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  1. Miles Morales #5 & #6 heating up. First appearance of Starling.
  2. Captain America Lot: #341 9.4/6, #342 9.2, #343 9.6/9.8, #344 9.6 $9 @ 15% off
  3. Gotham City Sirens #3 NM- $5 Incredible Hulk #12 NM- $5 (Devil Hulk cameo) Marvel Team-Up #55 NM- $15
  4. Looks like the high ebay sales suggest people are after the 1:25 ratio variant. Standard #1 can still be picked up for cover price.
  5. I've noticed a lot of low price sold keys coming from that seller. I never clicked on the ad to check their feedback because I saw China as the country of origin. I wouldn't buy anything from there on ebay no matter how affordable the buy-it-now price is.
  6. NEW X-MEN #115 - $3.00 NEW X-MEN #114 - $3.00 NEW X-MEN #133 - $3.00
  7. Only difference from Thor #390 is that Steve Rogers was The Captain in the black costume in that issue as opposed to him being in his Captain America costume in Fear Itself #7. You're correct that it's a better resemblance to the scene in Endgame. I can't deny that the market is eating this stuff up in the interim.
  8. Another Avengers: Endgame associated issue. I like the Immonen variant. Uru weapons for everybody.