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  1. Nah, the cover is misleading. Punisher and Ghost Rider have two separate stories in this issue. This particular Ghost Rider is known as The Flameless Ghost Rider/Johnathon Blaze who rides a motorcycle sans flames.
  2. Richard Dragon Kung Fu Fighter#5 1st app. of Lady Shiva VF+ $8 New Teen Titans# 99 NM 1st app. Of Arsenal $2
  3. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #147 High Father appearance VF $10 Richard Dragon Kung Fu Fighter #1 1st app. of Richard Dragon and Ben Turner(later becomes the Bronze Tiger) VF/NM $15
  4. Thor 171 8.0 (Bright with strong colours & superior gloss; light to mod spine & edge wear, mainly cb wear left edge bc & left btm edge bc; faint ncb fold ur crnr fc; sm cb crse br crnr fc; light partial cb crse/fold bl crnr bc; light to mod foxing & ink transfer bc) $25.00
  5. WTTB, You have to list a return policy,whether they are accepted or not. GLWTS!
  6. Wonder Woman #96 & #97 - Joker — NM — $6 for both 1 set
  7. Take FF 62 VG/F $18 FF 63 VG/F $15