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  1. I only know it because I sold a couple of name change sets on Ebay right before the Captain Marvel movie was released. Marvel loves repackaging their characters. Carol Danvers has had quite a few name changes herself. Ms. Marvel>Binary>Warbird>Captain Marvel>Supreme Accuser. That's not even counting her nicknames through out the years.
  2. 4 times: Captain Marvel>Photon>Pulsar>Spectrum. ASM Annual #16>Avengers:Unplugged #5>New Thunderbolts #9>Mighty Avengers vol 2 #1
  3. Yeah, I can see how mentioning Department of Truth in the same article about other Image super-hero titles would lead readers to think that Department of Truth would also contain super-heroes.
  4. Department of Truth is supposed to be about a FBI agent who investigates conspiracy theories and how they have affected world history. Since it deals with world history I believe Tynion is taking a non-fiction approach when writing the stories. Aliens might pop up but I don't see other fictitious Image characters being a part of Department of Truth's continuity.
  5. Closed, thanks for looking.
  6. As we round the bend let's do 10% off priced comics and all the remaining $4 comics are now $3 until closing. Thanks.
  7. Last call folks. Closing today around 12 pm est. Thanks.
  8. $4 Comics: Spider-Gwen II #25 1st print SOLD Venom #17 Frame Variant Wolverine #146 Wolverine #147 X-men #6 Brooks Variant
  9. $4 comics: Ice Cream Man #20 3rd Print Variant New Avengers #9 Spider-Men II #3 Star #1 J.Scott Campbell Variant SOLD Star Wars Darth Maul #1 SOLD
  10. $4 Comics: Captain Marvel #4 Asgardian Variant Convergence Superman #2 SOLD House of X #3 Flower Variant House of X #4 Flower Variant House of X #5 Flower Variant
  11. Leaving this open until tomorrow. To give viewers something to look at until I am posting 20 high grade comics all for $4 a piece.
  12. I might have to place that one under a spoiler tag