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  1. Yes, a small town shop but I guess it's a case of KYC (know your customers). He has a good subscriber base but like I said DC isn't a big seller for him. He wasn't the only local shop complaining about DC sales though. Another shop owner said he took a bath on all of the DC Future State titles. Those titles had $5.99,$6.99 and $7.99 cover prices. He's subscriber base is much higher so he was just starting to reconsider the number of shelf copies he actually needed to keep his walk-in customers supplied. Several customers come in weekly but they don't want to commit to a pull list.
  2. Yeah, they're good for scoring hot issues that heat up a few weeks to months after they are released. Only drawback is if an issue heats up before new comic book release day. They won't put those on the shelf at all.
  3. He said the only DC title that he sells consistently is Batman. He doesn't even have file customers for the other DC titles. His customers mainly subscribe and buy Marvel or independents.
  4. Just last week a local comic shop owner said he wasn't ordering any DC because the distributor was requiring a purchase minimum of $500 weekly. He said his DC sales weren't enough to support that kind of expenditure. There are two other local shops that order DC very heavily yet If you look at their shelves you can find runs 10 issues back. Cover prices for their regular issues have increased as well. Not the greatest comic business model.
  5. You might want to list which volume of Wolverine you're referring to since there are quite a few Wolverine runs from over the years.
  6. Spawn #120 — VF/NM — $7.00 Spawn #120 — VF/NM — $7.00 OR 2 VF/NM for $12.50 2 for $12.50 please
  7. First appearance of Ayo(unnamed) but not the first appearance of Aneka. They are members of Black Panther's Dora Milaje.
  8. Same scenario. I was waiting to pre-order issue #2 but I didn't see it on the FOC. I was told by my LCS owner that Mad Cave doesn't participate in the Final Order Cutoff that's why I didn't see it. Now it's on my pull list also.