gallery. That way the photos are at full camera resolution vs. some scaling with CamScanner (unless you pay for the upgrade). I can also use the photo editor on my phone vs. what's available in CamScanner.
  11. I'm a (really) latecomer, ham and egger both, so I use CAF as the best way to plug into the hobby. These boards provide a lot of great information, but the audience here is almost all seasoned collectors mostly having conversations around silver and copper age pieces. IMO. I have no issues there as that's what is dominant in the market, but with CAF, I can search galleries of collectors similar to myself. With most of my pieces posted, they can find me as well. I've stuck up many conversations though DMs this way and have actually made a couple true friends from people thousands of miles a
  12. This is my first (and probably only) NSFW piece but it was over a year in the making and Mike Choi knocked it out of the park. It was also a piece that took a few twists and turns to get it to the finish line and I wanted to share. Venomized Mary Jane, Oil on Wood
  13. Long term, what about when the opposite occurs and the market corrects? Wouldn't a blue chip have a greater probability of retaining more of its value than a group of lesser pieces?
  14. Oh, don't make JadeGaint angry. You won't like him when he's angry!
  15. Thanks! I looked him up in CAF and didnt see too many examples. Just some higher priced listed items.
  16. Help educate me on this cover and why it's so high already. Not familiar with the artist and don't see the issue as a key. Really curious on what I'm missing. Is it because of the combination of the characters, or is uncanny x-force covers hard to get? Is this artist's work rare? Thanks!
  17. Yeah, Mike is super talented and just got back into comics after taking fine art classes for the last few years. I just follow him on Instagram.
  18. Mike Choi work. This is the OA painting, haven't seen the dress cover yet. Could be a store exclusive
  19. LOL, fair enough...I'll try harder!
  20. Hey, a topic where I actually have examples of art discussed...E level! :-) I think this fits the bill. It has Spider-man, Jessica Jones, Galactus, Daredevil, and the Avengers. But it's also done by Rob Guillory, who I love, but is an indie creator-owned artist with a very exaggerated cartoon style. Plus all the characters are in really goofy situations (geriatric Avengers passed out Daredevil). No one would view this as high comic art
  21. You are very welcome!! Need to see this on the wall as that display is fire!!
  22. That would be awesome to see, but I believe it's in a different collection. Scroll to the bottom (though not too fast as this collection is amazing!!)
  23. This one is a nostalgic dream for me! Wolverine #93 page 18 Adam Kubert
  24. Just clicked on that facebook group. I never realized how many commission horror stories there are. I've done 4 in the past two years and only one was finished anywhere near the quoted time (Geraldo Sandavol FTW!). It's actually turned me off commissions completely and sticking to published or finished work only. Hope your issue gets resolved Blastaar.