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  1. oh i misunderstood the topic question.....i waS THINKING it meant what comic of YOURS would you sell for a fortune
  2. Maybe i would consider this comic for a fortune....There were only 10 copies of this sketch cover ever produced....and the artist got 9....I got the ONLY 1 sketch cover available to the public...I had someone familiar on these boards do a pre code piece for me....PRICELESS........especially if Lady Death ever takes off....
  3. Not to mention any names...but A professional comic restorer told me to avoid CCS....EVIDENTLY they aren't as reliable
  4. There is no reason to buy it at all ..everyone knows the prices arent right for one thing.......but back in the 80's it was a was so cool to look at all the pics...and back then THAT is where we got our prices...nowadays it is a dying book...sad to say...just like the CBG---comics buyers guide--that was golden in the day...i WORSHIPPED that newspaper every week in the 80's....but technology and internet destroyed it...but it sure was fun as hell ordering a book from Rich Semowhich...or Harley and having no clue what it looked like until you got were happy as hell no matter what.....ahhh. And Russ Cochran,.....a god among EC collectors...I loved his stuff in the cbg and Overstreet..I guess I am saying I am old....IT would be cool to have a resurgence of paper again.....I am all for it!!!!
  5. My favorite guitar player Joe Satriani wrote this short piece on nylon string guitar about the specific scene with Harrison Ford.......enjoy..
  6. One thing i have truly learned about myself now being 47 years old. I suck at being human. No, I’m not looking for sympathy. The older I get the more I realize how imperfect I am. Evil is a strong word so I won’t use it. But, for what’s its worth. I am one of the greatest of all sinners.
  7. It’s ok to hate me. I done some crappy posts. I feel bad about them. So it’s ok. I deserve it
  8. Just posted a nylon fetish book. Take a look
  9. Buying details-free USA shipping. 2 day handling time. No returns. Usps priority shipping. PayPal only. Feel free to thread . Tell me I’m an insufficiently_thoughtful_person for charging so much....or am I? The book—— 4.0 cream to off white pages. Nylon strangulation cover. This is a pre code sleeper, sure to be a classic cover soon. I’m sure there are nylon foot fetish collectors out there. Grab this before it gets too hot 500 shipped USA. Out of country add $20 shipping.