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  1. #89 is also a cameo for a character called the Designer so it's a double cameo issue. All and all it is a pretty mediocre issue. I thought the issue where Deathstroke slashed the Penguin's throat was a better story.
  2. Nah, I'm a comic lover not a fighter. Just wanted to help out a fellow boardie.
  3. That would be Thor #127 for the first appearance of Pluto not #163. However, #163 does feature a cameo appearance of "Him" in his cocoon.
  4. WTB, Your going to need to combine your sales threads. The moderators will remove one if you don't. Also you need to include a return policy whether they are accepted or not per the sales guidelines. GLWTS!
  5. Power Man 24 VF- 1st appearance Black Goliath $28.00
  6. Avengers 117 VF- Defenders/Silver Surfer appearance $15.00 Avengers 118 VF/NM Defenders/Silver Surfer appearance $22.00
  7. Avengers 196 VF 1st appearance Taskmaster $80.00