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  1. "I didn't take your mail Mrs. Pemberton! Quit asking!"
  2. Diving wings to surfacing subs
  3. Ducktales is back on Disney TV so a new generation is being educated on the Ducks. Inside the show there are shout-outs to the classic Barks comics and there are even a few hidden Barks Duck painting floating around. I do not think any of these books will have a potential return like some other GA or SA but I do not think it will become valueless. These books will always have some demand. Still, I channel my inner Scrooge when I buy Disney books so my collection quality is all over the map. Want to sell me a Four Color 199 in VG for $50? I'm in! A graded 9.4 FC 147 for less than half historical prices? Yes, please! There are bargains to be had on Duck books but I have noticed the market for books >=8.0 is still going up after tanking 10 or so years ago. Buy what you love and pay what you can stand then sell at a loss. Oh wait, that last part is just me. Carry on!
  4. Man, that's a great painted cover! Never noticed it before.
  5. Nice! Have to admit the Daredevil 1 tempted me sorely. Trimmed interior page, which was more than likely just getting rid of excess paper left by poor trimming during the printing process, does not bother me on Golden Age. Nothing removed from the book that would not have been there had the printer done its job.
  6. Unless PayPal has changed their minds again, it is how it works.
  7. Hello! My rules: 1) No HOS or any other reprobates! 2) Payment is due within (7) business days unless an agreement is reached with me before you PayPal is preferred but I will take check/money order. 3) PayPal orders will ship within (3) business days of receiving funds. Orders paid with Check/Money Order will ship within (7) business days of receiving the check/money order; within (3) business days if I know you. 4) I occasionally sell on eBay and my Seller's feedback can be found here: 5) in the thread or PM rules all. All negotiations in PM are considered on-going until the buyer posts either through PM or in the thread. On-going negotiations will be canceled in favor of an unequivocal in thread or through PM. I will do my best to mark an item sold once we reach an agreement through PM but if someone claims the item before I mark it sold, the item goes to the buyer in the thread and the PM negotiation/agreement is canceled. 6) You can return a CGC graded book but I reserve the right to refer to you as "newb" from then on. Buyer must inform me of the return via PM within 3 days of the book being marked delivered by the shipping company. 7) Shipping/insurance is included in price for US customers. If you are seriously interested, PM me and we can discuss International shipping. Asking $1550, shipped.
  8. Why would they reject it? I did read that Kansas City was all number 1s. Are you talking about the MC 1 or the MMC 46?